Traveling…Yet Again Part 2

Okay, to pick up where I left off. We rested as much as we could that day because we knew it would be a late night with the party. Regretfully I didn’t take ANY pics there. Why? Well, I just didn’t have the presence of mind to go around and stick my camera in strangers faces. And besides, I had to be in the group pics that were taken. So those are my excuses. I’ll see if I can get pics from those who were there. I did get two of Logan. The only two pics I took the whole evening.

He went around at the end picking up pieces of confetti and sticking it into the tube it had been shot from. Everyone watching him was laughing.

Lila had a great time at the party, being passed around from one aunty to the next. Everyone wanted to hold her. She was also the only baby there so you can see why she had so much attention.

That night the kids were in bed by midnight and I took advantage of the time to have an undisturbed bath in the tub. That is something I haven’t done in ages as we don’t have a tub at our house.

The next day we relaxed and rested some more. Then we heard that we had to go to Bangalore to pick up my visa. We knew we had to do that, but hadn’t expected it so soon. So we made plans to leave that night.

In the afternoon we took the kids to a mall for some play. Logan got to ride on some rides but I think he most enjoyed watching the people who were bowling. He kept reaching out his hand for the ball.

This is the same horse he rode when 10 months old.

Okay, so he didn’t ride everything but he did sit in all of them, just to see what they were like.

Here are Logan and daddy waiting for the bus.

And my cuties all ready for the cooler Bangalore weather.

We stayed there longer than expected due to unforeseen delays. But the work got done. We also met with Amar while there. Wish the rest of you had been there too. Maybe some day we can work that out.

Well, there isn’t much more to say about the trip. We relaxed and took it easy, then headed home Diwali night. Yes, amid the fireworks we were boarding a bus. Well, it was good in a way as then we didn’t have to listen to the noise. But we didn’t escape it as it continued for the next two nights at home.

And I will end there. The trip itself was rather uneventful – my paperwork got done and we just chilled while waiting.

I do have lots of other pics that I will try to post over the next few days. See you soon.

Our Trip to Bangalore and Home Again

Ahhh, it feels good to have the keys under my fingers again. Since the drive crash I’ve not dared even turn the computer on again lest some other problem befall me. Yesterday Glad took the computer to be fixed and yes, the guy was able to retrieve everything. I’m so happy! The first thing I did was back up on CD all my most valuable files. Why didn’t I do that before? Well, I feel better now, so relieved that I didn’t lose what I thought I did.

About our trip: we didn’t go home when I thought we would. In fact, we stayed 5 more days. We didn’t want to have to make another trip back for some small detail so we waited until everything having to do with my legal work was done. I didn’t mind being gone for a while as we got to visit people we hadn’t seen in a while and we also sort of got a break, meaning we didn’t keep our regular schedule. We did things like watch movies in the morning (before breakfast, mind you. We had to wait for the maid to arrive and cook.) But it was fun because it was different. The person we stayed with had a house that wasn’t by any means child-friendly so I had to be on my toes with Logan and the winding metal staircase, plus the steps to the sunken living room. He learned to crawl down to the living room feet-first but I kept him off the staircase. The gaps in the railing were too big. Didn’t want to take any chances.

So now we are home and I am catching up on the stuff that fell by the side while I was gone. There are always pieces to pick up when you get back from a trip somewhere. I have also caught the cold that Lila got while traveling. The weather there was mostly cold and rainy and she is used to hot weather so I think that is why she got sick. Then Logan got it and now I have it, quite possibly due to being too close to my sick babies. Ain’t that always the way it happens to mommies? Okay, now I’ll close with a few pics for you from our trip. Enjoy.

“I got my wheels and I’m ready to roll.”

Mr. Ice Cream Face

What do you think of this beautiful dress? I love it.

On the swing, his favorite part of the playground.

Looking cute.

“Sitting up is fun!”

Ready to start crawling. “Won’t be long until I can escape and be free.”

Fun with daddy at the playground.

On the bus, ready to go home.

Quick Notes

– We are in Bangalore working on my legal work and will be going home tonight.

– My computer is dying so I may not be able to get on line for a while. (I’m using someone elses comp right now.) I lost two drives so far, the ones that are full of my best stuff. I hope to find someone who can help me recover the most important files otherwise — I’m going to cry. I’ve been working on those forever and can’t lose that info.

– This is Lila’s first trip away from home.

– All 4 of us slept on a double bed in the sleeper bus. It was crowded but we managed.

– I’m enjoying being away from the HEAT. I’ve not sweated once on this trip.

– Logan has learned to use a regular toilet since we couldn’t bring the potty on the trip.

– I hope the trip home tonight is uneventful and that I can sleep.

Ahhh, Peace at Last

No, not because Logan is in bed, but because the firecrackers outside have finally stopped. Logan not only fell asleep with the noise but slept through the loudest firecrackers I have heard in a long time. Well, they haven’t stopped completely, but the ones outside our window have. The neighbors were having a Diwali party and firecrackers are a big part of it. They were setting them off right outside my window. For a time, I couldn’t hear myself think.

For you who don’t know, Diwali is a big event here in India. It is known as the festival of lights. You will see lights draped over buildings, wrapped around trees, and decorations everywhere. If I didn’t know better I would say that Christmas had arrived early.
There are lots of changes in the air for us. Next week we are going to visit Chennai again, actually, this will be our last visit because in December we are moving there. I’m actually excited about this. I’ve lived in Bangalore for 5 1/2 years now and am ready to go somewhere else. I’m accustomed to moving around, so staying put in the same place for so long has felt a little strange. I’ll try to get some pics of the place this time. (I know, I say that every time. But this time I promise to make more of an effort.)

I can’t believe that next month is Logan’s birthday. Next month? I mean in less than 2 weeks. My baby is going to be one year old! How time has flown. He is such a big boy now. He crawls all over the place and pulls himself up to a kneeling position. But being mobile has added a new thing to his life: accidents. Just in the past 2 or 3 days he has hit his face by falling forward when crawling. He fell on the coffee table at a friends house and hit his cheek and still has the bruise to show for it. The next day he somehow fell forward while on his tummy and hit his tooth so hard the gum was bleeding. And he has received numerous bonks on his head.

But then I have to remind myself that part of being a boy is getting hurt regularly. I remember my brothers always had some sort of bruises, cuts, or injuries when growing p. I don’t like to see him get hurt but he takes it well and doesn’t cry too much unless it was really bad. And even then he forgets it quickly. He hasn’t had any serious injuries to date; pray that none come his way. I’ll have to watch him like a hawk when he starts walking.


As I sit here typing, Logan is playing on the floor with his toys. He has a tin with clothespins in it and is banging it joyfully, delighted with the noise it makes.

He is trying to crawl these days, though he can’t quite do it yet. He leans forward and can get one leg behind him but the other stays stuck. When he does manage to get it out, he falls on his tummy and cries because he doesn’t like to be in that position. He can wiggle backwards a little but can’t move forwards. I think he gets frustrated with not being able to move around as he likes to when he wants to.

Next week we are going to visit Glad’s mom again for 4 or 5 days. His sister and her family are coming and of course they want to meet me and Logan, so we are going. From there we are going to Chennai for a week or so.

For those of you who I haven’t told, we are moving to a city called Chennai some time next year, probably around March or April, so in between we are visiting to scout out the place and see what our options are. The weather there is quite different from Bangalore; here it is cool most of the time (compared to the rest of India) and there it is very humid with temperatures around 40 degrees C in the summer. Last month we stayed there for 3 days and spent much time sweating. Thankfully the people we stayed with had aircon’s in the bedrooms. Chennai is also on the ocean, actually the area where the tsunami hit a few years ago. I told Glad that I don’t want to live too close to the water.

So in the next few months we begin a new chapter in our lives – moving to a new city with new people to work with and new challenges. Pray for us as we make this change.

Just woke up.

Outing to the Park

A few weeks ago we took Logan to a nearby park that has been built around a man-made lake. We walked around the lake while he lounged in his stroller.

Then we stopped to take pictures of him in the grass. My hope was to get some of him sitting peacefully on the ground, smiling, happy.

But he kept trying to eat the sheet!

No matter how much we spread it out and I tried to get his attention for a picture, all he wanted to do was eat the sheet.

He thought it was so much fun.

So daddy picked him up…

…and held him.

Then they went for a walk under the tree. That caught his interest. He immediately wanted to eat the leaves.

We had a lot of fun that day.

Hide-and-seek in the leaves.

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