September Weight Check-in

Last year when I started on my weight loss journey, I went into it not knowing where I was headed or how I was going to get there. I only knew it was time for me to lose the excess weight I had been lugging around since Scarlett’s birth.

When I made my diet changes back in February of this year and began losing weight right away, I was elated, not to mention sure that it would only take 5 months to get to my normal weight, since I began by losing two kilos in one month. But as the months passed, the weight loss slowed down, which I think is normal. I realized it was going to take longer to get back into shape. (You can go here to see my fitness plan and find links to my monthly check-in posts.)

And now here it is September, and I’m still fighting with myself to get rid of the last few kilos. These are the hardest to shed. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, “Well, I lost 8 kilos already. I look and feel better. Why push for the last 7?” Why, self? I’ll tell you why. I want to look and feel my best!

From last November until this June, I exercised 6 days a week with very few missed days. Perhaps that is why when July came I began to feel a need for a break from this intense exercise push. I spent most of July resting, doing a little swimming here or a little walking there, but nothing like the intense running and toning I had been doing. In August I meant to pick it up again, but each time I’d start, after a day or two I’d be too tired to get up in the morning and I’d miss the rest of my workouts for the week.

Then we all got sick with the kind of colds that knock you out. Myself and the kids were all so sick all we could do was watch t.v. Of course they began to recover faster than me, since I still had to care for them. If you have kids then you know what I’m talking about. Thankfully we had just hired a maid to help with the housework, so things didn’t get too dirty while I was sick. It’s been 18 days, and we all still have some lingering sniffles, sore throats, coughs, etc. I think it had to do with the weather changes, or perhaps we caught it from the little girl at Logan and Lila’s art class who had a real bad cough and cold. We were at the class on a Saturday and by Monday we were all sick.

Last Sunday, September 1st, was my weigh-in day. I only weigh in once a month. Since I don’t have a scale at home I go to a local (but still not too close) pharmacy that has a digital scale. I don’t really like daily weigh-in’s anyway. The fluctuations would frustrate me. Up until now, each month I’ve gone with trepidation, wondering if I had really lost anything, or worse, had I gained anything back! Each time I was happy to see loss, though the amount did go down over time.

This time, though, I had gained. I guess I wasn’t too surprised. Less exercise and more rest for me equals weight gain. I’m one of those people who has to exercise regularly to keep my weight down. The gain wasn’t much, only 400 grams. I went from being 72.4 kgs. at the beginning of August to 72.8 kgs. at the beginning of September.

I could have let this little gain get me down, but I remembered to be positive and decided that this was just the push I needed to get back to my workouts. Monday I picked up again by going for a run. It was tough. But I’ve done 4 days so far this week and I feel good. I just have to keep telling myself that I CAN do this. I CAN lose the weight and I CAN get down to my goal weight. Only 7 kilos to go!

August Weight Check-in

I’ve been feeling blah about writing lately so this check-in will be short and sweet.

Last month I sort of took a break from my intense exercise schedule. I allowed myself to skip some days each week instead of exercising 6 days in a row. I needed it. My body was tired and needed the break.

I still managed to lose some weight, though. I am now at 72.4 kgs. (159 lbs.), meaning I lost 600 gr. this past month.  I’ve decided to pick up again with my more intense schedule of exercise since I am not yet near the my goal weight, but I will allow for off days and the need for extra sleep.

See you at next month’s check-in.

(How’s that for short and sweet?)

July Weight Check-in

Hi everyone. It’s a new month with new challenges. For some reason I’m feeling extra perky today, and I haven’t even had any coffee yet.

Well, I now weigh 73 kgs. (160.6 lbs.). Not a huge amount of weight lost this month, (only 700 gr.) but something is better than nothing, am I right?

Last month I found myself getting bored with the workout routine I was using, so I tried changing it up a bit by doing a little bit of toning after my running instead of doing two separate toning days a week. I feel I need to change it up a bit more, so I’m playing around with my workouts again.

It’s important to not let boredom set in when you are trying to lose weight, or else the easy thing to do would be to just quit. I still have 8 kgs. to lose so there is no way I’m giving up now. Just to show you how my body has changed, have a look at these pics.

Taken December 2012. I was about 79 kgs.

Taken December 2012. I was about 79 kgs.

Taken June 30, 2013. Weight 73 kgs.

Taken June 30, 2013. Weight 73 kgs.

I’ve discovered that for me, even more than daily exercise, I have to really watch my diet and only eat what my body needs and no more. I’ve reached a point where eating small portions and being full with them is easy; and I feel it when I eat even a bite more than I need. That full feeling is there right away preventing me from overdoing it. Sweets no longer have that same tempting hold on me like they did before. I can have a small portion and be done. Well, unless it is PMS time or my kids are stressing me out. Combine the two and the craving for sweets takes over. It can be hard to resist it, too.

Stress eating is so bad for you. I know it happened to me this past month and I think that is part of the reason why I didn’t lose a whole kilo like I did the previous month. But what to do? At least I didn’t gain anything. That would have been a setback for sure!

In a few weeks we will be going to a beach resort with some friends for a weekend, so I am going to push extra hard until then. I especially need to work on my abs. That is my weak area and it needs some serious focus. Now that I am doing well in the cardiovascular area, it is time to give my abs the attention they need.

I still haven’t given up on this goal that I made last year. While I didn’t actually lose any weight last year, I have this year – a whole 6 kilos since February – so I look forward to meeting this goal soon.

June Weight Check-in

(This is the first of several backlog posts. This one should have gone up on June 1st. )


It is pouring rain outside as I sit to type this. The worst of the summer heat is over and we are getting a touch of the southern monsoon. Our monsoon won’t start until the end of the month. May brought intense heat this year, with the peak heat being 43oC on Sunday, May 26th. Was I ever happy to be working indoors that day!

Since then the heat has gone down to a more manageable 35 – 37oC. Lots of clouds have meant less direct sun, and more time spent outdoors without having sweat pouring off of you.

In order to beat the heat, I always work out early in the morning, around 6 a.m. Yet it has been muggy at that hour and when I finish my exercise, my clothes look like I have been swimming in them.

My weight loss is picking up again, after the difficulties I had in April. In May I lost 1.1 kgs., bringing my current weight to 73.7 kgs. (As of June 1st.) I’m so happy for this. Slow and steady really is the way to go with weight loss, ‘cause it means the weight doesn’t come back.

I now fit into a size medium for most of my clothes, whereas back in January I was in XL. Over the past few months I’ve stuck with only buying cheap clothes so that I didn’t feel bad about getting rid of them when they got too big, and yes, I’ve already had to change all the stuff I bought at the beginning of the year. But that is a good thing when you are losing weight.

I’ve also moved down a bra size. All my life I wore a 36C, but I didn’t know the proper way to tell if a bra fits or not and that resulted in many uncomfortable bras. I’ve learned that the bra should fit snug on the outermost hooks when you first buy it (and you move in to the other hooks as it gets stretched from use), and the cups should lie smooth with no wrinkles or bunching. It is also important to try on different styles of the same size bra, because some will fit better than others. Try each one you are thinking of buying; it should be so comfortable that you forget you are wearing it. I think I’m now in the size I should have been wearing all along, a 34B. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable in a bra.

This month I will be making some changes to my exercise program to spice it up since boredom is beginning to set in. I’ll let you know how it goes.

May Weight Check-in

It’s come round again; time to check my weight and see how I’ve done with my weight loss this past month.

April was a rather difficult month for me. Like I wrote about in this post, I struggled with unfounded fears, panic attacks, and mood swings. It isn’t easy to explain what I was feeling ’cause it was all so weird and abnormal. I’ve never had such intense fears that I couldn’t explain, nor have I ever had a panic attack in my life. Do read the above-linked post so you can understand what I’m talking about better.

Once the problem got sorted out, I slowly began to feel more like myself. My moods have balanced out, the fears are gone (though I confess a hint of them still hovers around the edges), and the panic attacks are gone. But my body has been through heavy struggles, so I found myself reducing or skipping my exercise this month. I also found myself eating more than I should, with the result that I didn’t lose as much weight as I did the previous two months.

At the April check in I weighed 75.2 kgs. (165.4 lbs.). Now I weigh 74.8 kgs. (164.5 lbs.). I only lost 400 grams, not quite half a kilo, this whole month. But I’m not viewing this as a failed month. No, I learned a little more about my body, how it reacts to being poisoned (really, read this post if you didn’t yet), and I can see where I need to change my workout program.

Now that I’m feeling much better than I was, I’ve started on a new workout plan, one that will help me improve my running. I was already running for 2 minutes at a time for 40 minutes, but it started getting too easy, to the point that is was no longer a challenge. So I was reading Women’s Health Magazine and found this plan that takes you from walking to being able to run for 30 minutes straight.

I began on week four, since I was already doing 2 minutes at a time. Week four starts from 3 minutes, and moves you up to 8 minutes by the end of the week. Today I did the second running day which was 5 minutes at a time, and I was pleasantly surprised by how I was able to do it. There are specific toning workouts they include, but many require equipment that I don’t have, so I’m sticking with my current toning workout, especially since I’m still building into it. You can see how I plan to use this running plan on My Fitness Journey page.

According to this plan, I will be able to run for 30 minutes straight in the next 3 weeks. It sounds great, and I hope it will help me trim down more as I continue with healthy eating and portion control.

What changes have you made in your health and fitness this month?

April Weight Check-in

Oh, boy. Summer has hit hard and it is just the beginning. I don’t recall it being this humid last year. While the temperature is still only 34C, the humidity makes it feel much hotter.

Even at 6 a.m., when I begin my workout, it is no longer cool and fresh but hot and muggy. I sweat so much I’m gonna need a bigger water bottle just to keep hydrated. This morning I was doing my toning exercises on the balcony, and the sweat was running down my arms and legs, just pouring off. You can imagine how bad it is when I run. I carry a handkerchief with me and it is drenched before my run is over.

So yesterday was my weigh-in day. I only weigh myself once a month, for a few reasons, the main one being the scale is not in my house. 🙂 I go to a pharmacy that has a proper digital scale so I can get a true weight, but it is a good distance from the house in a neighborhood I no longer frequent (we used to live there).

Anyway, I was a bit anxious about whether I’d have lost any more weight or not, since it has been a long time since I’ve had any weight loss success. I was hoping the previous months loss was not a fluke, and that I had not re-gained the weight I lost. Well, I needn’t have worried because the scale has moved down again. I now weigh 75.2 kgs. (165 lbs.)!!! Remember that at the beginning of February, I weighed 79.3 kgs. (174 lbs.), so that is a loss of 4.1 kgs. (9 lbs.) in just two months!

To what do I owe this success? Well, I know the consistent exercise sure helps, but for me, the true key was changing my diet. Eating smaller portions, less starch and sweet, filling up on raw salads, and drinking more water has made the difference between last years failed weight loss attempt and this years success. 

You know that quote about how it takes 4 weeks for you to see change, 8 for your friends to see it, and 12 for the world to see? Well, it’s taken me 8 weeks but I am now seeing changes.


My face looks slightly less round, my arms are showing some definition, my tummy is now smaller (not larger!) than my boobs, my legs look more toned, and I can see the outline of my rib cage again. 🙂 I still have a ways to go to get to my ideal weight but these changes are keeping me motivated to continue.

Oh, and so is this. 🙂



Weight Loss, part 2: How I am Getting Rid of the Weight

In case you missed part one, you can find it here.

After seeing that photo (see previous post) and how much weight I had gained, I had the motivation I needed to begin losing weight. It started with the exciting high that comes with a new plan and I went all out. I exercised every day, for an hour or more first thing in the morning. I pushed myself hard, but at the end of January 2012, all I had to show for my hard work were some inches down. The scale hadn’t moved at all.

I'm always the one behind the camera so I don't have many of myself. This one is from Feb. 2012.

I’m always the one behind the camera so I don’t have many of myself. This one is from Feb. 2012.

Despite that I pushed on, each month striving to actually make the scale move, but it never moved more than a kilo, and that was either one up or down. While I did trim down a bit according to the measuring tape, the fat weight was still there. I fluctuated between 78 and 79 kgs. for the rest of the year.

By April discouragement set in and I began to wonder if I could ever lose the weight. One thing Glad kept telling me was that I was eating too much and needed to cut down, but I couldn’t see how. I was sure I’d be hungry all the time if I did that. Also, Scarlett was still nursing so I used that as an excuse to eat so much, even though I now see it wasn’t needed. (She was 17 months at the time.)

At Lila's third birthday - April 2012

At Lila’s third birthday – April 2012

I spent the rest of the year going up and down. Sometimes I’d work out, other times I’d skip it for a long time ’cause I was so tired in the mornings. The children’s sleep schedule was all over the place, so that made it hard for me to get enough sleep. At one point I got very sick and lost several kilos in a matter of days, but as soon as I was well again, I gained it all back.

I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but sometime around the end of October I saw a post on Facebook from the page Fit Moms for Life. I visited their page and the more I read, the more inspired I got. Everything they post is about how you CAN do it, the “it” being lose weight and get into shape.

I began looking forward to their daily photos and quotes, and those are what inspired me to get back into daily exercise. Those quotes gave me the motivation to just get out there and do what I could. So beginning on the 1st of November 2012, I recommitted to daily exercise. I didn’t yet have a plan of how to lose the weight; I just got out there and got back into the habit of getting the exercise.

I began with brisk walking and slowly got into jogging. I built it up slowly, literally by adding on 15 – 20 more seconds with each lap when I felt I could do more. It was a slow start, but it got me going, and I kept this up throughout November and December.  I usually gain extra weight in December due to all the yummy treats, but this time I didn’t because I was exercising. I also spent this time reading the Fit Mom’s for Life website, and I learned more about interval training and strength training.

Christmas Eve outing - 2012. How I looked after 2 months of consistent exercise but no diet change.

Christmas Eve outing – 2012.
How I looked after 2 months of consistent exercise but no diet change. (I know, bad sweater choice. I shouldn’t wear stripes – but they look great on Lila.)

January 1, 2013 - zoo outing in Mangalore with Glad's mom.

January 1, 2013 – zoo outing in Mangalore with Glad’s mom.

By January I began running instead of jogging, doing interval training 3 days a week and toning exercises on the other 3 days, with one day for rest. To make sure I was getting enough sleep (also important for weight loss) I took a daily nap when the kids did, since I was often only getting 6 hours of sleep at night, and that not solid. I recently made some changes to my and the kids’ schedules, and I am now getting closer to 7 hours of sleep at night and I only take a short (10 – 15 minute) nap on most days.

In February I changed my diet. I realized that I needed to make a solid change in my eating habits in order to really lose weight. So, hard as it was, I began reducing my plate size. I learned to tell when I felt full rather than eating until stuffed. I made my lunches salad and protein meals, and I cut out the excess starch I had been eating. I stopped buying “healthy” carbohydrate-loaded snacks (that only I ate) and replaced them with fruit. Over the past month I’ve been quite strict on myself with the amount of food I allow myself to have, and the results are showing.

I now can only eat smaller amounts at a time. If I overeat, I feel it. I’m uncomfortable once I pass the full stage, so now I don’t go there. I’ve also lost the intense desire for sweets that I used to have. I permit myself a weekly treat and find my body is satisfied with that instead of demanding it daily. I’ve also balanced out my meals/snacks and I make sure to not skip a snack if I feel the need for one. I used to skip snacks, thinking I’d lose more weight if I didn’t eat, but I’ve found out that the opposite is true – eating  small amounts regularly is better for your metabolism and will help you lose weight in the long run, so long as the food is healthy and not junk.

The payoff came when I went for my monthly weigh-in. At the beginning of Feb. I weighed 79.3 kgs. Now at the beginning of March I weigh 77.3 kgs. ! I did a happy dance inside when I saw that. Two whole kilos off in one month of changing my diet! That was the key for  me.

So now I am excited and I want to keep this up. I need support, so along with this post, I am posting a new page called My Fitness Journey where I will track my exercise and weight loss for as long as I need to. I’d love it if you could back me up, so encouraging comments are welcome! 🙂 I’ll also post photos ’cause I want to actually “see” the change as it happens. I don’t have any recent ones of myself so there isn’t anything current to show you, but I’ll get some just as soon as I can.

I just want to add a note here to Dustin and his team from Fit Moms for Life: If any of you are reading this, thank you. Your website and Facebook quotes are helping me in this weight loss journey. Having that kind of support has made all the difference for me. You guys are doing a great job! Readers, if you haven’t yet visited the Fit Moms for Life website, please go now. And don’t think that it isn’t for you just because you aren’t a mom. While Dustin’s focus is mothers, he is helping many others to get fit as well. So check it out if you need some inspiration, motivation, and support.

Weight Loss, part 1: How I Put on the Weight

Do you know what it is like to go from being a normal weight, to suddenly gaining a shocking amount, to spending years dealing with your weight going up and down, to being tired of it but not being able to lose it, to not knowing what to do, to finally getting a solution?

Up until puberty, I never had weight problems. I was an average-sized child of normal weight for my age and height. With the onset of puberty began my weight challenges. I suddenly started gaining weight overnight. My mom got concerned and forced me to do workout videos, and I’m sure they helped me stay healthy, since in my teens I sort of had an aversion to exercise. I much would have preferred sitting with books for hours.

As I got older and more concerned for my health (and wanting to be attractive), I made daily exercise a priority. While I wasn’t overweight, I did love food more than was good. I would often eat because I could, not because I needed to. In my early 20’s, I made a trip through the southern US with my family, living in a trailer for several months. We drove a lot, stayed in campgrounds, and often ate in truck stops. I was shocked when my clothes started getting tight.

Once we were home I went on a personal exercise binge and forced myself to work out for 1 1/2 hours a day, doing both cardio and toning exercises daily. I didn’t diet, but because we were no longer traveling, our meals became normal and thus I did eat less. It wasn’t long before I had lost the excess weight.

I was nanny to these adorable munchkins for almost 3 years

I was nanny to these adorable munchkins for almost 3 years.

Back when I still had a flat tummy...

Back when I still had a flat tummy…

After that I kept an eye on my weight and exercises religiously, up until I got pregnant with Logan. I had no idea what kind of exercise was safe for pregnancy, nor did I look into it, so pretty much overnight I went from daily exercise to no exercise. Once the morning sickness wore off and I was able to eat normally, I ate a lot, so much so that I put on too much weight too fast. At one point I gained 6 kilos in a month and even my doctor couldn’t believe it. Somewhere I had read that I needed to eat every 2 hours and also eat for 2, so you can imagine how much food I was packing away.

Six months pregnant with Logan.

Six months pregnant with Logan.

When Logan was born at 33 weeks, I weighed 90 kilos. My pre-pregnancy weight was somewhere around 70 kilos, so that was a gain of 20 kilos between conception and the 7th month of pregnancy. I even developed a problem with my left wrist due to the weight gain. (Thankfully it went away as my weight went down.)

Four days after Logan was born.

Four days after Logan was born.

Thus began my struggle to get back to a normal weight.

With two more pregnancies following Logan’s in rapid succession, my weight was all over the place. I’d go up and down, back and forth. With the girls, I gained weight more slowly, so while I gained the same amount as I did with Logan, I gained it over 9 months instead of 7. Also, I was able to get exercise during those pregnancies, mainly in the form of walks while pushing the stroller. But while I got more exercise, my problem was my diet.

About 6 months along with Scarlett. (Don't Logan and Lila look adorable?)

About 6 months along with Scarlett. (Don’t Logan and Lila look adorable?)

I enjoy food. I always have. Especially pasta. And chocolate. And all that time, I kept eating more than I should, simply because I was either pregnant or breastfeeding and I felt that my body needed it. I was never able to cut down, though Glad did point out that that was the problem.

When Scarlett was a year old, we went with some friends to a resort for a day, just to relax and swim. I fought with myself to get into a swimsuit that had fit and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get it on. Once I saw the photos from that day, I was horrified with how I looked, and that is when I recommitted to exercise.

I'm embarrassed to show this, but this is the photo that did it for me, and gave me the kick to begin weight loss.

I’m embarrassed to show this, but this is the photo that did it for me, and gave me the kick to begin weight loss. (And I think I did eat that whole plate myself. Now I would eat maybe a third of that.)

To be continued…

Today’s News

1. Today was Logan’s final day of preschool. That is one year of school down, 17 more to go, depending on what he chooses to study. Ha. Look at how much he has changed in the last 10 months.

First day of school, June 2011

Last day of school, April 2012

2. Today I was lying in bed putting Scarlett down for her nap, when I felt the bed start shaking. It was like a steady rhythm, and of course the first thought in my mind is “earthquake”. I got up and asked Glad if he felt it and he said no, so I laid down and it was still happening. I thought maybe I was imagining the movement or perhaps someone was using some machine that was causing intense vibrations, but then I glanced over at my necklaces that are hanging from hooks on the bookshelf and one was swinging in circles. After about 2 minutes it stopped.
Two hours later I was in the kitchen making granola when I noticed the milk in the pot on the stove was swirling around. Then I looked at the water dispenser and the water in the bottle was doing the same swirling, and I knew it was another tremor.
After that there weren’t any more, but there has been a lot of panic in the city and there was a tsunami alert out but it has now been withdrawn. We are on the coast but far enough inland that the water wouldn’t reach us, but who knows what could have happened. I’ve always had a fear of earthquakes and hope I never have to be in one.

3. I’m starving!!!

Let me explain. Over the past few months, since January, I have increased my exercise time because I have to lose weight. March was pretty good but I still haven’t lost a single ounce. In fact, just the other day I stopped in a different pharmacy from the one I usually go to and they had a digital scale. The darn thing had the nerve to tell me I weigh 79.8 kgs. !!! The other scale (analog) said only 77. Well, I still need to lose about 10 kgs. to get to my goal, but at this point, I’d be happy with losing 5, or even one. Anything!
Glad has been pushing on exercise too, and he has modified his diet to increase metabolisim, etc, (and he has lost weight, grrr) and while I am trying something similar, I can’t bring myself to do exactly what he does. After hearing my new weight, he said I just need to cut down on starch. Ahhhrrgg! Why oh why? Starch is the yummiest part of food – pasta, breads, baked goods. I have cut out sweets and rarely eat baked goods these days, but I still have too-large servings of pasta, rice and bread with my meals.
So today I decided to experiment. I had two slices of bread with my breakfast and resisted the urge to finish what the children left. For lunch I only had one sandwich instead of my usual two, and just one slice with my dinner. I had more fruit, salad, and protein than starch today … and I am starving. Probably it is because I had dinner at 7 and it is now after 11 p.m. Fighting the urge to not go stuff myself with something yummy is sooooo hard. I had a rough day with the kids (they didn’t nap) and possibly cutting out my comfort food made me crabby, I don’t know.
I often have a treat at night if I’ve had a rough day, and now I can’t even do that. This had better work, along with my increased cardio exercise, or else I will give it up.


April Weigh-In

It feels hotter than it did two weeks ago, even though the mercury is still hovering around 34C, because the humidity has been upped. The kids have again moved into our room at night for the air conditioner. Even though we have one in their room, we are letting them sleep with us to save on electricity because the tarifs were recently hiked by an extreme 75%! Insane! I am constantly turning lights and fans off as the kids run from room to room leaving them on.
Even my early morning workouts have been affected by the humidity increase. While there is no sun on the balcony at 6:30 a.m., lately there has been no breeze either. I didn’t know I could sweat so much at that hour.

Which brings me to the actual topic of this post.

Weight loss is not as easy as I had hoped it would be. While I know my body is benefiting from the exercise, I wish I could see results more quickly – like my hubby has. He has been going to the gym for all of one month and is easily getting back into shape.
I think what discouraged me was how hard it was to get consistent exercise. During Jan. and Feb., I missed more days than I got, so when March showed up and I went to the pharmacy to weigh myself (yeah, I know, I need a scale at home), instead of losing, I had gained a kilo. That upset me and I almost decided against taking my measurements, which I have been doing monthly since Jan. just to keep track of how my body is changing.
From the first of March, I started forcing myself to get exercise daily, no matter how little sleep I had gotten the night before. I figure I can nap if needed, so I was dragging myself out of bed at 6 each morning. After a few days I decided I’d better have those measurements for my record, even if there were no changes. Well, I was happily surprised to find that I had lost inches overall – 1/2 in. on my arms, 1/2 in. on my bust and 1/2 in. on my legs.
Below you can see, just to make it clear, how many days I got of exercise each month and the average time I spent each time.

January: Exercised 20 days out of 31 for a total average of 44 minutes per session
February: Exercised 14 days out of 29 for a total average of 34 minutes per session
March: Exercised 22 days out of 31 for a total average of 44 minutes per session

So far, I’ve been most consistent in March, yet I understand why the scale has yet to move. While my body has changed and I am losing fat and gaining muscle, I am not losing enough fat because I need to work out for longer time and do more cardio. I’ve been focusing on toning, and while good, it isn’t what I most need.
So for April my goals are to do at least 20 to 30 minutes of cardio daily, and to get at least an hour workout every day instead of the 44 minutes I’ve been averaging so far.
Of course diet is a huge part of weight loss, and we have made some changes that are good for all of us. First we switched to using only olive oil for all our cooking. While we are paying about 3 times as much for it as we were for the sunflower oil we were using earlier, it is worth it to us. The same goes for the increased amounts of fruits and veggies we (well, at least Glad and I) are eating. The kids still only want to eat raw carrots and cucumbers; Logan especially won’t eat any other vegetables. Lila recently gained a liking for lettuce and raw spinach, and she will still eat raw onion off the cutting board. Scarlett is about as picky about veggies as Logan is, probably copying him. But I still serve them some and hope that in time they will learn to like them.
So while I have yet to lose a single ounce of weight, I do feel much better than I did back in December when I wasn’t exercising at all, and pigging out on Christmas treats. And I really hope this is the month I will break into the loss! I need it.

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