Cloth or Disposable?

One thing every new mommy puts a lot of thought into is diapers. After all, they are going to be an integral part of your life for a few years or more, depending, of course, on how often you have a baby.

Eventually the question comes: which is best, cloth or disposable? What should I use? You research, ask other mommies, get a list of pros and cons, and each person’s reason why you should use one or the other – and you are still no closer to making a choice.

Here is the reality: the option you choose really depends on you, your lifestyle, whether you will be home with your baby or they will be at daycare, your finances, your preferences, etc. When it comes down to it, you have to find what works for you, and it may take some experimenting until you find what you are comfortable with.

When Logan was born I chose to use cloth diapers because they are more cost-effective, but I quickly discovered that, while they worked during the day, I hated him being wet for so many hours at night, and there was no way I was going to change diapers in the night. So I decided that I would use disposables at night and cloth during the day since I was home most of the time.

Here is how it works for me now:
– Cloth at home during the day.
– Cloth if going out for no more than 1 1/2 hours, close to home (ie, the park, that way should I need to change it urgently, I can go home easily, though this has never happened).
– Disposables for outings longer than 1 1/2 hours, or if we are driving where we are going.
– Disposables at night and during sickness, fevers, etc.

I have also found it more practical to use disposables when the weather is cooler, since cool weather makes a baby wet more often and usually their clothes get wet too. I used to get frustrated when Logan got his clothes wet and I had to change his full outfit several times a day during cold weather, because he would go through outfits so fast and laundry doesn’t dry so quickly when it is rainy or cold (no dryers available here).

These are the plastic pants.
Inside I put a cloth diaper.
Scarlett at 5 months.

The only good plastic pants I’ve found are ones that close with velcro but don’t have elastic around the legs. These are perfect in hot weather (what we have 99% of the time) and I use them a lot, so it isn’t such a big deal cost-wise for me to use disposables when things cool off.
If you want to use cloth diapers, look around and see what is available locally. Ask mommies who use them what they recommend. Every country is different in what they have available, which is why I’m not recommending any particular brand. What I use is most likely not available anywhere else. 🙂
For disposables I like Pampers. For one thing, they are the cheapest of the good quality brands I can find here, and for another, they work as advertised. Try different brands if you like, then stick with what works best for you. I have tried other brands in a pinch but always come back to Pampers.
I usually start with disposables for about the first two months to give myself some time to adjust to a new baby and have one less job (diaper washing), then switch to cloth when I am ready. It always made those first months easier.

What have you found that works for you?

Our Chennai Trip

We landed in Chennai and had one day to rest and get some extra sleep. I never sleep well on a bus and to top it off, Logan was up from the time the bus arrived around 5:30 in the morning. So when he went to bed, I did too and we both slept for hours, me out of tiredness and he due to being sick. He had a fever the night before but was much better now.
Here Logan is dressed up for Halloween. Not that it is celebrated here but a hotel here had decided to celebrate and we were asked to make balloon sculptures and paint faces.

But as you can see, his makeup didn’t last. Here Logan is having lunch at the hotel restaurant.

This is the apartment we will be moving into in Chennai. The family we are moving in with had this fish tank and Logan loves crawling up to it and trying to catch the fish.

He also had fun in the rocking chair.

Well, I didn’t get any pictures of the city itself but that will come in time. We plan to move there soon, sometime in the next two weeks after we wrap things up here in Bangalore. So moving time is coming up. I’m excited about being in a new place.
Some other news is that Logan is going to be one in three days. Already he is almost weaned, not that I wanted to wean him so soon, but because I couldn’t keep up with nursing him while being pregnant. Now he takes bottles before his naps and during the night and eats solids well at meals and snacks. The only time he still nurses is before bed. He knows that is the time he can and doesn’t like to take a bottle then, though I try to get him to take at least a little bottle so his tummy is full and he can sleep better.
Another new thing is that I started him on the potty. This picture is the first time he went doodoo in the potty. I was excited because every doodoo in the potty is one less I have to wash out of his diaper. And as you can see, he already knows how to clap for himself.

Adventures in Parenting

I have to tell you about the thing that can terrify a grown man. It happened yesterday morning. I was making my coffee while holding Logan on my hip facing out and Glad was cooking, and we were totally unsuspecting of what Logan was going to do next. As I was pouring the milk into my cup, I heard a loud noise and felt something fall next to me. Then I heard Glad scream and run to the other side of the kitchen.

Now, Glad doesn’t normally scream and run when something happens, so this must have been pretty bad. At the same instant I knew what it was. Logan had gone doo-doo and it fell out of his diaper, onto the counter and the floor. I managed to get him off me so that I didn’t get the worst of it and I kept filling my cup with milk. Glad yelled at me to clean the baby and leave the coffee, saying he would make the coffee but that I had to get the baby out of there. All I could do was laugh at the whole situation, but I was mostly laughing at how freaked out he was.

You’re probably wondering why it fell out. Well, he wears cloth diapers and plastic pants in the house, and the plastics I have for him are loose at the leg so as to avoid him getting a rash. (They aren’t super loose but I don’t like those ones that have a tight elastic at the leg as in the heat we get here, he could easily get a diaper rash.) So it just slipped out. If you’re a mother you know what those nursing baby liquid doo-doo’s are like.

Well, I kept laughing as I took the baby upstairs to wash him and I asked Glad to clean the mess as there were other people around and I didn’t want them to bother with it. About 10 minutes later, Glad comes up and says he’ll take the baby so I can clean the mess. I was so surprised that he hadn’t cleaned it yet that I had to laugh again. He is terrified of cleaning doo-doo and avoids it at all costs. So yes, I had to clean the mess in the kitchen since when I came close to him to ask him to clean it again, he swooped up the baby and ran. I think this is the only thing he fears in life. He’ll tackle giant rats, fix a clogged sink, or capture a lion (have yet to see him do this one), but if there is doo-doo involved, he shrinks away and almost dies.

Well, maybe someday he’ll learn how to take care of it. He says maybe by the time Logan has children. That means never. Ha.

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