Christmas Shopping

I finished wrapping all my gifts today. When it comes to Christmas, I love giving gifts, and my only limit is the size of my wallet. Now that I have children, it is fun to shop for them. It’s a good thing that I don’t have as much money as I’d like ’cause then my kids would have too much stuff. Sometimes I see something that is cute and I’d like to buy it for them, even if I’m sure they’d never use it. But because I can’t do that, I am forced to think about if what I am buying is needed or not.

This year I got 3 gifts for Logan and 1 for Lila. I find that small kids are usually happy with one gift and often don’t even want another once they start playing with that one. Also, they are too young to get into the “he got more than me” banter that you hear with older kids. Last year I didn’t even have a gift for Logan when we all opened gifts and you know what? He didn’t even notice. He just had fun playing with all the wrapping. (In my defense, I had been sick so I didn’t do my regular shopping. Can I count being pregnant as an excuse too?) I did get him a gift a few days later, but it was for my benefit, not his. I also know that others will give them gifts so I figure they will end up with enough stuff in the end and won’t even realize it. I, on the other hand, will have more toys to pick up and stuff to find a place for, and will wish I had not bought anything.

I’ve done almost all my gift shopping with Logan in tow, including his gifts. One of the beauties of shopping with toddlers is you can shop for them and even have them pick what they would like. (He picked all his gifts.) By the time you get home, they will have forgotten what you got and when you give it to them later it will still be a surprise. I decided to wrap the gifts today and about halfway through, Logan decided to watch me wrap his gifts. Ha. I think this is the only year I will be able to get away with that. Next year I will have to hide them for sure.

Now, lest you think all I have on my mind is Christmas and gifts, here are some pics of my bathing beauty. These are the first pics I’ve taken of her in the tub. She was having so much fun. She gets excited when she sees the water, the toys, etc. that she screams with delight and kicks until I put her in the water. Then she tries to eat the toys and stand up in the tub. She didn’t sit still the entire time. She was wiggling back and forth, stirring up the water, splashing, and playing and enjoyed every minute of it.

I bought her the rubber duck the other day when I was out with her. I picked it up in the shop and she got so excited at seeing it, crying when I put it down, that I had to get it for her. Logan likes it too. It has 3 little ducklings that sit on its back but I don’t give them to Lila as they are the perfect size to fit in her mouth and she still eats EVERYTHING! She even ate Logan’s cookie crumbs off the floor today.

Picture Stories

First she knelt…

then she stood!

I had to put the crib down to the lower setting the next day.

Did I mention that she hasn’t turned 6 months yet?

I left him sitting in a tub full of water. When I came back this is what I found…

…no water, and a boy covered in bubble bath soap.

“Hey, mom, can I do the laundry? I know exactly what to do.”

Looks like he fell asleep before he even had a chance to get all the way into bed. (I took this at 2 a.m.)

Tub = Calm

It was one of those evenings.

I was alone with the kids since daddy was working. Dinner was late and they were both fussy. My only thought was to get them fed, washed, and into bed. I put Logan in the tub, went and got the baby and put her in too.

Suddenly there was quiet…and calm. Both kids, squished in a baby bath tub, relaxing in the hot water. I only wish I could fit in their tub. I need to relax like that.

Here is my chubby princess. Doesn’t she look adorable?

Mommy Stuff

Life with two children is definitely busy. I spend the day going from one to the other and rarely have a minute to myself.

Most of the day I am pulling Logan out of one thing or another – such as the toilet. No kidding. He loves to stick his hand in the toilet and splash the water. If it is flushing I have to make sure he is far away as he wants to stick his hands in then too. The other day I was cleaning the bathroom so to keep him busy I stuck him in the shower with a trickle of water and some cups. He had fun for a while but kept coming out to see what I was doing. When I scrubbed his bathtub, he tried to climb on it, and when I turned my back he had his hand in the toilet. I pulled him out of the toilet 3 times that morning. Why do boys love such things? What attracts them to things that other people would rather avoid? I used to take care of a little boy who had a knack for getting dirty in minutes, no matter where he went or what he did. I used to jokingly call him a “dirt magnet” and he loved it. He was so proud of that nickname.

Lila is growing up too. She now likes to smile, especially when I talk to her. She will also respond with a coo and gurgle, her eyes staring right at me. She knows what she is up to. She hates when daddy kisses her with a pokey beard. He likes to kiss her face but she will scream if the beard scratches her. Daddy just says she has to get used to it but I don’t think she ever will. I know I hate it like that. Imagine her baby soft skin getting poked with sharp whiskers. Poor thing. I’ve tried to explain to him that it’s like having sandpaper rubbed on your face but he doesn’t understand. He only likes to shave when he has to; otherwise forget it.

Lila also enjoys bath time more these days. I sometimes put her in the tub with Logan and she floats on my hand while kicking Logan. There isn’t much space for two in a baby bath tub but Logan actually likes having her join him. He tries to poke her belly button or grab her toes, not to be mean, but just out of curiosity. I will have to get a picture so that one day they can see that they used to take a bath together.

As soon as I take her out, Logan tries to get out too, even though I haven’t washed him yet. While I dress her, I have to keep taking him back to the tub, otherwise he runs around the room dripping wet but still dirty. Ha. I finally manage to convince him to stay put for a few minutes while I dress the baby and then I go back to wash him and let him out. I’ve never known a child who didn’t like to stay in the tub. Most don’t want to get out, but he will climb out at any time. He likes to take a bath but isn’t into staying in long.

I miss when he was small. He is growing up so fast now that I wonder how time could have passed so quickly. I have to remember that he isn’t a baby anymore but a speeding toddler. He takes a long time to go to sleep at night cause he plays around and stands up in bed and doesn’t understand why I want him to lie still. I spend a lot of time telling him to lie still. I can say it without thinking. I will even tell him to lie down when he isn’t standing up. Something must be wrong with me.

He is addicted to videos, wanting to watch one at any hour of the day. He will watch 3 or more in a row if I let him. When I do finally allow him a video, I have to have something else interesting ready for afterwards or else he cries that it is over and begs for more. When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he asks for is a video. At bedtime, he wants a video. Any time, he wants a video. I have a line for that too, “It’s not video time”. He hears that many times a day. I’m worn out just from talking to him.

Right now it is after 10 pm and he is still awake. Lila is awake too, though she was asleep. The pacifier is keeping her quiet. And Glad is sleeping, hanging over the bed next to their beds. Why do the parents sleep and the kids stay up? I’m tired ’cause Lila usually goes to bed between 11 and 12 pm and gets me up in the morning by 6:00. She nurses, plays and cries to be picked up and carried.

I get up, make my coffee, and by 7:00 she is asleep again but I am up. I can’t go back to sleep after that, so I spend the day tired due to lack of sleep. And I’m living on coffee. But after all, God designed mothers to live on black coffee and leftovers so I’m doing well. (Do you know that story? If not, read on.) But I hate black coffee so I add lots of milk to it. But the rest of this story is absolutely true. (Come on, mommies, agree with me. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.)


When God Created Mothers

When the good Lord was creating Mothers … He was into His sixth day of “overtime.” An angel appeared and said, “You’re sure doing a lot of fiddling around on this one!”
God nodded and said, “Yes, but have you read the specs on this order? She has to be completely washable, but not made of plastic.

She has to have 180 movable parts … all replaceable.

She’ll have to run on black coffee and leftovers.

She’ll need a lap that disappears when she stands up.

She’ll have to have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped finger to a disappointed love affair. She will also need six pairs of hands.”

The angel shook her head slowly and said, “Six pairs of hands? … No way!”

“It is not the hands that are causing me problems,” said the Lord. “It’s the three pairs of eyes that mothers have to have.”

“That’s on the standard model?” asked the angel.

The Lord nodded and said, “One pair is to see through closed doors when she asks, “What are you kids doing in there?” … although she’ll already know. She needs another pair here in the back of her head that can see the things she shouldn’t have to, but things that she has to know. And of course, she’ll need a set of eyes here in front that will be able to look at a child when he goofs up. Those eyes will be able to say, “I understand and I love you,” without even muttering a word.”

“Lord,” said the angel touching God’s sleeve gently, “You had better go to bed. Tomorrow …”

“I can’t,” interrupted the Lord. “I’m so close now to creating something that is so much like myself, that I just can’t stop. I’ve already created one who can heal herself when she is sick, feed a family of six on one pound of hamburger, and can get a nine-year-old to stand under a shower.”

Slowly, the angel circled and carefully looked at the model of a Mother. “It’s too soft!” the angel sighed.

“But she’s tough!” said the Lord excitedly. “You cannot imagine what this mother will be able to do or the things that she will be able to endure.”

The angel asked, “Can she think?”

“Not only can she think, but she will be able to reason and compromise,” said the Creator.

Finally the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek of the mother. “There’s a leak in her!” the angel pronounced. “I told you that you were trying to put too much into this model.”

“That’s not a leak,” said the Lord. “It’s a tear!”

“What’s it for?” asked the angel.

The Lord said, “It’s for joy, sadness, disappointment, pain, loneliness, love and pride.”

“Wow! You’re a genius!” said the angel.

The Lord looked somber and said, “But I didn’t put it there!”

~ Erma Bombeck ~

Life with Two Children

Let me tell you, I am busier than ever! With two children, time for myself doesn’t seem to exist any more. For example, it took me about 2 weeks to stop and clip a broken toenail ’cause I needed to spend a long enough time in the shower so it would be soft enough to clip without making a mess of the nail. Showers lately have been on the run.

The other night Lila fell asleep and Logan was in bed so I figured it was the perfect time for a shower. Just as soon as my hair was wet, Lila woke up. Since Glad wasn’t in the room I had to go get her as Logan won’t go to sleep if she is crying. Then she wanted to nurse, so I fed her and she looked like she would sleep, so I left her in her bed and headed back to the shower. No more than 5 minutes later when my hair was full of conditioner and I was soapy, she started screaming again, so I had to take her to Glad so I could finish my shower. I won’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve done proper hair removal. Shhh…that isn’t supposed to be public knowledge. I’m making due with a razor but I prefer to epilate. But again, no time. By the time Logan falls asleep, Lila is up again. And this cycle continues throughout the day.

Do you want to see what my room looks like when I am not able to clean it? I know you do so I took pictures of it one morning when it was a mess.

As you can see, I have a little helper who likes to make sure the room is as messy as can be. He does his part to make sure I never lack for work. One of the closet doors has a key, and I keep the door locked just to keep Logan out, otherwise he would pull everything off the shelves in minutes. The other two doors I keep closed, but when I’m not looking, guess who gets into them?

Then I had to clean it up so you could see it what it looks like for a short time each day, until my secret helper pulls out all the toys, empties the laundry basket, pulls my bed cover off, and puts anything that is not tied down on the floor.

Can you see the baby’s bed between Logan’s and mine? I have it up on a box of baby clothes I am storing so that I can have her close to me at night yet not on the floor. To keep Logan away from it during the day, I turn his bed at an angle but he has learned how to move it. She will need to move into the crib soon anyway as she is outgrowing the cot. Only one month old and she is already so big. We are going to get a bed made for Logan, and we need it soon. But I’ll miss having him contained at times when I don’t want him to get out of bed. Ha. Once he gets a new bed, keeping him there will be hard as he will be able to get up whenever he wants to.

And I have found the best way to bathe Lila is to take her in the shower with me. She doesn’t like the baby bath tub, it is awkward to wash her under the tap, and sponge baths just don’t get her clean enough in this hot weather. The only drawback is that I can’t get very clean with her in my arms. Oh well, I guess I can’t have everything I want. At least I get to cool down until she is asleep; then I can have that relaxing shower and primping time – unless she wakes up yet again.

Bath Time

Have I ever told you how much Logan likes to take a bath? Ever since his first bath at 10 weeks old, he has enjoyed the tub. Up until recently I haven’t been able to get any new pics of Logan in the tub, simply because he usually has his bath before Glad gets home, and because he couldn’t sit so well, I had to hold him so that in his excitement with splashing and all he wouldn’t fall under the water.
Well the other day I found that he could sit alone and splash. So I decided to take some pictures of him in the tub. So here they are for you to enjoy.

Trying to catch the water as it fills the tub.

Making waves.

What do you think of these pajamas?? He was offended because I was taking his picture instead of picking him up.

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