Scarlett News and More

Scarlett is keeping me super busy these days. She is now crawling fast, getting into everything she can reach, eating anything she gets her hands on, and has just gotten a new tooth. I just saw it today. That must be why she has been so fussy and not sleeping so well lately.
She has tried to figure out how to get on the balcony by herself. There is a small ledge to step over and she gets up to it, puts her hands on it and stands, then lies on her tummy, sort of balancing like a scale. Twice she fell forward and landed on her head – one hit under each eye, poor baby. But she learns fast and the third time she tried it she actually put her hands out to catch herself. But then she gets stuck. She can’t figure out how to get her legs over yet. I’m in no rush for her to learn that cause next she will have to figure out the two steps to the balcony itself. That is scary for me. Cement steps and baby heads do not mix. I’m afraid she will either fall down them or be pushed, accidentally or on purpose. Logan has been rather naughty with her lately. He will push her so she falls back and hits her head, or he will pinch her or just hit her hard enough so she will cry. He always tells me that he has done it and I’ve talked to him so much about taking care of her and not hurting her, but he just doesn’t get it. He also does the same things to Lila, just on a rougher scale. I don’t know what the problem is.
I know he doesn’t get as much attention as he wants; I’m just not able to give it to him. I’m hoping that school will help as he gets some input daily, has other children to play with and gets a break from his sisters. Somehow I also have to fit in reading practice with him daily. Arrg. I have too much to do and not enough hours to do it all in.

Picture Taking

Ahhh, isn’t that a beautiful picture? There’s nothing like a tree sparkling with colored lights under a blanket of snow to get me into the Christmas mood. Unfortunately neither exist here. But I’m happy to say the weather is cooler than it was. It’s so refreshing. It also gives me a chance to dress the kids in long sleeved shirts and pants, something we usually avoid the rest of the year.

As you can see, I’m still trying to get the perfect posed picture of the two of them. Lila is more willing to take pictures; she will smile as soon as I pull out the camera. Logan will sit for about 2 seconds and then jump up and charge at me. He thinks it’s so funny, and so does Lila. She will laugh at his antics like it’s the best entertainment around. It takes many shots to get one good one of Logan. Having him put his arm around her helps to keep him busy for a few more seconds so the picture can take. My camera is a little slow (it’s very old; anyone want to get me a nice gift for Christmas? I’d love a new camera) but at least it works.

I’ve taken many of them so I will upload the best of them over the next few days so that I don’t overwhelm you.

Here’s a question for you: what gets you in the Christmas mood?

News About Lila and an Outing

Lila is now 3 months old or will be in a few days, ha. She is a chatterbox already. If you start talking to her, she will immediately begin a conversation with you, and I mean a real one. Not that she knows any words yet, no, that would be too much for you to handle, but she has coos, gurgles, and lots of ga-ga’s. And she doesn’t just use one at a time either, but all of them mixed up, as if she is really trying to talk. It is so cute.

This morning while watching Logan eat breakfast, she gave him the biggest smile I’ve seen out of her yet. He wasn’t even paying her any attention. I guess she found his messy eating style entertaining.

Yesterday while on our walk, we went into a local mall to rest and have some water. I knew they had an aquarium but had never checked it out, so I did. They only charged a small entry fee for me (they were going to charge me for two tickets but I told the guy I wasn’t going to pay for Logan as he is ONLY 1) and then we spent a wonderful half hour or so checking out all the fish.

Logan loved it so much. He was exclaiming over every fish he saw, running from tank to tank. It was only a small room with tanks lining the walls and a large one in the center of the room. The aisle was just barely big enough for the stroller to go through. I also took Lila out of the stroller and she had big eyes while looking at some large fish. I hadn’t planned to go or I would have brought the camera. Next time.


Here are a few pics of Logan at the aquarium. We went again, with daddy this time, and Logan enjoyed it, though we chose a Sunday evening and the place was so crowded that we could hardly move. The guys running the place just kept packing them in, even though there was no space left, so we cut our visit short. But the first time we went it had been empty so Logan enjoyed it more.

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