Why Our Move is Still Pending

Last year we announced that we are moving to Canada. Our hope was to be there before this year is out, but it looks like that won’t be happening. Here’s what’s going on.

We spent a lot of time last year and early this year working with our attorney in Canada to get everything in order so that Glad and the kids could get their visas. We figured we’d have them within about 3 – 6 months of applying and that possibly by now (August), we be ready to make the actual move.

Well, we finished everything we had to do and sent their passports and other documents up to the Canadian Embassy in Delhi and prepared to wait. Glad was checking the processing progress on their website almost daily. He was sure it wouldn’t take too long.

Then the embassy staff went on strike.

And not just here. It is a worldwide strike. That of course means that nothing is getting done. No paperwork is being processed, and the passports are stuck in the embassy. Here are links to a few recent articles on the topic, and you can Google many more.



So with that stopping us from forward progress in the move, we have decided to end the holding pattern we were in and get some stuff done. For example, we are going to paint the house. Yes, I’ve said it before, but this time it will happen. Glad is advancing in his job. He’s making a real difference in the company and helping them grow, and I know they will miss him when we finally do leave.

Another thing we didn’t do was enroll the kids for the new school year, which began in June. Schools here require a full year’s advance payment and we were sure it wouldn’t be used, thus wasting a huge amount of money. Instead, we decided to do a little work at home just to keep them busy.

But now with this delay, I am picking up the slack. Instead of finding schools for them, I am buying books for the basics – writing, reading, math, and English. They do phonics practice from this great website, which is so easy to use, they can do it themselves. But I still help them so I can keep tabs on their progress.

Logan reads at what I’m guessing is a 1st or 2nd grade level. He can read most anything now and is in the advanced section of that website. We are still working through the Ladybird reader series. He is on level 5. Most of it is too easy for him but he wants to keep going with it so it’s okay by me.

Lila picked up on reading so fast it amazed me. When we started over a year ago, she really wasn’t interested so I left it. Now, after about 2 months of work, she is at level 2 of the Ladybird readers and the second level of the phonics site.

For math and English we are using some books from the Gold Stars series.

When it came to writing, Lila was at the beginning,  and Logan needed to go back to the beginning. He had learned some things wrong in kindergarten, or rather they never corrected his mistakes. So I’ve got them both doing a book of basic strokes and from there they will go to the alphabet. Lila is very good at it; she follows the dots and rarely messes up.

But Logan had difficulty with writing before, and even now, just tracing the basic strokes is hard for him. He is working through the book slower as I want him to get the strokes right. It is hard for him to control his pencil and keep it where it should be. If it is too messy, I make him erase it and do it again. He only does a few rows of writing a day, but even that is a challenge for him as opposed to Lila, who will often do a whole page if she feels like it, and it will be neat.

We’ve also enrolled the kids in art class 3 times a week as an extra curricular. So that covers their schooling for now. I don’t plan on homeschooling permanently. This is just until we settle in Canada.

To those of you who were expecting us this year – sorry. We have no idea when we will get the visas and make the move. If you want us there sooner, pray for things to clear up with the embassies.

We Finally Paid the Internet Bill

It’s been over 4 weeks since I’ve posted, not because I had nothing to say but because our internet was down. Well, we had to pay the bill but money was tight and it had to wait. There were some timely things that needed to be posted but they, of course, had to wait. I’ll be putting them up over the next few days (I did write them) and I’ll mention that it is a backlog post and when it was supposed to have gone up.

Other than that, life is pretty normal right now. Well, almost. School has begun but because of our pending move, we have opted to not enroll the kids for the new school year. The kids and Glad’s passports are at the visa office right now and we are waiting to get them back. After that, we will be free to make our move. Since we have no idea exactly when they will get here, everything else is kind of on hold.

I am doing some reading and pre-writing practice with Logan and Lila, just to keep the idea of “school” in their heads, and also because I want them to make some progress in those areas. Logan was reading well when he finished kindergarten, so we are continuing to practice with the Ladybird reader series. Lila is just learning to read with the same series. Both kids are learning phonics from this phonics website, Starfall.com.

For writing, I got them both some pre-writing practice workbooks. Logan especially needs to get the basic lines down. He was writing letters in kindergarten, both print and cursive, but it was difficult for him as he missed out on this basic training. So I am working slowly with him to get him comfortable with drawing lines. Even something as simple as a top-to-bottom or left-to-right straight line is difficult for him. Hopefully this practice will make it easier for him once he begins grade school.

So today you get two posts; this one and one backlog. The other backlog ones will follow over the next few days.

What My Kids Have Been Up to Lately

School is now out for the summer. Lila’s last day was the 10th and Logan’s was today, the 12th. With summer comes setting up the pool and water play, making popsicles, summer camps and more. Lila’s birthday is also around the corner.

I figure now is a good time to write up some backlog of what the kids have been up to recently.

February 17th: Logan and Lila began roller skating lessons. They have made a lot of progress in this short time. Logan doesn’t fall as much as he did at first and Lila is getting fast. Her role model is a girl probably no more than a year older than her who skates like a pro already. Lila watches this girl zip around the rink, rarely falling, and tries to imitate her.

February 21st: Lila had her first sports day. Unlike Logan last year, she did a great job and ran when she was supposed to. I missed seeing her dance since I had to drop Logan at his school first, but saw it later on video.

The children march around the stadium. Lila is the last one in the red shirt.

The children march around the stadium. Lila is the last one in the red shirt.

Preparing for their dance. Lila is second to last in the red row on the right.

Preparing for their dance. Lila is second to last in the red row on the right. You can also see Glad back there directing things.

Doing her part in the relay race.

Doing her part in the relay race.

Lila's class after the races. Lila is on the left next to the teacher.

Lila’s class after the races. Lila is on the left next to the teacher.

March 30th: Lila’s preschool graduation. I still don’t get why they do it two weeks before school actually lets out. But Lila was super excited about it. For about a month before it happened she asked me daily, “Is tomorrow my graduation?” We took a family photo together like we did last year, and we should get it soon.

They were running around the stage and I finally got them to hold still for 10 seconds. Love seeing them all so smiley.

They were running around the stage and I finally got them to hold still for 10 seconds. Love seeing them all so smiley.

April 4th: Logan had a dress rehearsal for his school’s annual day. Scarlett and I accompanied him for the long bus ride to the place an hour away from his school where the children from all the branches of his school were practicing their shows. Last year at his annual day performance, daddy had to stand with him to get him to even stay in place to perform. This time it was great to see him stand in place and dance with his class.

On the bus.

On the bus.

April 6th: Logan’s annual day performance. It was being presented in a large theater and there must have been over a thousand people there – parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, etc. All the children did so well. For some of them it was their very first time on stage.

Logan danced really well with no prompting needed from the teachers. We didn’t stay for the full performance as it was 1 1/2 hours and Scarlett was fussy from the beginning, though she did pay attention during a few of the dances when they were songs she knew.  We saw the full performance from one school and half of the one from Logan’s school, as his dance was in the first song his school presented.

Afterwards we went out for ice cream, partly to celebrate and partly to cool off as the day was a sweltering 36C. We went to a place that sells the ice cream by weight, so they give you huge scoops. The kids each got two, and surprisingly, both Logan and Lila said it was too much and couldn’t finish. 🙂 How often do you hear kids say they have too much ice cream? Ha.

Logan’s school didn’t have a graduation ceremony like Lila’s did, but they took a class photo (print only, I don’t have a soft copy), and had a party with the kids on the last day.

And those are the updates to date. I will include more photos as they come. Monday summer camps start for Logan and Lila; they are excited to go again, and I’m happy because it will give me some time without them daily – for the next two weeks. I really need my sanity so it is good when they go places.

Halloween Party and Sweets Contest

Because of the cyclone, schools had to postpone special activites, so Lila only got around to her Halloween party on November 2nd. Halloween is not celebrated in India, but her school is American based and believes that celebrating certain foreign holidays is good education. The kids dressed in either orange or black, or a costume. Each of the children brought gifts or treats to share (but no candy) and they did some related art activites.

Lila decided (with my help since this was new to her) to be a dancer. Her dress says “Love to dance” and she does. Her hair seemed especially curly that morning, so instead of brushing it, I left the curls and just gathered some of it up to keep it controlled. I took a lot of photos so bear with me. (These aren’t even all of them.)

Her first bit of makeup. See the cute earrings we found? 

She loves to pose for photos. All of these were her own doing.

Daddy’s painted-on moustashe and gotee.

One for Logan, even though his school wasn’t celebrating.

Of course she had to have one too.

 I found out that morning that I had again been assigned the task of judging the sweets contest, so a short while later, Scarlett and I headed over to the school. I dressed Scarlett in the school uniform as her costume. Doesn’t she look cute in it? This is one we had first bought for Lila but it was too small. She sat for a while in Lila’s classroom with the kids, wanting to be next to Lila and join in the fun.

Lila’s class. See her there by the window?
Then she and Lila had some fun playing while I did my bit for the judging. 
We had two things to judge. There was a pumpkin carving contest …
and a pumkin halwa contest. Halwa is a sweet that can be made from a variety of fruits and veggies, or dhal, wheat, and other grains, and it is very popular here. There were 20 entries and we had to taste each one, then rate them one to ten for taste and presentation. These contests are meant to help the parents feel a part of the school and join in the celebrations. There is, of course, a prize for the winners.
Yes, that is my white arm there. 🙂 Probably the only one in the whole school. Ha.
 So after eating all those ghee-based sweets and rounding up my sand covered girls, I headed home to help Lila open gifts, make lunch, and get back to my normal life.

School? What School? We’re Still Home.

So after the bliss of sending them off to school yesterday, today the rain gods decided I needed to have them home longer. Heavy rains are predicted for this whole week, and when the rain is heavy, most schools close, especially the preschools and primary schools. So I woke to a message from Logan’s school saying it was closed, and a call from Lila’s school. The counselor was trying to call Glad but he kept hanging up on her and trying to go back to sleep (it was barely 7 a.m.) so she called me. He then had no choice but to get up and send a message to all the parents about school being closed – and then he went back to bed. Ha.

I do have a topic I want to write about but I’m gonna stick it in a separate post, a new My Thoughts on India post. Look for it soon. For now, here comes a photo update of random stuff that hasn’t been posted yet from October.

Logan made a new friend.

My girls have a stick obsession. Lila will collect sticks at the park and often looks like she is aiming to start a bonfire.

She was “fishing”.

 I did a test run of my fruitcake recipe and it turned out much better than expected, thanks to some tricks I learned about making fruitcakes. When I do my Christmas batch, I’ll write it up.

I snuck a photo in a toyshop that forbids photography. Naughty, naughty. 🙂

Scarlett is now without a bed, thanks to Lila for jumping in her bed and breaking the frame beyond repair. We had to throw it out. She is now on a mattress on the floor, and will most likely be there until we move as we are not investing in any new furniture this year. So far she is ok with it.

Goodbye to yet another faithful friend. It was used by all 3 of my kids but I guess it just couldn’t take the strain any more.

 I found this shirt for Scarlett. It sums her up completely. Logan and Lila think the caption is refering to the cupcake on the shirt. Ha.

 This one really doesn’t need an explanation.

So here’s to more rain, no sun, and being driven crazy. It is only 9:30 a.m. and Logan is asking every 5 minutes when we can go to the mall like daddy promised. In between he is making up fake words to “Jingle Bells” and teasing Scarlett. Save me already!

Back to School – Finally!!

After 2 weeks of holidays, it is Monday morning and back to school. As usually happens during a holiday, we were all on a rather late schedule, with the kids going to bed as late as 10 or 11 p.m. and not getting up before 9 a.m., so moving up to our school schedule does take some adjusting. I did have them in bed by 9 but they didn’t sleep ’till almost midnight (Logan and Lila, that is. Scarlett slept on time.) So getting them up at 7:30 was not so easy.

I managed to make it up by 6:30 and get in a half hour walk. I’ve gotta get more exercise, but I’ve come to realise that a little is better than none, and I feel better. It wakes me up, too, and I’d rather be awake before the kids get up than have them wake me (like was happening these past 2 weeks) and be groggy and not able to focus while they beg for food, milk and t.v.

Our t.v. is super old. We got it from some friends who had it for I don’t know how many years, and I think it may have been used when they got it. Just around the time we decided to move, it started acting up. Turning it on most days requires banging it and turning it on and off until it connects with the set top box. The remote is fiesty too. So imagine being woken and the first request is “Mommy, can you put the t.v. on?” Oh, and even if daddy was up and sitting in the living room reading the newspaper, Logan still wanted me to do it. I tried sending him to daddy but he says, “No, only you do it.”

So now my mornings are slightly more peaceful, except for the crying of a certain someone who wants to be carried as soon as the others leave. She follows me around begging me to pick her up while I try to get the house clean. What ever happened to the days when she would play quietly on her own?

Now to plan my next big project: Logan and Scarlett’s birthdays. Scarlett is easy – she wants a butterfly cake and doesn’t care about gifts yet. I think I’ll get her a doll, if I can find a good one. The one I got Lila is already falling apart from so much love. It wasn’t as sturdy as I thought. Good thing Lila isn’t attached to it ’cause it won’t be coming to Canada with us. (They already know no broken toys are coming and they have each picked out their one or two favorite cuddle toys to keep.)

Logan had to go and make it hard for me by not being able to make up his mind about his cake. As you know, he is into animals of all kinds, so first he wanted another farm cake, then a bear, butterfly, Noah’s Ark, back to farm, and we left off on a water animals cake. I’m still stuck as to what to make. I offered to make a cow, as in an actual cow cake and not one with the cow drawn like last year, but he doesn’t want that. And of course the only gift he wants is more plastic animals. Now to make up my own mind about what to make.

Just Some Random, Recent Stuff


Logan’s last day of school was a celebration in preparation for the Dussehra holidays. (See link below in Lila’s section. I’m writing the post in reverse and wrote about Lila first.) They were also celebrating Grandparent’s Day, but since Logan doesn’t have any grandparents here with us, I was invited to come.

We made our handprints on a large sheet of paper.

There was a huge display of animals and Hindu idols. Each of the kids contributed 2 animals and Logan is still concerned about his. They are labled though, and he will get them back later.

Having a snack.

We left shortly after that because I had to pick Lila up, and besides, I wasn’t interested in joining the Hindu prayers part. 


You know how we’ve had so much rain this past week? Well, yesterday morning we finally got some sun and I decided to take the kids out in the morning. Good thing too because it poured later. It was also one of the many days in the festival of Dussehra, a Hindu celebration. One of the things Hindus use a lot in their worship and celebrations is a ringing bell. It has a tinkling, sort of jingly sound, and we hear it a lot because most of our neighbors are Hindus.

As I was getting Lila ready to go out, she hears one of these bells ring and stops in her tracks.

“Do you hear it, Mommy?”


“It’s Santa’s bells!”

She was dead serious. She ran to her bedroom window to look outside, so sure that was what she was hearing. I thought it was odd because I have not told my kids that Santa is real. I’ve told them he is a symbol of Christmas and represents the joy and fun of the season, but I don’t want them to believe in something, only to have their hopes dashed in the future.

So I reminded her, “You do know Santa isn’t real, right?”

“But, Mommy, I hear the bells.”

As she looked out the window, I heard them too and of course knew what they were. So I explained that the neighbors use the bell because that is what they do in their religion when they are praying. She just went “Oh” and that was that.

I wonder what was going through her mind at that time, though. Was she wondering if Santa really was real? Did she expect to see cartoons come to life?  Both she and Logan have expressed the desire to be in a cartoon. Yes, actually in a cartoon, interacting with the characters.

I just asked Logan what cartoon he would like to be in and why. He want’s to be in “Winnie the Pooh: Springtime With Roo” so he can play with Roo. Lila wants to be in “Finding Nemo” so she can play with Nemo and the sharks will get her. Ha. My crazy kids.


She is now a 2 year old in every sense of the word. I’ll write a longer post about her for her birthday, but right now I’m gonna write some of the things she says.

It mys – It’s mine! Anytime she wants anything.

1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10 is how she counts.

She has figured out how to lecture Logan when he doesn’t listen to me: “No, Loden (she used to call him Doden), top be naty!” said in a stern voice with finger wagging. 🙂 (Say it out loud if you don’t know what she is saying.)

I hongy – how she lets me know she’s ready to eat.

There is never a dull moment with them around.

Sickness and Lila’s Annual Day

Oh, what a week. Sickness is no fun, especially when it hits everyone. Sometime last week Glad caught something and it slowly spread, including to a guest who was here over the weekend. It must have been some sort of flu virus as it brought fevers, coughs and congestion. I was out for 2 days, could hardly get up, and I am still not over it. The kids still have runny noses and coughs and Logan is still getting fevers off and on. I think this is because he just doesn’t like to rest when he starts to feel a little better. I don’t know if he will be able to make it to school tomorrow.

This weird thing has reduced our appetities to next to nothing. I eat a tiny amount and can’t eat more for almost the entire day. I can’t finish my morning coffee any more and don’t look for one later as usual. Maybe with all the rest I’ve been getting I just don’t need it. Last night was the first night I cooked since I got sick on Tuesday. I just made hamburgers with veggie sticks and guess what the kids ate? The veggie sticks and the buns! They all left the meat. Even Glad’s appetite isn’t back to normal yet and he had it last weekend.

The only plus I see in the appetite loss, well just for me, is weight loss. I’ve spent almost this entire year trying to lose weight, going up and down, trimming down but keeping my weight steady. Maybe being sick is the way to do it. 🙂 Ha. I’m sure I must have lost something by now. I should stop by the pharmacy on my way out today and see.

Ok, mom, don’t freak out. I’m not going to starve myself to lose weight. I could never give up food. But maybe I will be able to continue to eat smaller amounts instead of the large portions I normally have. And I’m sure all appetites will be back to normal soon enough.

Friday was Lila’s Annual Day show with her school and her first ever public dance performance. Lila actually got the least sick (if that is possible) and she felt well enough to go. I wasn’t sure about Logan and myself but Logan was so desperate to go and of course, I didn’t want to miss seeing Lila dance, so we all went, even though we weren’t up to snuff healthwise.

I wish you could have seen her dance. (It was filmed so we will eventually get the video.) Even though she missed the last few days of practice, she had no trouble recalling the steps and she really got into it. She was as bold as Logan was shy last year when he was the one on stage. And her hip moves! My God, we don’t know where she learned those. 🙂

These photos aren’t the best, but they are the best I could do with my 1.3mp phone camera. It can’t handle motion at all. First a few outside before the show.

She picked the dress and made sure I fixed her hair when I did Lila’s. She even wanted to wear the same pink ribbons as Lila.

This was her outfit for the show.

Lila is the one in front. The song was something about colors.

The whole class.

 You can see her energy in the photos. She was so into it. Hopefully the professional photographer who was there was able to get some good ones for us.

Update: Here are some of the photos from the photographer.

Backlog and Updates #3: Logan,Lila, School and More

Continuing with the updates from last month, here are yet more photos.
Logan and Lila are both doing so well in school. Logan is happy and often says, “Kindergarden is actually fun!” The place we found for him is just what he needed. While they do have bookwork, in order to prepare the children for what they are required to know before they enter 1st grade here, they also have a lot of fun. The school combines American early learning techniques with Montessori, which gives them a lot more freedom to explore and enjoy themselves. 
Ready to go.

 While Lila’s school requires a uniform, Logan’s doesn’t. They believe the children should come to school wearing what they are most comfortable in. They do have some special occassions that the children dress up for, like certain Indian holidays. Here is Logan in his traditional outfit. He has already worn it 3 times this month. Ha. I only got him one since he won’t wear it anywhere but school,  but I bet they are getting bored of seeing the same one all the time.

Ready for special holiday activities.

 Of course the big holiday this month was Independence Day. Here is Logan in class the day before.

 And here is Lila ready for her Independence Day activities. This is her first time wearing a traditional top.

And I did her hair in the colors of the flag.

On the actual Independence Day, we rested at home and then went for a family outing to the park in the afternoon.

September 5th was Teacher’s Day, so I helped the kids make cards for their teachers. My mom sent them this teddy bear activity and it was perfect to use for cards. While I had to do most of the work (of course), they did the coloring and drew designs on the cards, plus signed their names on them, with a little help.

Logan’s cards made it to the school bulletin board.

Logan has only been in this school for 7 weeks, but already we see him making so much progress. I had my first PTV with his teacher last week and he is ahead in everything, except writing. Well, that doesn’t bother us. We don’t mind if he goes slower with writing and learns to do it right. See, here in India, children are required to be reading and able to write two sentences on their own when they enter 1st grade, so they begin learning to write in preschool. LKG reinforces it and by UKG, where Logan is, they are introduced to cursive. Wow!

His difficulties lie in a) desire to learn to write, and b) a lack in fine motor skills. Homework was tough for him at first, but he is getting used to it. I don’t always make him do everything that is sent home. They were giving him a lot because he had two months worth of work to make up in order to be up with his classmates. Now the amount has been reduced. Even the teacher said she doesn’t like to give them so much but she is requred to in order for them to be ready for 1st grade.

Last week she gave them all a break from writing and planned a fun day of cooking. Logan was so happy, as you can see from the pics. He was especially delighted to not have any homework last weekend.

Taking a turn with the mixing.

And enjoying the sandwiches afterwards.

One funny thing: Here children address their teachers by their name first and then they say Miss afterwards. In Logan’s school, the children say aunty instead of miss. Well, Logan calls his teacher Sherly Aunty Miss. Ha. He was used to calling his teacher Miss so he just tacked it on. He also used to call the nanny in his class last year Aunty Miss and everyone thought it was so funny. I guess he thought aunty was her name.

As you can see, he has a lot of books. From the top they are an English workbook, Math workbook, cursive and print writing workbooks, an art book, general knowledge, writing numbers, a blank drawing book, Hindi alphabet book, English reader and workbook, plus 4 blank notebooks. The school also provided a backpack. Most of this work is done at school. So far his homework has been the writing and numbers workbooks, reading, drawing, and Hindi, though with the last one I sent a note saying I wasn’t able to teach him the Hindi alphabet and Glad could only help with it on weekends. He was supposed to practice the letters at home but I think they decided to not send it any more. He also often gets extra letter practice in the blank notebooks.

As for the reading I was doing with him, we have slowed down with it in order to make his homework a priority, but he is reading so well that even though we don’t get to do it daily any more, he is still progressing. Today he surprised me by spelling all the numbers from one to ten! I had no idea he was learning spelling already.

Today I met with Lila’s teacher for the first term PTV. Lila has made excellent progress in every area, except talking in school. While she is a great (and loud) talker at home, at school she is very quiet and never speaks above a whisper. Only recently did her teachers discover that she has a loud voice. Glad had been out on business and picked Logan up and brought him back to Lila’s school, instead of the other way around. Logan took off to explore his old school and raced up the stairs. Lila knows that she isn’t supposed to go up as her classroom is downstairs (the same one Logan had, with the same main teacher), so she stayed at the bottom of the stairs and politely shouted for Logan to come down. Apparently all the teachers came running because it was the first time they had ever heard her normal voice. Ha.

They are preparing for their annual day event at the end of this month, so the kids will be having dance practice all next week and Lila is excited about it. She is doing well with the dancing and enjoys it above all the rest of the activities at school.

And I will leave you with photos of them leaving for school, taken just this morning. We live in a large house that is divided into apartments and ours is on the first floor. Here they are heading out.

Down the stairs…

… onto the scooter …

… and away they go.

I’m nervous about bikes. I’ve never been on one myself because of this, but the kids are used to it. And Glad goes slow with them. Their schools are super close to home, too, so it is not like they have to spend a long time on it. And it is cheaper than taking them by auto every day. Don’t get me started on the exhorbant fees auto drivers charge here in Chennai. Thankfully the city is waking up to the need to change it and hopefully they will get the local government to reinstitute the use of the meter. I hate haggling prices with auto drivers, especially because they expect me to pay more since I am white. (This sounds like a new post. I just might write it.)

Update on Logan – Psycometry Results

Wow, my blogging is becoming more sporadic than ever. I need to get back into it. Ok, this is the next part of Logan’s story. Here we go.

At our visit to the doctor, he recommended we first have a psycometry done for Logan. I had never heard of one and had no idea what it was or what to expect. We were able to get an appointment for the next afternoon, and Logan and I headed off to the other end of town.

As it turns out, it was basically a mental skils exam, done verbally. First the doctor got details from me about Logan, beginning with his birth and covering most of what I talked about in this post. Then she spent over an hour asking Logan questions, mainly having to do with memory and recall, storytelling and so on. He did well considering the appointment was during his nap time and he was tired.

Once he was done, we waited to talk with the head doctor of the center and he fell asleep on my lap. I can’t remember the last time that happened. It felt funny cause he is so big. I even had to carry him into the office and he slept through my meeting with the doctor. She told me that I shouldn’t worry to much about the ADHD because it is possible for him to outgrow it.

After a week we got the results of the test. While his physical age is 4 years, 8 months, the test put his mental age at 5 years, 4 months! Wow! He has no problems there. It also showed that, while he did have developmental delays with his gross motor skills, he has caught up. The main thing we have to focus on now is his behavioral development and getting him to calm down and not be so hyper. This the doctors hope to accomplish through physiotherapy.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with yet another doctor, one who specializes in ADHD.  From there we will take the next steps.

And some good news: we found a new school for Logan. Yes! This particular school combines Early Learning methods with Montessori methods, making for a rather unique-to-India educational approach. But we feel Logan will do well there because he won’t be required to sit at a table for long hours. The director was personable and made me feel like she was genuinely interested in helping Logan make progress. She was impressed that he is already reading, and, since they are already working on cursive, she has offered to give him some one-on-one help so he can catch up to his class. The class is small, only 5 students, and Logan makes 6, but that means more personal attention. He starts monday.

So that is your update for now. There will be more soon when we know what the next step is.

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