Things That Make My Week

This week two things have happened to both make my week good and bad. Well, not bad in a terrible sense but more like very difficult.

The bad thing is that the washer broke down. The repair men have been here no less than four times this week and it is still not fixed. First it was the motor, then the timer, then something else, then the new motor was actually not new and needs to be replaced again. And I am still waiting for them to show up again and get it going. The good thing about this is that the machine is under warranty so the company replaces parts for free, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth all the trouble.

I’ve been doing laundry by hand all week – Logan’s pee-pee laundry, Glad’s clothes that he needed for his trip, the baby’s diapers. Actually, I decided to make it easy for myself and use disposable diapers until the machine is fixed, but there is still LOTS of laundry, including bedding. All my sheets are dirty and will have to be done by hand if this thing isn’t fixed soon. Logan peed on several of them this week, so I can’t leave those for too long. And with Glad gone I am doing everything myself. I’ll be happy when he gets back.

The good thing is that a special prayer was answered this week. First a little background. For some time now I’ve wanted to get a rocking horse for Logan.  Not because he wanted one, but because it is something fun for a child his age and I just wanted to get it for him. You know how when you’re a parent you sometimes want to get things for your child “just because”. A shop near our house had a cute one that wasn’t expensive, but it was money we couldn’t afford to spend when there are so many other more important things to buy, so I had to not think about it. A few days ago while looking at a picture of a rocking horse, I told Logan, “Let’s pray for one.” He folded his little hands and I prayed a simple prayer, “Jesus, if you want Logan to have a rocking horse, please give it to him.” Then I forgot about it.

Yesterday we got a parcel of things for the children, mostly clothes, but when I opened it, the first thing I noticed was…you guessed it…a rocking horse! I was so excited because this was my desire, not even something we really needed – it was just a want, and here the Lord went and gave it to us. Maybe He was just waiting for me to pray for it. It may not be as fancy as the one I wanted to buy, but seeing how much Logan enjoys using it makes me happy, and it was a chance to show him that Jesus answers prayer when we ask. That truly made my week.

Thank you, Tina, for the parcel. The baby clothes are just beautiful, and as for the horse, you have made a little boy and his mommy very happy.


So happy with his new toy.

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