Growing, Growing, All the Time

Ok, here is a little something fun that I heard about once upon a time and though I’d share with you.
Have you ever wanted to know how tall your child will be when they grow up? Well here is a way you can find out. Of course, nothing is 100% accurate, but mothers who have done this say it is fairly accurate.
Maybe you have heard that by the age of 2, a person is half their adult height. Admitedly, the average 2 year old doesn’t look all that tall, but if you were to measure them you’d see. Lila was 35 1/2 inches on her second birthday, 1/2 an inch short of 3 feet. 6 feet is a rough average for most adults, so you could say she has reached half her adult height.
So here’s how it works. You have to measure your child – girls at age 2 and boys at 2 1/2 years. Then you double the measurement and you have it, their estimated adult height.

Six Weeks

Yes, my baby is six weeks old today. It is hard to believe how fast time has flown. She has grown a lot too. In six weeks she has grown 3 inches, 1/2 an inch a week. Logan did the same at this age. I used to measure him once a week for the first 10 weeks or so and each week he was 1/2 an inch taller. It was cool. This time I didn’t want to go to the trouble, but I guessed it would happen to Lila and it did.
Imagine if this growth rate continued until the child’s first birthday – after one year a child would have grown 26 inches taller than their birth height. If that were the case, Lila, who was 20 inches at birth, would be 46 inches or almost 4 feet tall by her first birthday. Yikes. And if it continued on into her second year she would be exactly 6 feet tall by her second birthday. Isn’t it a good thing they slow down?

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