Baby Books

When Logan was about 5 months old, I decided I didn’t want to forget the progress he was making, so I started a baby book for him. I was keeping monthly records on the computer, plus I had printed a book to fill out. And once Lila came, I did the same for her.
I wasn’t too happy with the books though, because I could only record what was in the book and there was stuff I wanted to add that I didn’t have space for. Plus I had to print the book itself, print the photos, cut and glue stuff…I didn’t have time for all that. To top it off my handwriting is not the neatest so the book looked messy.
So when Scarlett was on the way, I was dreading the book-making process and what it would cost to do it, especially with color printing being so expensive. That was when I thought, “There must be a way to do this digitally.” So I looked it up and found a scrapbooking site that provided a simple, user-friendly program for making your own scrapbooks. This was just what I needed. I tried a few of those sites where you keep the book on line, but that wasn’t practical for me. Sometimes the internet isn’t reliable and I didn’t want to be working on something and not be able to save it if, for example, the power went off or the computer froze. So this program was the simple solution.
In my research I found that digital scrapbooking is very popular, and you can find loads of backgrounds and embelishments to add to the very basic ones this program offers. It’s fun working on them, and the best part is that every page can look neat and be arranged the way I want it.
I’ve been uploading them to Facebook since it is easier to load large amounts of pictures there than here, so I’m going to give you the links so you can see them.

This link is for Lila’s book. Most of hers is complete. I just need to finish a few of the pages on the end.
Lila’s book

And here is the link for Scarlett’s book. I will add more to it over time so check back every so often.
Scarlett’s book

I’ve not yet started on Logan’s digital book. All his info is in the previous one, but I will work on transfering it soon. My kids love looking at the baby books, especially the one that is theirs. Eventually I will print these out, to be put in a binder, along with any other mementos I have, such as Lila’s first earrings, hair from Logan’s first haircut, and so on.

If you are interested in making your own books, I found the software here.

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