Just A Little Rant

What is it about soap operas that makes people waste hours watching them? I don’t like those cheesy, sappy, drawn out, wacky shows that are full of poor acting and bad plots. And don’t get me started on the drama! Most of these characters spend all their time either shocked, crying, or telling someone off. They plot and scheme and generally mistreat each other, and have the nerve to say they are family. I dislike them even more when they are in another language that I can’t understand but am forced to listen to for hours at a time.

Why would I put up with that? Well, my MIL has been here for the past two weeks and cheesy soaps are her life. All her kids have moved away and she has been widowed for 15 years, leaving her with not much to do. Her health doesn’t permit her to go out much so I guess I can’t blame her for getting hooked on them. She only cooks for herself twice a week, probably does laundry once a week, shops as needed, and with no family close by, how else would she spend her days?

But despite all their faults, these soaps are strangely addictive. I find myself watching from a distance and having a rough idea of what is going on, even though I don’t understand them. I have, however, refrained from asking her exactly what they are about and who is who, etc. Otherwise I might get too attached and I don’t want that. I don’t want to live that kind of life – wasting my time keeping up with others fake lives.

I have enough drama in my life without sitting to watch more. I have kids who cry because the other one bit or hit them, because they can’t see more t.v., or because they have to share toys and books with each other. Tears because they don’t get their way, yelling, arguments – yes, I don’t need any more drama.

Even as I sit here now, there is yet another complaint from my son that he doesn’t want to share any book from his pile with his sisters who invariably gather around when he pulls them out. No amount of explaining that he can only look at one at a time and that he needs to share makes him change his mind. In fact, I had to go put him in his room to keep him from lashing out at the girls and biting them as he usually does.

No, I have no room for more drama in my life. My MIL leaves tomorrow. I think the only thing I’ll miss is how she took over cooking for my hubby. He can be picky at times and I have to balance making full meals for him and only making what the kids will eat, and he is still a mommy’s boy at heart. She still pampers him too.

Now to get my house and life in smooth running order again.

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