Sixteen Months Old

Yes, he is now sixteen months old, and acting more and more like a toddler than a baby. He is also getting more injuries now that he is walking more, especially on his head. Many times I will find a scratch, cut, or bruise and won’t know how he got it, but lately he has been getting a lot of bumps on his head, the kind that swell up into a big bump and leave a bruise for a while.

Yesterday at the park he met a little girl his age who wanted to play with him. They were having fun until she went to give him a hug. They both fell, but Logan got the worst of it. He landed on his head and within seconds it got swollen. He cried so much. I wasn’t able to put ice on it right away since we were too far from home to leave immediately, but I did put ice on it later when we got home and he wailed then. I think it really hurt to have it touched, because last week he hit his head on the other side and it almost got swollen but I had put ice on it immediately and it didn’t swell but did leave a bruise. That time he didn’t mind the ice, but this time he did.

Anyway, the swelling went away in a few hours and by morning there was nothing but a scratch and bruise. Look closely at the picture below and you can see the bump. This was about 5 minutes later. Poor little guy.

I guess injuries are a part of life for little boys. Most of his falls are due to his not walking so well yet. It is cute to watch him walk; he holds his arms up in the air and does a sort of march.

Here he is at the park on another day. He loves that ball and likes to chase it wherever the wind blows it.

Logan Tries to Walk – and Other News

Ok, so what’s new. Well, Logan is trying to WALK. Yippie. It won’t be long now. You don’t know how heavy a baby can be until you are trying to carry two and one of them you can never put down. It is really cute how he stands, wobbles a little until he gets his balance, and then tries one or two steps. I love it. As soon as he can walk well I’m going to buy him a ball and teach him to kick it.

He is also trying to say more words. His newest is “Ba” which means either bottle or ball or book, depending on which one he wants at the time. He said it today when looking at a picture of a ball and he said it yesterday for the bottle, so I think he is getting the idea of sounds. I am flashing the alphabet phonetically for him and he loves it. Maybe that is why he is getting more sounds down.

I’ve been giving some thought to how I will juggle two children and their needs. Logan is getting more demanding and fussy, and he is naughty. He crawls away the other way as fast as he can when I call him. If I say to not touch something he will hit it vigorously. When I tell him to lie down and sleep he will stand up as soon as I turn my back, then lie down quick when I come over. He will have a big grin on his face like it is a fun game. Meanwhile mommy is getting bothered because she is waiting to shower and Logan won’t go to sleep. I’ve tried leaving him alone but he only cries, so I have to be in the room until he falls asleep. Some nights that can take up to half an hour because he just wants to play. At least he goes to sleep on his own.

One good thing I have going for me is that he likes babies. Whenever he sees one he gets as excited as he does over seeing a dog, and that is the greatest excitement he has. He will laugh and kick his legs and make his most excited noises. I’m teaching him now to be gentle on the baby by letting him pat my tummy and “kiss” the baby. He actually will very gently pat my tummy, and if I ask him where the baby is, he will turn and look at or touch my tummy. It’s so cute.

He’s making progress on the potty. My goal is that he is trained before the baby comes so I won’t have two children in diapers at the same time. He tells me he needs to go by pulling on his diaper and saying “uhh uhh”. Many times he does go but at others he is only crying wolf and I spend a lot of time running to the potty when he doesn’t need to go. Oh well, maybe it is for the best.

But he doesn’t have it down pat yet. Today he peed on the floor when I was getting out a clean diaper. I usually put him on the potty whenever I change him, but this time I thought he had just gone so I didn’t. I was surprised to see him pee on the floor. He had fun and tried to step in in. Yuck. But that’s not the worst. If I leave him alone he will get off the potty, sit on the floor and immediately stick his hands in it. The more I shout “no” the faster he tries to grab whatever is in there. He actually grabbed a ball of doo doo and squeezed it not long ago. I was horrified while he thought it was great fun. The toddler years have begun.

Here are some new pics for you to enjoy.

Logan on a scooter at a friend’s house a few days ago.

Our latest family photo. Why oh why does the camera have to make you look fat when you don’t want to. At least I know that I will lose all that weight after the baby comes.

Logan and daddy having fun. They play a game of rough and tumble and Logan gets so excited about it. He loves it.

“Finally, I can stand.”

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