Sixteen Months Old

Yes, he is now sixteen months old, and acting more and more like a toddler than a baby. He is also getting more injuries now that he is walking more, especially on his head. Many times I will find a scratch, cut, or bruise and won’t know how he got it, but lately he has been getting a lot of bumps on his head, the kind that swell up into a big bump and leave a bruise for a while.

Yesterday at the park he met a little girl his age who wanted to play with him. They were having fun until she went to give him a hug. They both fell, but Logan got the worst of it. He landed on his head and within seconds it got swollen. He cried so much. I wasn’t able to put ice on it right away since we were too far from home to leave immediately, but I did put ice on it later when we got home and he wailed then. I think it really hurt to have it touched, because last week he hit his head on the other side and it almost got swollen but I had put ice on it immediately and it didn’t swell but did leave a bruise. That time he didn’t mind the ice, but this time he did.

Anyway, the swelling went away in a few hours and by morning there was nothing but a scratch and bruise. Look closely at the picture below and you can see the bump. This was about 5 minutes later. Poor little guy.

I guess injuries are a part of life for little boys. Most of his falls are due to his not walking so well yet. It is cute to watch him walk; he holds his arms up in the air and does a sort of march.

Here he is at the park on another day. He loves that ball and likes to chase it wherever the wind blows it.

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