Teething is often a painful experience for a baby. Why is it so difficult? I wish I knew. It has been different for all my babies.
Symptoms can vary from general fussyness, having a runny nose and more frequent naps to non-stop crying and fevers. You can tell where the tooth is coming by a slight swelling in the gum. Often a baby will rub this area with his tongue or finger. They will also drool a lot (though this can also vary, see below).
Often a teething baby will stop eating solids because it is painful on the part of the gums where the tooth is coming in. They will either nurse more, or stop eating altogether. Their sleep may also be disturbed; they will wake more often and be fussy.
Logan always got at least a 24 hour fever before his teeth broke through. I spent many days carrying and cuddling him as he was very fussy when teething and refused to be put down. Lila drooled a lot but I don’t recall her ever having fevers. Scarlett got her first teeth early, at only 3 1/2 months. She drooled then, but with later teeth she didn’t. The last 3 came within 10 days of each other – not a happy time for us. Amazingly, she never drooled. Instead, she makes this “ck” sound all day long and I think she is swallowing the extra saliva (she still does this even though she isn’t teething right now).
Difficult as it is, there is no way around teething. The best we can do is make them comfortable and walk through it with them. Here are some things you can try to soothe your baby:

– First-time teethers may find comfort in gnawing on your finger. Just don’t try this once the teeth are through, especially top and bottom, cause you will be bitten for sure. And teething babies bite hard!
– Something cold to bite may be soothing cause the cold will lightly numb the gums. Try using a water-filled teething ring, chilled in the fridge (don’t freeze). A peeled carrot could work too, though don’t continue this once they are able to bite chunks out to avoid choking.
– You may be able to interest them in something cold to eat, like blended fruit or yoghurt.
– Some babies may like to bite wooden spoons or any large spoon from your utensil drawer.

If your baby is crying non-stop and seems to be in a lot of pain, you could first try giving them gripe water. I don’t know what it is about it, but my kids always stopped crying almost instantly after having it. If you feel it is needed, you could also give them a children’s painkiller. Here I get Crocin in a syrup. Look for whatever you have locally available and make sure to follow the dosage exactly. Also, make sure it is for babies, as some are specifically only for children over a year or two.

If the bottle comes with a dropper, use that. Otherwise, get your own dropper or use a medicine spoon or bottle. These make it easy to give medicine to a baby. Make sure you don’t just drop it on the tip of their tongue or they will spit it out, and medicines can stain. Use a cloth or bib to protect their clothes. Squeeze the dropper into the back of the mouth so that they swallow it right away.

I have never used teething gels, mainly because I always heard they were dangerous. But I have never researched this so I can’t say for certain. I’d recommend doing some research before trying it.

Happy Teething!

Mommies, do you have any tips to share? We’d love to hear them.

ZZZZZZ …. Huh? No, I’m Typing in My Sleep

While starting on my second coffee, I try to recall the last time I was up at 6 … and stayed up. I’ve not slept too well these past few night. Scarlett got a cold again, and then started getting fevers off and on. Last night she was up every two hours to nurse, plus I had to take Lila to bed and get her water at least 3 times, change Logan’s bed and return him to his bed once. Did I mention I’m still tired? I’M TIRED! Please knock me out so I can sleep for more than two hours.

Since I couldn’t go back to sleep I figured I’d get some online time, something I’ve not had for a few days. For two days I was also sick with a cold, not able to do much, while still caring for the kids, etc. Every time I told Logan I felt sick and wouldn’t be able to do activities with him, he would say, “Mommy is sick. You feel like throwing up.” That is being sick in his mind, and something that freaks him out. Of course I would clarify that it was just a cold and that I would feel better if I had a nap, except napping is not possible. Yesterday I tried to lie down for a few minutes with Scarlett and she threw a huge fit, screaming and crying and was only happy when I got up with her again. Then later I tried lying down in the kids room while they were playing. It works sometimes, but each time I nodded off, one of them would scream and I’d be awake again.

I think Scarlett may be teething again. It is the only thing I can think of that would cause this kind of up and down fever. She still eats and doesn’t have symptoms of anything else except for a runny nose. She also keeps putting her tongue on the same gum area and it looks red and a little puffy. It is so cute though, that tiny tongue moving all over. And she is getting way too smart.

Too bad energy doesn’t come in a shot cause I would take one right away. 🙂

Two-week Backlog

I don’t really like posting backlog; I prefer to post things as they happen, but what can you do when you don’t have internet. Oh yes, it is fixed now. They just did it today. So now I am going to update you on all that has happened and try to not make it too long. 🙂

1. At the beginning of the month we decided to do some work on the house – mainly painting and repairs, plus getting some new decor. Here in India washable paint on the walls is almost unheard of even though you can get it. It costs a lot so we have paint that is supposed to be washable – it washes off when you wet it. Ha. Then there is semi-washable – you can wet it a few times before it starts to look worn. True washable paint is only used on door frames and outside doors, etc. So when the walls get touched by dirty fingers, you can’t really wash the marks off. Instead, you just plan to paint your house once a year.

The entrance.

Living room.

Dining room.

As you can see, these were taken the day we celebrated Logan’s birthday. The dining table is usually in the center of the room.

2. During the above chaos, my bedroom was to be painted. I decided to take the children out for the day since with all the work going on there was no where for them to play. I took them to a mall that recently opened a short distance from our house. I was hoping to visit the arcade and do a bit of shopping, but when I got there I discovered that not only was half the mall still under construction but the elevators were not installed yet. The arcade was due to be finished in another 2 months. What were we going to do? There was no where else to go that was close enough to home that I could walk to. Trying to take the stroller in an auto is a big headache as the stroller can only be closed with two hands. Try that with a baby in your arms and a toddler running around. And forget about a bus. Not only can I not read the signs (all written in Tamil) but every bus usually has standing room on the outside only. So I only go where I can walk with them.

We went into the few shops that were open. In a big one we spent some time in the toy department. Logan kissed most of the stuffed toys, and then he found a cute toy that made noises he liked and he played it over and over for a long time. I let him so I could pass time until lunch. In between there were trips to the toilet and a stop in the changing rooms to nurse the baby. Finally lunch time arrived so I decided to take the kids to the newly opened McDonald’s.

I hoped at least there there would be a place to play, but no, there was no such thing. And a kids meal is a burger, drink and toy, no fries, yet that is the part Logan loves best. He ended up eating most of my fries. Oh well, things are different here. The menu is not what you would find in a McDonald’s in the west. Anyway, we ate, and then both kids took turns napping in the stroller.

Don’t you love how Lila fell asleep?

While Logan napped I did a bit of shopping and then decided we had had enough of the unfinished mall, so decided to go to the park. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that to check out the floors, I had to carry the stroller up the stairs and make sure Logan was waiting for me, then go down and carry him up the stairs. It was quite an adventure. So we went to the park for a time and finally came home at the end of a long eventful day.

3. We celebrated Logan’s birthday. His birthday was on the 11th but we celebrated on the 7th since it was a Saturday and we hoped more people would come. They would have too, had it not been raining so heavily. So we only had two families come over instead of the expected 10, but Logan had fun just the same. He isn’t so into meeting new people so maybe it was just as well.

We did end up with too much cake. We had cake for days afterwards. I made a dump truck cake that came out not as expected but good enough. It tasted better than it looked. The truck was lemon cake with lemon frosting and the dirt was chocolate cake with chocolate pudding and cookies.

4. The next big event was…Lila got her ears pierced. I was debating whether or not to do it now but then realized that the younger she got it done the better as she would get over it faster. It’s been over a week now and her ears are healing well. I also bought her some gold earrings to put in once the holes are healed. The piercing earrings have a tiny pink stone in them and they look so cute on her. Yes, she did cry, but it was over quickly. I was nervous for her since I knew what was coming and she didn’t. Ha. But then I should be used to it – I have 3 piercings in each ear. Anyway, my baby did great and here she is.

(If I may, a word of advice to my sister Anaik: Get Michelle’s ears pierced now. Don’t let her wait until she is 15 like you did for your ears. It will be easier for her (maybe not for you but definitely for her) and will give her a “girly” look that will distinguish her from all her brothers. Let me know if you do.)

5. Last big event: Lila got her first two teeth. (Look at the above pic closely and you will see them.)


In a few hours we are making a trip to Chennai. Chennai is very hot and humid, something I don’t really like but can’t do anything about. Why are we going? Well, we are planning to move there next year, but right now we have to check it out and see what the possibilities are. We will be there for 3 days this month, but are planning a longer trip next month, possibly two weeks. I’ll be sure to take lots of pics of the place so you can see what it is like.

In the meantime, here are some more pics of Logan from this past month.

Happy boy at mealtime.  He now has 4 teeth, two on bottom and two on top, and boy, are they sharp! I can’t put my fingers anywhere near his mouth. Whoever said that you can clean a baby’s teeth with gauze obviously never put their finger in a baby’s mouth! I use a toddler toothbrush instead.

Post-shower fuzz.


Latest family photo.

Taking his pic in the car. He was sitting next to me and was wearing a seatbelt on his own for the first time. He usually sits on my lap. (Car seats are not common here. It’s not very safe but keeps us praying for safety.)

He is starting to feed himself non-messy foods, though by the time he is done the mess is quite large.

Exploring the grass. He tried to eat it too.

Growing Up

Logan is teething again, and it is making him very fussy. Two days ago he had a fever all day and night, and spent the next day out of sorts. He is doing better now, but is still not sleeping well. Pray for him.

Last night at dinner time I decided to give him banana and yoghurt to eat as I thought that if his gums were sore, that would feel nice since it is cold. Well, he got very upset when he saw it and wouldn’t eat it. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was until I saw his eye following my plate. I offered him some rice and chicken and he stopped crying and ate it. I had no idea he could tell the difference in the foods. He wanted what I was eating and none of that “baby food”. Ha. He did eat the banana and yoghurt afterwards.

He likes to eat pretty much anything, and gets mad if you don’t give him a food when he wants it, but of course I can’t give him just any food he sees. I don’t feed him spicy food yet, though I pick the meat or paneer (a cheese) out of the sauce, rinse it off and mash it for him. If the sauce is very mild, I put a little in the rice to make it soft. He has a taste for Indian foods. And of course he wants to taste my coffee (not allowed), daddy’s wine (not allowed but daddy gives him a taste anyway) and any spicy snack we are eating (again not allowed). I don’t want him to have stomach trouble from eating spicy things too early so I don’t give him anything spicy unless it is very mild.

As for the wine…you should see the puppy dog face he makes when I say no to it. He actually will look to daddy and beg and opens his mouth wide when the cup comes closer. Then after the allotted taste, he licks his lips and is so happy. Hmmm… he knows how to manipulate already.

This month he seems much more intelligent than any time in the past 8 months. He knows how to make himself be understood (at least some of the time) and just generally seems more “grown up” and not a baby any more.

I was watching him in the walker today and he was moving it at top speed sideways. He kind of bounces on both feet to get it to move. It is so cute. He loves checking things out and exploring, though of course I have to make sure everything is safe as he still eats everything he finds. The other day I had washed his diapers and they were in the bucket waiting to be hung. I left it for a minute to do something and when I turned around, Logan had a diaper out of the bucket and was chewing on it. I still don’t know how he managed to reach down from the walker and get it out. And he wasn’t very happy when I took it away. He gets very offended when anything is taken away from him.

They Have Arrived…

Teeth, that is. Logan now has two teeth as of 5 days ago. The first one peeked out on Friday and the second one just yesterday. It is so cute to see the tiny part of a tooth sticking out. Now I have to be careful with putting my fingers in his mouth. The other day I forgot and he chomped down with that one quarter of a tooth on my nail. Talk about pain! I used to let him bite my fingers before as a comforting thing, but now I pull back every time he grabs my hand and tries to get my fingers in his mouth, but it seems he prefers to bite fingers to toys or anything else.

Here is my cute little guy going out for a walk. He loves to be in the stroller as long as it is moving, so I can get some good exercise walking him around. He just looks at everything around, from the cars to cows to trees and all the people who stare at him.

Teething Time

Yes, Logan is teething in full. He constantly has to have something in his mouth, and his mouth is always open, either waiting for something to fall in it or waiting to drop it onto some unsuspecting toy or your hand. He will chew on anything. I finally had to get him a proper chew toy but he still can’t figure out how to keep it in his mouth. He bites hard now and sometimes bites when nursing. I’m not looking forward to nursing him with a mouth full of teeth.

He likes to sit upright now and prefers that to lying down, so the other day we bought him a walker. He can’t touch the floor yet but likes to sit up and look around, or bend over and chew on the toys that come with it. He looks so cute sitting there but not touching the floor. I think that when he finally does touch the floor, I won’t be able to keep him in one place.

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