Here for the Beer

Ok, here is some new info. Logan has tasted…beer! Arrg! I told Glad not to give it to him, but what to do. Daddy will have his way. He says Logan needs to learn about these things now, but I feel he should wait until he is 18 and old enough to drink.

Anyway, you should see the face he makes when he tastes the top of the can. He sticks his tongue out and licks it and makes the cutest face, then fusses for more. He watched us drink some tonight and after daddy gave him a taste, he fussed because I wouldn’t give him some of mine. He had that look in his eye that said, “I’m sad because you won’t give me any.” It was too cute. Maybe next time we can get a picture. But then again, I don’t want him getting used to it so who knows when next time will be. If I leave it up to daddy it could be tomorrow night. Ha. Oh well.

At least at this age all he gets is a lick on the tip of his tongue and when we say no more he doesn’t get any more. What am I going to do when he is 12 and wants more after I have said none and daddy has said, “Have as much as you want, son.” Hopefully by that time we will have a united opinion on what we will allow. Right now it is cute, but just for now.

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