Make Your Own Granola

I recently started making granola again after a long time, and I’ve discovered that my kids love it, probably because of all the fruits and nuts. Ha. They tend to pick all that out and leave the oats behind. Lila and Scarlett will let me put milk on it, but Logan rarely drinks milk these days so he prefers it dry. I’ve tried to get him to mix it with yoghurt but he won’t do that either. Still, it is a healthy meal. I usually serve it a few times a week, plus Glad will snack on it so this amount lasts us a week to 10 days.
I’m gonna write up exactly how to do it in case you want to try. I know that in many places you can buy good granola, but here it is either expensive or not available. I wanted to have some cold cereals since the weather is heating up and we are losing interest in hot cereals; but all the cold cereals available are imported and just too costly. It is cheaper for me to make this once a week than to buy a box of cold cereal.
                  500 gr. oats
                  100 gr. wheat bran (or wheat germ if I can get it)
                  100 gr. dates, chopped
                  100 gr. rasins
                  100 gr. sesame seeds
                   50 gr. peanuts
                   50 gr. cashew nuts, broken
                 150 gr. other dried fruits of your choice
                             sweetener such as jaggery, honey, sugar (added to taste)

I use a cast iron wok and begin by roasting the sesame seeds. (If you get them roasted you can skip this step.) I don’t use oil; there is no need, but I do have to keep a close eye on it cause sesame seeds roast quickly, in just a few minutes. They will brown and start to pop, and smell like popcorn.

Once the sesame seeds are roasted, I add the oats. It is important to keep the flame low as a cast iron pan gets quite hot and the oats burn easily. This is the part that takes the longest as you have to keep stirring it so it won’t burn. It takes about 30 minutes before the whole thing is roasted. The oats will brown and taste cooked.
I suppose this part could also be done in a baking pan in a low oven, but I have never tried it like that so experiment at your own risk. 🙂

Once the oats are toasted, add all the rest of the ingredients, stirring until well mixed.

At this point, add your sweetner. I use jaggery, but you could also use honey, maple syrup, or sugar, or you can leave out the sweetner and add what you want when you eat it. I like to add it to the hot oats cause it stizzles and sticks and adds a brown touch to it. You have to stir it quickly to keep it from sticking to the pan and to make sure it is evenly mixed in.

Once cool, store in an airtight container.

Granola is a great item to personalise, meaning you can add your favorite dried fruits and nuts and make it just the way you like it. And it is filling, and healthy. I like it best with yoghurt and fresh fruit, or some fruit salad. How much yummier can it get? Enjoy!

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