Getting Enough Calcium

Recently I was talking with a friend who is in the last month of her second pregnancy. She has had nausea all throughout her pregnancy, and has not been able to get enough calcium in her diet due to not being able to take calcium tablets or eat dairy foods. Because of this, she is having constant pain in her bones.
During pregnancy, your need for calcium increases. You need it and the baby needs it, and if you don’t get enough in your diet, your baby will draw what it needs straight from your bones, causing considerable pain for you.
If you are able to eat things like cheese, yoghurt, tofu, and milk, those are a good way to get some calcium, but you do need the supplements as well. If your nausea is only in the morning, then take your tablets later in the day when you are feeling better, always taking them with food. If you have nausea throughout the day, it will be harder to take tablets and keep them down, but try. Maybe you could add the tablets to a milkshake made with some fruit, yoghurt or milk, and lots of ice.
But what can you do if you aren’t able to eat dairy foods or take calcium tablets?
There are lots of other foods out there that are rich in calcium. Lots of them have even more calcium than milk does. Check out the following list, found here:

Sesame Seeds
A quarter cup of sesame seeds has 351 mg calcium.
A cup of boiled spinach has 245 mg.
Collard Greens
A cup of boiled collard greens has 266 mg.
Blackstrap Molasses
One tablespoon has about 137 mg.
One cup of raw kelp has 136 mg.
Two tablespoons of raw tahini (sesame seed butter) have 126 mg.
Two cups of boiled broccoli have 124 mg.
Swiss Chard
One cup of boiled chard has 102 mg.
One cup of boiled kale has 94 mg.
Brazil Nuts
Two ounces of Brazil nuts (12 nuts) have 90 mg.
Two cups of raw celery have 81 mg.
One ounce of almonds (23 nuts) has 75 mg.
One medium papaya has 73 mg.
Flax Seeds
Two tablespoons of flax seeds have 52 mg.
One medium orange has 52 mg.

Here is another link for dairy-free calcium sources. They also list receipe ideas.

It won’t be easy if you are one who experiences all-day nausea your whole pregnancy long. I’d recommend looking at these lists and seeing what appeals to you and trying it.
These foods are also good for those who are alergic to dairy products, or those whos kids don’t like milk. And even if they do like milk, adding some of these foods to their diet (and yours too) on a regular basis will increase not only your calcium consumption, but your overall health.

What are your favorite non-dairy calcium foods? Do you have recommendations for pregnant mothers who are having a hard time getting enough calcium? What worked for you?

The End is in Sight

It’s almost over, my pregnancy that is. I’ve reached a point where I’m so tired that I just want it to be over with. I officially have 4 weeks left, but I find myself wondering if I can handle it. I’m tired all the time. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep. This morning Lila woke me at 6. I gave her a bottle of water and expected her to go back to sleep like she usually does, but she didn’t. She tossed and turned in my bed until almost 8 and then slept for another hour. I only brought her into my bed because she was making such a fuss that I was afraid she’d wake Logan. I never did get back to sleep with her moving so much, kicking my back. Oh, and the baby was moving like crazy this morning so both of them kept me awake.
Logan was up by 8 and Lila by 9, and I had to go back to sleep. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, so they played while I slept some more. I got up after about 45 minutes and made them breakfast. Then between about 10:30 and 12:30 I napped about 3 times. I kept getting woken up for one thing or the other but I just couldn’t stay up.
So now I feel a little rested but I know that if I went back to bed I could sleep more. I hate being so tired as then I can’t care for the kids like I need to. At least it will be over soon. I can’t wait. I do know that I won’t have to wait another 4 weeks for the baby to come though as my doctor has mentioned the possiblility of an early delivery because she is concerned about the weight of the baby putting too much pressure on the old scar. Well, I’m perfectly ok with the baby coming earlier. I don’t mind in the least. The weight will be gone, I will be more tired, I know, but at least I won’t have to be carrying this weight around.
There is only one bad thing about an early delivery and that is that Glad’s mom who is coming to help us at that time won’t be here yet. She only arrives on the 11th of November and can’t come earlier as she had to have catarat surgery earlier this month and isn’t allowed to travel before then. So if she isn’t here then we have to look elsewhere for help with the kids and someone to stay with me in the hospital. I will have to spend 5 days there. This delivery is already slotted to be a ceasarean, so I know how long I’ll have to be there.
Before I had my first baby I never would have considered a ceasarean delivery. Here in India they are very common, much more than some other countries. It seems that at the slightest problem doctors don’t want to try other methods and immediately opt for a ceasarean. In my case they were necessary in both previous deliveries. With Logan my waterbag broke at 33 weeks and I didn’t go into labor, yet the water kept coming so he had to come out in a hurry. With Lila, she was on time, 8 days early, but she had already passed meconium so the doctor didn’t want to take any chances.
With this one my doctor has made it clear that she won’t go for anything but a ceasarean, but you know, I’m ok with that. I’ve come to realise that God has allowed me to deliver this way because He knew I wouldn’t have been able to handle a natural delivery.
I’m a wimp when it comes to pain. Menstrual cramps used to send me into agony. I’d curl up into a ball and depend on a hot water bottle, pain killers and sleep to get over it. Thankfully I’ve not had that kind of pain since Logan was born. The little bit of labor I had with Lila was enough to tell me that there was no way I’d be able to go through with hours of it and end with a natural delivery. So the thought of not having to experience that this time is enough for me to agree with the doctor to have an early delivery.
Besides, I’m eager to find out the baby’s sex. I have a feeling it’s a boy, but of course I don’t know for sure. It’s just a feeling, yet last time I had a strong feeling the baby was a girl and I was right. During the last few months of that pregnancy I was drawn to girly things. All I wanted to buy was pink frilly things. I just knew I was right. What makes me think this one is a boy? Yep, I’m attracted to boy things. Every time I’m in a baby shop, I see the cutest boys clothes and want them all. I don’t even feel like looking at girl’s clothes. But of course I haven’t bought anything specific yet. I’ve kept my purchases unisex, just in case I’m wrong. After all, I was convinced Logan was going to be a girl just because I had always wanted a girl. When to doctor told me I’d had a boy I was shocked. I was wondering what I was going to dress him in as all the clothes I’d saved were for girls. But during the days he spent in the hospital, people began giving my clothes and all of it was for boys. By the time he came home I had more than enough for him.
So when I know for sure what the doctor’s decision is, I’ll let you know. Pray that I can endure the last few weeks. More than anything I need energy. I have to sit every few minutes when I’m so tired or I feel like I’m going to fall. If I have enough rest then I can go for a few hours but then I still have to nap when the kids do. I’m desperate to get back on some sort of a normal schedule but I know that won’t happen for at least the next 2 months or so. But the end of all this is in sight, and I’ll be so happy when it comes.

How I’m Doing

So today I feel the need to jabber about my pregnancy. (Men, if this doesn’t interest you, feel free to leave. You won’t offend me.)
To be completely honest, I don’t really enjoy the pregnancy part. Having to eat all the time, gain excess weight, and feel sick most days is not my idea of fun. I spend half the day wondering what to eat, the other half eating, and the other half trying to catch up with my life. Yes, my day consists of triple halves. My brain is fried right now. There are days when I wish someone would pamper me, cook for me, clean for me, take my kids, and leave me free to sleep, eat, sleep, eat, and sleep and eat some more. I’m so tired most of the time but never seem to get enough sleep. It must have something to do with having a baby and a toddler who think it’s fun to interrupt mommy’s sleep.
But, I have to say there is one thing I am proud of myself for this time around, and that is…I am watching my weight. Yes, I am. There is no way I’m going to let myself gain as much as I did the last 2 times. I know I just said I spend a lot of time eating, but I have learned that I don’t absolutely have to eat every time I feel the tiniest bit hungry. I did that with my first pregnancy and gained 6 kilos in one month. In fact, I gained so fast that I had problems with my left wrist due to the rapid weight gain and couldn’t use it for several months. I couldn’t even lift the lightest thing without my wrist paining severly. Thankfully the problem went away as I lost weight after the baby was born.
I gained slower in my second pregnancy, but still gained a lot. I was looking at pics of me at 3 months then and I look like I’ve already put on a lot of weight, whereas this time I don’t look as if I’ve gained, though I have.
My plan is to weigh myself weekly and watch the specific foods I eat. I’m not so sick any more so am able to eat better and fill up on more healthy foods. I go to a nearby pharmacy that has a digital scale so I can get an exact weight. Now I have to find a way to work in some exercise. I do take the children for a walk most days, as long as I don’t feel too tired, but I feel that isn’t enough. I have a pregnancy workout video that I want to use. The difficulty is seeing how to fit it into my day. When I wasn’t pregnant I could exercise during their nap, but now I need a nap myself. I just don’t make it if I don’t nap.
I also need some motivation to do it. My desire isn’t strong enough at this point. If I’m too tired, I won’t do anything. I let myself off like that. Anybody want to give me a pep talk? 🙂
Lila is officially weaned from the breast so I don’t have the excuse of her nursing too much. It seemed like she wanted to nurse all the time, but she only drinks 3 4oz. bottles a night. It’s good cause I don’t have to wake up as often. I make the bottles before I go to bed and keep them by the side of my bed, right in the path of the airconditioner, and they keep all night.
Oh my, look at the time. Here I am jabbering on and the kids are asleep and I should be too. I’ll try to get some new pics up next time.


Well, it’s that time of year here in Chennai – summertime. Now, summer might be great where you live but here it is “sweat all the time” time. The average daily temperature hovers somewhere between 35 and 40 celsius. I’m not kidding. And it is so humid. We all shower at least 3 or 4 times a day. Logan spends a lot of time running around naked (at least it saves on laundry). The only way to stay cool is to sit under a cold shower and blow a fan on you, though even the cold water tap is hot for most of the day since the water tank sits on the roof.

We don’t have an air conditioner but if we find one that is not too expensive we will get it as it is a need to be able to sleep better. All of us sleep directly under the fan at night. I move the crib to the foot of our bed and Glad and I sleep at the foot of the bed too. Otherwise it is too hot. The fan can’t cool the whole room so you have to be right under it. Move slightly away and you sweat. As it is, you sweat anyway and our day begins with a nice cold shower (before the water heats up).

I’m due in exactly 2 weeks. I can’t wait to lose the tummy and the heavy weight of the baby. I feel ready any day now. Pray that I can have a good delivery.

In case you haven’t noticed, the computer is working again. We had to buy an external keyboard so now the laptop is basically a desktop, since it has to be plugged in all the time (the battery has been shot for about a year now). But the internet connection is in the living room so when I want to connect, I have to move the whole contraption there. Hopefully we will be able to get wireless sometime so the computer can stay put.

Of Dogs, Dinner and Due Dates

Have I ever told you how much Logan loves dogs? Let me rephrase that: he is obsessed with dogs. Size doesn’t matter; he isn’t scared of them at all. He will approach any dog and gets offended when he can’t get near a dog. For example, at my doctor’s office they have two dogs. One of them is friendly but the other doesn’t like children for some reason and got upset when Logan came around. Logan got upset because he couldn’t spend the time waiting for me playing with the dog. Daddy had to take him out to keep the peace. Poor little boy.

He has a book of baby animals and at least 10 times a day he opens it to the page with the puppy and gets excited over it and waves at it. Then he turns to the page with the fox (convinced that it is a dog) and waves at it. Any time he hears a dog bark he listens closely and lets me know the dog is there. Poor Sinbad has to take the brunt of Logan’s obsession. Logan will at least once or twice a day, when I’m not looking, go to the dog and stick his fingers in the dog’s nose and mouth. The dog just lays there and takes it. I have to go to the dog’s defence and rescue him. I keep telling Logan to be gentle on the dog, but he doesn’t get the point. I just hope he doesn’t try the same thing on the baby.

Speaking of the baby, I’m due in 5 weeks. Only 5 weeks until I am a mother of 2. Only 5 more weeks to sleep. If you don’t hear from me after I have the baby, it will be because I am using all spare minutes to sleep. Logan finally sleeps almost through the night, waking only once or twice for water. Yes, he is off the milk bottle. Yippie! One more success. But I expect to not sleep at all with the baby. When Logan was born, I was so tired that in the night I often didn’t hear him wake up even though he was right next to me. Glad would wake me up saying, “I think he wants to nurse.” And I would say, “But I just nursed him.” The whole night was one big blur for the first few weeks. I hope it will be easier this time. And I hope Logan will sleep through the baby or I don’t know what I’ll do. Glad already plans to sleep on the sofa, but I’m working on convincing him that I need him there for when Logan wakes up.

The family we are living with are gone for a few months visa trip so we are alone here, which means I am doing things I’ve not had to do, like cooking. I can manage simple things like breakfast and lunch but dinner takes more thought. For the past two nights I’ve taken time to look up recipes online just to get some ideas. But Logan isn’t too happy with me having to work more and pay him less attention. Maybe this will help him adjust to when the baby comes. I’m not used to having to plan ahead for meals so it takes me time to do it, but I am getting in the swing of it and will probably be a good cook soon. It’s not that I’ve never cooked before but it’s been so long that I’m out of practice. Oh well, at least I can now make the food that I like to eat.

Ok, it’s late and I need to sleep. I’ll post some pics next time.

Some New Pictures

Here are a few new pictures. I don’t have too many right now but more are on their way.

As you can see, Logan is getting big. He likes coloring but only lasts about 10 seconds, then he wants another crayon and another one and only wants to play with them.

Here are Logan and daddy taking a break to play while on our way back from Bangalore.

Well,Logan is finally walking well, though he still prefers to crawl. I have to remind him to walk, especially when we are outside. He likes to walk down the street to visit the cows and dogs and chickens. Yes, we have a mini farm at the end of our street. He gets so excited when seeing any of the animals and it amuses whoever is standing around. They all watch him because he is the only “white” baby around. He isn’t pure white but is more tanned, but compared to all the people here who are mostly quite dark skinned, he looks white.

The baby will be here soon. I will actually be happy to not be pregnant any more as it is getting tiring, not to mention it is getting hot here and I am sweating all day. Pray that I will be able to have a good delivery, and that if it is God’s will, that I can have a natural one. Some people are telling me I can’t because this baby is so close to the last one, but I know several mothers who have delivered naturally after a C when their babies were closer than mine. Anyway, my doctor is willing to try as long as there are no complications. Pray that it will work out for me.

Baby Talk

Just yesterday I was lying down and Logan came over to talk. I asked him where the baby was and he patted my tummy and said “baba”. I never taught him that one. He figured it out on his own. It was so cute. And now any time I ask him where the baby is, he will pat my tummy and say “baba”. I want him to be used to the idea of a baby being in the house and taking some of the time he used to have to himself.
He is making a lot more sounds these days. They show how much he is growing up and changing. He isn’t a baby any more but isn’t quite a toddler yet either. There must be some inbetween phase that has yet to be discovered. He knows how to wave now and blow a kiss. He doesn’t quite have the kiss part down yet as to do it he will lick his hand and then blow bubbles at you. But it’s cute.
I wish you all could see him. You would love to play with him. This morning he was playing with the plastic animals along with daddy. Daddy would make the sound for each animal and Logan would laugh so hard when each one came sneaking up to him. His reactions are too cute.


I’m sure you’re wondering why I have been so slow to post lately, and I have my very good excuses prepared. One, taking care of a baby doesn’t leave you much time to do anything else. Two, being pregnant means you use every spare moment when you are not taking care of the baby to either eat or catch up on sleep (and perhaps take a shower). Three, I’m lazy when it comes to keeping something going long-term.

So those are my excuses, but since I know you won’t buy them and you are hoping for something exciting, well, maybe I can update you on Logan and his new interests.

Logan has become a very big boy. He can crawl finally. He spent the better part of the last 2 months trying to crawl and he would get so frustrated when he couldn’t do it. He would turn to the crawling position only to land on his tummy and he would cry ’cause he didn’t like not being able to move. So I would sit him up and tell him to let it be, but within 5 seconds he would be back on his tummy again. I, for one, am very happy he can crawl now as I don’t have to be constantly picking him up.

He now has 6 teeth and loves to eat. He eats most anything, though lately he is starting to not like certain things. For example, eggs. He always ate them but now will only eat them when done in a certain way or when really hungry.

Due to my pregnancy I found it necessary to begin weaning him as my body couldn’t take the strain of his non-stop nursing. He now only nurses for a short while before his naps and before bed. During the night I give him a bottle of yoghurt and banana slightly watered down to make it flow and he takes that well.

He loves playing with other children. Whenever possible, I let him play with the toddlers in the house. They love him and he loves them, especially the two-year-old girl who has gained his affection somehow. They sit across the table from each other at mealtime and talk in their own baby talk. Even though she can talk enough for us to understand, when she talks with Logan, she resorts to baby talk, probably to make him feel understood. Ha.

Logan also loves to blabber and will spend most of his waking moments making some sort of noise. His favorite after “dada” is “na-na”, meaning food. He asks for it constantly, no matter whether he just ate or not. He will also say it when eating in order to tell me he wants water. Smart boy. Knows what he wants.

Ok, I just took a break to hang some laundry and get a snack. And in case you are wondering, Logan is asleep, or at least I hope he is.
So now comes the point I know you are waiting for, the PICTURES. These are from last month.

Ahhh…I’m clean. Don’t you think I’m cute?


Logan and daddy trying to be cool. We were going out for a barbeque dinner and they wanted to look their best. Can you see daddy’s necklace around Logan’s neck? 


These clothes make me look so grown up…


…but when it comes down to it, I’m still just a baby.


What a messy eater!


“But mom, it’s fun to eat like this.”


The many faces of Logan…

We went to a friend’s house not long ago and their 4 year old had a room full of toys that would be the envy of any child. Logan had a great time checking everything out. But in the end, after trying to convince him to play with this or that, I found a bag of plastic animals that I was sure he would like. Well, it wasn’t the animals he liked but the cardboard on the top of the bag. It doesn’t take much to make a baby happy.


Here are the promised updates from the past month. Logan is finally sleeping so I have time to do it.

The first thing was that we made a trip to Mangalore to visit Glad’s family.

Daddy and Logan sleep on the bus.

I’ve never seen buses like this anywhere before. They have beds instead of seats that are fairly comfortable but if the bus is taking the curves too fast, you may fall off. For that reason, many buses have bars on the bottom bunks as well as the top ones.

After an extra long ride (for some reason the bus was late), we arrived and got settled.

Waiting for breakfast.

We spent 4 days visiting grandma where Logan got to meet his cousins Brandon and Alysia. Here is an interesting tidbit: Logan has 16 cousins. Let’s see if he will ever get to meet all of them.

Daddy and Logan playing on the balcony at Grandma’s house.

Then we took the train to Chennai. Logan had fun on the train, except that he didn’t want to sleep with me on that narrow bed, so I had to lie on the other end and block him with my legs as we were on a top bunk. Every time he woke up I had to sit up, nurse him, and put him down again before I could go back to sleep. I didn’t sleep very well that night.

Happy boy on his first train ride.

Logan and mommy on the top bunk.

See how small the bunk was?

Waking up the next morning.

We arrived in Chennai the following afternoon, and spent a week there. (Sorry, no pics from Chennai, but I will have some in the future.) Logan got to play on the beach. I sat him in the sand after a big wave soaked him and daddy and I let him get as dirty as he wanted to. I wish I had had the camera with me that day. He had sand all over him from head to toe, and he even tried to eat it. When we came back to Bangalore, I got sick with a bad cold for a week and couldn’t do much, but I am much better now.

And I have saved the best news for last. In case I haven’t personally told you yet, I’m pregnant again! Just two months along, but enduring morning sickness that lasts all day. Ha! Actually, it is doing better as long as I can eat. I am hoping for a girl this time. Let’s see what happens.

So all in all we had a busy month. I’ll do my best to make sure I keep you posted more frequently.

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