Sidney is our neighbor’s cat, and she has adopted us as her new family.


When our neighbors moved in a few months ago, the kids were so happy because they had 3 cats. No one around here really keeps cats as pets, so most cats are off limits as far as touching goes since they are filthy, disease-ridden strays. This was their first chance to be around cats that make it to the vet regularly.

At first the cats were terrified because the kids made sure to chase them, whether they were out in the yard or when the kids made uninvited visits to “play with the cats.” It was only in the last month or so that one of the cats became friendly with us. I saw her in the mango tree that is right next to our balcony and fed her some roast beef. Over the next few days, we brought her into our house when the neighbors were out because she was just recovering from surgery and there is a nasty tom cat that rules the neighborhood and spends lots of time in our yard.

She got use to us petting her and playing with her, and it wasn’t long before Glad named her Sidney. It turns out that our neighbors had never named the cats, even though they had had them from the time they were kittens, so Glad and the kids went ahead and named all 3 cats. The grey male cat was named Sherlock and the female orange one was named Peaches. (And now the neighbors have begun using the names we gave the cats.)


Napping on our balcony.

Sidney is the friendliest of the three cats. She now comes into our house daily, either through the front door when we get up in the morning, or she will jump from the roof or the mango tree onto our balcony and prance into the house like she owns it. I often find her napping on the couch or on a chair under the table.

She loves attention, and she especially loves Glad. It’s cute to see her rub her head on his legs and sit with him when he reads the paper. She meets me in the morning when I leave for my exercise and then follows me into the house when I get back.

Unfortunately, the kids are a bit rough on her because of their excitement at having a pet in the house. Logan is especially mean – throwing her, pulling her paws, etc. Yet she has only scratched him once. I told him that he will never be a farmer, zookeeper, or whatever else he wants to be if he is mean to animals. I hope he will learn to be gentle, because we want to get some pets once we settle in Canada. I want to get a cat as soon as we have a house, and Glad wants a golden retriever, but not right away. He says maybe once Logan is old enough to walk a dog then we can get one.

At first we tried feeding Sidney when she would drop in, but aside from the roast beef that she ate on two occasions, she won’t eat meat! Glad bought her fish and she wouldn’t touch it. We couldn’t figure out what to give her until the neighbors said she only eats dry cat food. So now they leave a jar of it with us and she stops in several times a day to eat. Scarlett loves to feed her straight from the jar.


Scarlett really loves her.

I’m gonna feel sad for her when we leave. She is used to coming in our house and getting lots of attention, since we are home all day and the neighbors are gone most of the time. I hope she won’t miss us too much.

Down (the Street) On the Farm

Just down the street and around the corner from our house, tucked behind some houses, is a poor man’s farm. This is the property of a rather poor family who live in two tumble down shacks with a wreck of a yard in between.
The attraction of course is the animals they own. They have a cow, calf, goat, and some chickens and turkeys. My kids are crazy about animals and love to visit. Of course the people don’t mind having these white kids in their yard. Ever since we first moved here, my kids have been there countless times. Daddy often visits with the kids on the way back from school. I’ve heard countless stories about how many animals there were and what they were doing.
Some time last year, Glad and Logan decided to name all the animals, so over lunch they came up with names for each of them. For a long time, Logan used the names and then somehow they got forgotten … until recently. We were not surprised to see Logan recalled each of the names (he has a great memory) and has been using them again. So come and meet some of them.
Here is Scarlett petting Charlie the goat.

And this is Martha, the cow.

The turkeys – Witwicky (the white one, yes, daddy came up with that one), Marvin, and Marvin-Marvin (the black ones). Ha.So original. And they didn’t care that the black ones are female.

Some of the new chicks. They have colored feathers on their heads and necks. I’m still trying to figure out how they got them like that, ’cause the rest of their feathers are still white. Logan has named all 3 of them Chickie the chick. 🙂

More visiting with Charlie.

In the back there you can see the black calf, Winston, and some of the chickens – Mary the white hen, Wendy the black one, and Chip the Rooster.

Logan and Charlie.

There was a puppy there for a while who they named Candy, but he was so hyper and always tied up, poor guy. He isn’t there any more so I’m guessing they got rid of him.

The kids have gotten into naming all the animals they see lately. All crows are Caca (and there are thousands of them), gekkos are Gekkie, and cats are Don kay. The local stray dogs have been named too – Skinny, Spotty, Brownie, and Stinky.

Ahh, life is never boring around here.

Balloon Adventure

Today I took the kids out for a walk to visit Logan’s favorite dog friends. He still loves dogs but only as long as they are quiet. As soon as they begin barking, he gets super scared and cries. I don’t know where he got that from as a few months ago he loved it when they would bark.

Anyway, we were petting a small white dog who likes to jump on Logan. He doesn’t mind that and is always happy to see her; then the balloon man came down the street. He has a bicycle, and on it sticks with large balloons and pinwheels blowing in the wind. He was rubbing his fingers on a balloon to attract attention and the dog didn’t like it so she started barking. Logan right away got scared so I had to pick him up and distract him with the balloons instead.

My intention was to just show him the balloons but the man right away passed Logan first a pinwheel and then a balloon as he asked for them. Well, I couldn’t say no then. Besides, I only had to pay 20 rupees (roughly 50 cents) for them and Logan was so happy.
We went home and Lila enjoyed watching the pinwheel while Logan played with the balloon. Lila was absolutely fascinated with the pinwheel and spent a good half hour watching it spin.

It’s a good thing I took pictures when I did, for not long later the balloon popped loudly, freaking Logan out. He just can’t handle loud noises right now. I hope he gets over this fear soon as Independence Day is coming up and the amount of fire crackers that will be blowing make it sound like a battlefield outside.

My little clown. He likes to ham it up for the camera.

I don’t know how to explain this one, but it sure is cute. I love her eyes especially. She looks like a wannabe bodybuilder.

Of Dogs, Dinner and Due Dates

Have I ever told you how much Logan loves dogs? Let me rephrase that: he is obsessed with dogs. Size doesn’t matter; he isn’t scared of them at all. He will approach any dog and gets offended when he can’t get near a dog. For example, at my doctor’s office they have two dogs. One of them is friendly but the other doesn’t like children for some reason and got upset when Logan came around. Logan got upset because he couldn’t spend the time waiting for me playing with the dog. Daddy had to take him out to keep the peace. Poor little boy.

He has a book of baby animals and at least 10 times a day he opens it to the page with the puppy and gets excited over it and waves at it. Then he turns to the page with the fox (convinced that it is a dog) and waves at it. Any time he hears a dog bark he listens closely and lets me know the dog is there. Poor Sinbad has to take the brunt of Logan’s obsession. Logan will at least once or twice a day, when I’m not looking, go to the dog and stick his fingers in the dog’s nose and mouth. The dog just lays there and takes it. I have to go to the dog’s defence and rescue him. I keep telling Logan to be gentle on the dog, but he doesn’t get the point. I just hope he doesn’t try the same thing on the baby.

Speaking of the baby, I’m due in 5 weeks. Only 5 weeks until I am a mother of 2. Only 5 more weeks to sleep. If you don’t hear from me after I have the baby, it will be because I am using all spare minutes to sleep. Logan finally sleeps almost through the night, waking only once or twice for water. Yes, he is off the milk bottle. Yippie! One more success. But I expect to not sleep at all with the baby. When Logan was born, I was so tired that in the night I often didn’t hear him wake up even though he was right next to me. Glad would wake me up saying, “I think he wants to nurse.” And I would say, “But I just nursed him.” The whole night was one big blur for the first few weeks. I hope it will be easier this time. And I hope Logan will sleep through the baby or I don’t know what I’ll do. Glad already plans to sleep on the sofa, but I’m working on convincing him that I need him there for when Logan wakes up.

The family we are living with are gone for a few months visa trip so we are alone here, which means I am doing things I’ve not had to do, like cooking. I can manage simple things like breakfast and lunch but dinner takes more thought. For the past two nights I’ve taken time to look up recipes online just to get some ideas. But Logan isn’t too happy with me having to work more and pay him less attention. Maybe this will help him adjust to when the baby comes. I’m not used to having to plan ahead for meals so it takes me time to do it, but I am getting in the swing of it and will probably be a good cook soon. It’s not that I’ve never cooked before but it’s been so long that I’m out of practice. Oh well, at least I can now make the food that I like to eat.

Ok, it’s late and I need to sleep. I’ll post some pics next time.

Some New Pictures

Here are a few new pictures. I don’t have too many right now but more are on their way.

As you can see, Logan is getting big. He likes coloring but only lasts about 10 seconds, then he wants another crayon and another one and only wants to play with them.

Here are Logan and daddy taking a break to play while on our way back from Bangalore.

Well,Logan is finally walking well, though he still prefers to crawl. I have to remind him to walk, especially when we are outside. He likes to walk down the street to visit the cows and dogs and chickens. Yes, we have a mini farm at the end of our street. He gets so excited when seeing any of the animals and it amuses whoever is standing around. They all watch him because he is the only “white” baby around. He isn’t pure white but is more tanned, but compared to all the people here who are mostly quite dark skinned, he looks white.

The baby will be here soon. I will actually be happy to not be pregnant any more as it is getting tiring, not to mention it is getting hot here and I am sweating all day. Pray that I will be able to have a good delivery, and that if it is God’s will, that I can have a natural one. Some people are telling me I can’t because this baby is so close to the last one, but I know several mothers who have delivered naturally after a C when their babies were closer than mine. Anyway, my doctor is willing to try as long as there are no complications. Pray that it will work out for me.

Future George of the Jungle

Have I told you how much Logan likes animals? Today on our walk we saw some goats (you can see almost any kind of animal on the streets here) and he was so excited. He did what he usually does – laugh in his excited way and kick his legs. He does that every time he sees or hears the dog in our house. I’ve got to take him to the zoo one of these days, just to see his reaction at so many animals in one place.

He also loves it when you make animal noises, and the only way to get him to smile for the camera is to make animal noises, while at the same time trying to hold the camera steady. It is not so easy but the only way to get a good smile from him. Otherwise he will only smile after the flash and the look on his face will be serious.

Here is Logan with his new friend, Sinbad. He will pull the dog’s ears, pinch his eyes, and pull his fur, but the dog just backs away from him or licks his hand. I don’t know how this dog puts up with it. I am always admonishing him to be gentle, but he still doesn’t get the idea.


Daddy and Logan playing peekaboo by the bed.

Oh, I just remembered, Logan can stand up now. Not by himself, but he pulls himself into a standing position and balances very well. He can do it very quickly now. Sometimes in the night I will wake up to find him standing by my bed, usually crying and trying to wake me up. I don’t always hear him as I am so tired by the end of the day but I still can’t get a sound nights sleep with him waking up so much, so sometimes I don’t hear him until after he has been crying for a while. Poor guy. But I need my sleep too. I wish he would sleep through the night without waking up. Can’t wait for the day. I do hope it comes before the next one is born.

I will end this post with something to tickle your funny bone. Hope you like it.


What I want to be in my next life…

If you’re a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six months. I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate, you’re supposed to eat yourself stupid. I could deal with that, too.

If you’re a bear, you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you’re sleeping and wake to partially grown, cute cuddly cubs. I could definitely deal with that.

If you’re a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too. I could deal with that.

If you’re a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yup….Gonna be a bear.

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