Lipstick Thief


I was 7 years old and I stole my mom’s red lipstick.

Well, I don’t think I saw it as stealing. She always let me wear her nail polish so I didn’t think she’d mind if I used some lipstick. I took the tube to my room, sat on my bed and opened it. I twisted it all the way up and put some on, rubbing my lips just as I had seen mom do.

Then came the oops moment: I forgot to twist it down before I put the lid back on. When I opened it again, the whole thing was smashed and I was scared. I remember the nervous feeling that rose inside as wondered what to do with it. I was so sure mom would spank me that I threw it under my bed and hoped she would never find it.

I never heard anything about it from her, so my guess is that she probably thought she lost it – at least until we moved from that apartment. I remember my room being packed up and seeing the tube there when the bed was moved, the scared-I-was-in-trouble feeling rising in my chest again. But mom never said anything about it. That was unexpected since at that point it was obviously my fault it was ruined. Maybe she had forgotten she had it. Maybe she was so busy with the move and packing and keeping 4 little rascals (I was the eldest) out of trouble that a ruined tube of lipstick was the last thing on her mind.

For my part, I was just happy to not get caught.

The above story was written for Mama Kat’s writers workshop. The prompt was to write about a time you stole something.

Peanut Butter Candy

My mom was always a stickler for getting us to eat healthy when we were small. At the same time though, she had (ok, still has) quite the sweet tooth and had to have something sweet, so this led to her experimenting with using honey instead of sugar as a sweetner.
One thing she used to make that I still love and make from time to time is peanut butter candy. As far as I know, this is her own creation, and it is so good.

You’ll need:
Peanut butter
Powdered milk
Vanilla or other flavoring
In a bowl, mix together a cup of peanut butter, enough honey to sweeten, a little vanilla, and then enough milk powder to hold it all together. You want it to be solid enough to hold on to without it being sticky. Mix together, then press onto a buttered plate, making it about a 1/2 inch thick. Chill until set and cut into small cubes.
Sometimes mom would add rasins to this, and you could also add chopped nuts or other dried fruit cut small. For the one I just made, I added tiny pieces of tuttie fruttie and crushed candy cane to give it a Christmassy feel and flavor.

Let me know if you try this and like it. I think mom would be happy to know her recipe is being passed on.

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