January 2014

It is time to rethink my exercise goals, get some new ones, and push harder than I did last year.

I’ve focused on strength training with my body weight this month. My arms are looking stronger, slimmer, and less flabby! Hurray!

I stopped going to the local park to run as the number of walkers in that tiny park were hindering my runs, and I began to dread going. Now I plan out routes to take on the roads, and I love running again.

This isn’t a super clear pic, but it is the only one I have of myself from this year. It was taken in the first week of January, after spending two weeks with family over Christmas and New Year’s.  I was 72 kgs.  at my last weigh-in. That is a 7 kg. (15 lb.) loss since last January.




February 2014

I have not been able to weigh-in for some time now, since the nice, digital scale I was using monthly is broken.  (It’s at a pharmacy.) I’ve got to find another place to get that done. I feel that I did gain a little over the holidays, but have now lost it again.

Feb. 11 – This month I’ve changed my workout plan around again. That is what keeps me going – variety! I still enjoy running, so I take to the roads 3 times a week and do toning exercises twice a week. I am going to up my running time from 30 to 40 minutes. Tomorrow I will try it out.

The muscle gap in my abs is almost totally closed. (See the page for 2013. The link to the post on this topic is under August.) It was 2 fingers wide when I began the special exercises and now it is less than one. Soon I’ll be ready to tackle regular abs exercises.

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