Halloween Party and Sweets Contest

Because of the cyclone, schools had to postpone special activites, so Lila only got around to her Halloween party on November 2nd. Halloween is not celebrated in India, but her school is American based and believes that celebrating certain foreign holidays is good education. The kids dressed in either orange or black, or a costume. Each of the children brought gifts or treats to share (but no candy) and they did some related art activites.

Lila decided (with my help since this was new to her) to be a dancer. Her dress says “Love to dance” and she does. Her hair seemed especially curly that morning, so instead of brushing it, I left the curls and just gathered some of it up to keep it controlled. I took a lot of photos so bear with me. (These aren’t even all of them.)

Her first bit of makeup. See the cute earrings we found? 

She loves to pose for photos. All of these were her own doing.

Daddy’s painted-on moustashe and gotee.

One for Logan, even though his school wasn’t celebrating.

Of course she had to have one too.

 I found out that morning that I had again been assigned the task of judging the sweets contest, so a short while later, Scarlett and I headed over to the school. I dressed Scarlett in the school uniform as her costume. Doesn’t she look cute in it? This is one we had first bought for Lila but it was too small. She sat for a while in Lila’s classroom with the kids, wanting to be next to Lila and join in the fun.

Lila’s class. See her there by the window?
Then she and Lila had some fun playing while I did my bit for the judging. 
We had two things to judge. There was a pumpkin carving contest …
and a pumkin halwa contest. Halwa is a sweet that can be made from a variety of fruits and veggies, or dhal, wheat, and other grains, and it is very popular here. There were 20 entries and we had to taste each one, then rate them one to ten for taste and presentation. These contests are meant to help the parents feel a part of the school and join in the celebrations. There is, of course, a prize for the winners.
Yes, that is my white arm there. 🙂 Probably the only one in the whole school. Ha.
 So after eating all those ghee-based sweets and rounding up my sand covered girls, I headed home to help Lila open gifts, make lunch, and get back to my normal life.
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