Sidney is our neighbor’s cat, and she has adopted us as her new family.


When our neighbors moved in a few months ago, the kids were so happy because they had 3 cats. No one around here really keeps cats as pets, so most cats are off limits as far as touching goes since they are filthy, disease-ridden strays. This was their first chance to be around cats that make it to the vet regularly.

At first the cats were terrified because the kids made sure to chase them, whether they were out in the yard or when the kids made uninvited visits to “play with the cats.” It was only in the last month or so that one of the cats became friendly with us. I saw her in the mango tree that is right next to our balcony and fed her some roast beef. Over the next few days, we brought her into our house when the neighbors were out because she was just recovering from surgery and there is a nasty tom cat that rules the neighborhood and spends lots of time in our yard.

She got use to us petting her and playing with her, and it wasn’t long before Glad named her Sidney. It turns out that our neighbors had never named the cats, even though they had had them from the time they were kittens, so Glad and the kids went ahead and named all 3 cats. The grey male cat was named Sherlock and the female orange one was named Peaches. (And now the neighbors have begun using the names we gave the cats.)


Napping on our balcony.

Sidney is the friendliest of the three cats. She now comes into our house daily, either through the front door when we get up in the morning, or she will jump from the roof or the mango tree onto our balcony and prance into the house like she owns it. I often find her napping on the couch or on a chair under the table.

She loves attention, and she especially loves Glad. It’s cute to see her rub her head on his legs and sit with him when he reads the paper. She meets me in the morning when I leave for my exercise and then follows me into the house when I get back.

Unfortunately, the kids are a bit rough on her because of their excitement at having a pet in the house. Logan is especially mean – throwing her, pulling her paws, etc. Yet she has only scratched him once. I told him that he will never be a farmer, zookeeper, or whatever else he wants to be if he is mean to animals. I hope he will learn to be gentle, because we want to get some pets once we settle in Canada. I want to get a cat as soon as we have a house, and Glad wants a golden retriever, but not right away. He says maybe once Logan is old enough to walk a dog then we can get one.

At first we tried feeding Sidney when she would drop in, but aside from the roast beef that she ate on two occasions, she won’t eat meat! Glad bought her fish and she wouldn’t touch it. We couldn’t figure out what to give her until the neighbors said she only eats dry cat food. So now they leave a jar of it with us and she stops in several times a day to eat. Scarlett loves to feed her straight from the jar.


Scarlett really loves her.

I’m gonna feel sad for her when we leave. She is used to coming in our house and getting lots of attention, since we are home all day and the neighbors are gone most of the time. I hope she won’t miss us too much.

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