Poem – What Do Mothers Do All Day?

Mommies, can you relate to this poem?

What Do Mothers Do All Day?

Every minute, to and fro,
That’s the way my hours go;
Bring me this, and take me that,
Feed the dog, take out the cat.
Standing up, I eat my toast,
Drink my coffee, thaw the roast;
Empty the garbage, make the bed,
Rush to church, then wash my head.
Sweep the kitchen, wax the floor,
Scrub the woodwork, clean the doors;
Scour the bathtub, then myself,
Vacuum carpets, straighten shelves.
Eat my sandwich on the run,
Now my afternoon’s begun;
To the baseball game I go,
When will there be time to sew?
Meet the teacher, stop the fight,
See the dentist, fly the kite;
Help with homework, do the wash,
Iron the clothes, put on the squash.
Shop for groceries, cash a check,
Fight the crowds, now I’m a wreck!
Dinner time it soon will be,
“What’s for dinner?”
Wait and see.
Dirty dishes crowd the sink,
Next there’s popcorn, then a drink;
Will they never go to bed …
Will I ever get ahead?
“Bring me water,”… “Get the light,”
Turn off the TV, lock the bike;
“Where’s my pillow?” … “Hear my prayers,”
“Did you lock the door downstairs?”
At last in bed, my spouse and I,
Too tired to move, too weak to cry;
But as I doze, I hear him say,
“What do mothers do all day?”

~ Marshall H. Hart ~
Copyright 1976

Do you ever feel like this, like life is just one big blur of never-ending work? I do, often. Sometimes I wish I could just disappear – leave work and kids behind and take a break. Then reality kicks in, often via one of the kids. They need something, want to do something, want my attention.

We all have days (or nights) when everything that happens makes us wish we could dump it all on someone else. I understand what it’s like, and so does every other mother out there. Click here to read about my latest chaos night. It will probably make you laugh (I laugh every time I reread it, even though I found it anything but funny at the time) and you will see that we all go through rough times.

Share your story. What are the rough times you are currently facing or have faced recently?

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