Scarlett’s Sickness – the Real Cause

So all that time that Scarlett was sick, I thought she was teething. She had a runny nose, an off and on fever, and was very clingy, wanting to be held all day … then the rash showed up. It started on her face and worked its way down her body. That is when I realised it must be some common childhood sickness.

I looked it up and confirmed that it was Rubella, aka German Measles. The symptoms were the same, the rash appeared the way it should, and now, 4 days after she got the rash, it is almost cleared up and she is feeling much better. She is playing again, sleeping well, but not yet completely clear of it. The article said she can be contaigious for at least a week after the rash is clear.

I always heard this was called the 3-day measles, probably because you don’t know you have it until the rash shows up. The fever lasted about three days, going up and down, and she had the runny nose for at least two days before that. So it definately lasts longer than three days; only the rash is there for three days.

In case you are wondering, no, we have not vaccinated the children. I have always been uncomfortable with the idea, especially here. The list of vaccines they are supposed to get in the first year alone is scary. Only now with Logan starting school have I considered possibly getting some of them for him. I may wait for a while longer for the girls, I don’t know. Vaccines do carry risks; even though they are something like 1 in a million, I often question, would I want my child to be that one? I think not. I figure as long as there is no requirement for them, I will avoid them unless necessary.

Growing up, we never got vaccines, except for the time I cut myself on something rusty and mom quickly took me for a tetanus shot. I do remember that. Otherwise, mom felt it was better to avoid them. Did I get any childhood sickness? Yes, I had chicken pox, mumps and measles, but that was it. I never got anything else.

So now I am at the wait and see stage with Logan and Lila. They may or may not get it; only time will tell. In the meantime, Scarlett still needs extra attention and cuddles. Her appetite went way down; she completely quit solids and nursed sparingly. She is nursing a little better now, though more for comfort than nourishment. Pray for her.

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