You Know You’re a Mother When…

My Mother’s Day Tribute to All Mommies

You know you’re a mother when…

… you wipe your child’s nose with your fingers and then wipe it on your shirt ’cause you can’t be bothered to go get a tissue (or you are somewhere where one isn’t available).

… you hear a crash but don’t go to investigate until (or unless) you hear a cry.

…you have wet wipes and an extra diaper in your purse even when the children aren’t with you.

… you hear the baby stirring but wait to hear a few cries before you get up.

… you can pick out you child’s cry in a room full of noisy children.

… you can block out fights and arguments that don’t require your intervention just to get a few moments to check your mail.

… you go to bed with one person (hubby) and wake up with four (or however many still get into your bed).

… you serve your children snack foods for lunch because you are too tired to fix a meal. What’s more, they want to eat it every day, calling it the best lunch ever.

… you know ice cream can solve any problem, for the children or you.

… hearing things like “hairbandaid”, “milks”, and “baby puppy” makes you smile. (Courtesy of Lila: “hairbandaid” is hairband, “milks” is breasts (as in “Mommy, those are your milks because that is where the baby gets milk from”), and baby puppy just makes a puppy sound cuter.)

… you can change a diaper in most any position, and in the dark.

… you know the secrets to “mommy magic” and use it on your kids.

… you actually do have eyes in the back of your head.

… you have fooled your children into believing that you are all-seeing and all-knowing, and you love every minute of it.

… you wish Mother’s Day was actually about you.

Am I the only one wishing Mother’s Day was a mandatory mommy holiday?

How Could I Have Missed Mother’s Day?

Probably because I was so busy with the kids I didn’t realize until the day was half done. I was reading the newspaper while Logan was eating lunch and I found a page celebrating Mother’s Day, and it was a revelation to me. I usually know in advance when these special days are coming but this year it passed me by and I didn’t even know it.

Okay, I know you want to hear about Lila. Well, so far she is a good sleeper at night, except for waking up somewhere around 1 a.m. and not wanting to go back to sleep. I have tried putting her in her bed and letting her lie there but it doesn’t work. She loudly lets me know that she is awake and wants to be up. So I lie her on my chest and try to sleep while she stares at me. I don’t know how long she is awake for as I spend the whole time in a sort of half asleep state until I finally fall asleep. Eventually I wake up and find she is sleeping again and then I put her in her bed and I can get comfortable again. This morning I woke up to find her in my bed and I can’t remember how she got there. I must have brought her in to nurse and fell asleep while she was nursing. I sleep very soundly these days. I’m too tired to not be able to sleep.

What do you think of my cool outfit? The pants are actual newborn size jeans. I never knew they made them so small until I saw these.

Six Months Old

He made it! Logan is now six months old, and somehow seems so grown up. On Mother’s Day, which was also the day he turned six months, he slept in for the first time in about 3 months. He normally gets up at 6:30 on the dot every morning but that day he slept until 7:45. How nice was that? I loved it. Had a quiet morning for a change. But the next morning and since then he is back up at 6:30. That was his gift to me, but he doesn’t plan on getting up late every day. Ha.

His new thing that he does after nursing is to make this bubble noise with his mouth. He even does it when asleep. It is so cute.

Here he only looks like he is sitting alone, but he can’t actually do it. I let go and took it fast.

This was before I took the above one. He almost fell but I caught him in time.

Logan and Daddy having a conversation.

My adorable pooch.

Sleeping late on Mother’s Day. His gift to me.

Mother’s Day Special

This is dedicated to all the mothers I know.

At the top of the list I have to put my mom. She has spent about 40 years as a mother, beginning when Scott was born and continuing to work with 8 little rascals until now. Even though the youngest has left home already, she keeps tabs on us and knows what we are up to. (I told you guys we could never hide anything from mom.) 40 years takes a LOT of patience, and we were not an easy bunch. Don’t know how you did it, mom, but I think I am finally beginning to understand.

Anaik – my little sister, how do you do it with 4 boys? One takes all my time! Ha. I hope this will be your best year of motherhood yet.

Rosie – congratulations on the new little one coming your way. You did so well with the first that you have been blessed with the next. Hope you have a good pregnancy and delivery. Will be praying for you.

Melinda – It looks like we are learning about motherhood at the same time. I have yet to see some new pictures of your little darling. (Just got the new ones after posting this. She is adorable.) She must be so grown up. I hope this will be a very special year for you.

And to Glancia, Glanita, and Glavina, though I haven’t met you, from what Glad tells me, you had a lot to do with raising him (somehow sisters get to play mother to their little brothers. I’ve done it too.). May you have a special day too and I hope we can meet some time soon.

I wish you all a very happy mother’s day. May your husbands and children do something to make this day memorable (something nice, guys). I’ve gotta say, there is nothing quite like having a baby. I can’t get enough of mine.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

P.S. Sorry if the pics are old but they are all I have.

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