Growing, Growing, All the Time

Ok, here is a little something fun that I heard about once upon a time and though I’d share with you.
Have you ever wanted to know how tall your child will be when they grow up? Well here is a way you can find out. Of course, nothing is 100% accurate, but mothers who have done this say it is fairly accurate.
Maybe you have heard that by the age of 2, a person is half their adult height. Admitedly, the average 2 year old doesn’t look all that tall, but if you were to measure them you’d see. Lila was 35 1/2 inches on her second birthday, 1/2 an inch short of 3 feet. 6 feet is a rough average for most adults, so you could say she has reached half her adult height.
So here’s how it works. You have to measure your child – girls at age 2 and boys at 2 1/2 years. Then you double the measurement and you have it, their estimated adult height.

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