Picture Taking

Ahhh, isn’t that a beautiful picture? There’s nothing like a tree sparkling with colored lights under a blanket of snow to get me into the Christmas mood. Unfortunately neither exist here. But I’m happy to say the weather is cooler than it was. It’s so refreshing. It also gives me a chance to dress the kids in long sleeved shirts and pants, something we usually avoid the rest of the year.

As you can see, I’m still trying to get the perfect posed picture of the two of them. Lila is more willing to take pictures; she will smile as soon as I pull out the camera. Logan will sit for about 2 seconds and then jump up and charge at me. He thinks it’s so funny, and so does Lila. She will laugh at his antics like it’s the best entertainment around. It takes many shots to get one good one of Logan. Having him put his arm around her helps to keep him busy for a few more seconds so the picture can take. My camera is a little slow (it’s very old; anyone want to get me a nice gift for Christmas? I’d love a new camera) but at least it works.

I’ve taken many of them so I will upload the best of them over the next few days so that I don’t overwhelm you.

Here’s a question for you: what gets you in the Christmas mood?

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  1. Christmas carols get me in the mood every time – even if it's drizzly and horrid outside (we usually get snow, but not until January/February). And cozying up in front of the log fire is good too 🙂

  2. Yeah usually the Christmas Carols really get you into the xmassy mode, well being in India it is accompanied by those yummy delicacies..sitting around with family and the rolling pins for company with some lively chitchat and carols in the background ! A perfect picture is one which has your kids with an arm around each other for me ! Merry Christmas Mercy !


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