As I sit here typing, Logan is playing on the floor with his toys. He has a tin with clothespins in it and is banging it joyfully, delighted with the noise it makes.

He is trying to crawl these days, though he can’t quite do it yet. He leans forward and can get one leg behind him but the other stays stuck. When he does manage to get it out, he falls on his tummy and cries because he doesn’t like to be in that position. He can wiggle backwards a little but can’t move forwards. I think he gets frustrated with not being able to move around as he likes to when he wants to.

Next week we are going to visit Glad’s mom again for 4 or 5 days. His sister and her family are coming and of course they want to meet me and Logan, so we are going. From there we are going to Chennai for a week or so.

For those of you who I haven’t told, we are moving to a city called Chennai some time next year, probably around March or April, so in between we are visiting to scout out the place and see what our options are. The weather there is quite different from Bangalore; here it is cool most of the time (compared to the rest of India) and there it is very humid with temperatures around 40 degrees C in the summer. Last month we stayed there for 3 days and spent much time sweating. Thankfully the people we stayed with had aircon’s in the bedrooms. Chennai is also on the ocean, actually the area where the tsunami hit a few years ago. I told Glad that I don’t want to live too close to the water.

So in the next few months we begin a new chapter in our lives – moving to a new city with new people to work with and new challenges. Pray for us as we make this change.

Just woke up.

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