Our Trip to Bangalore and Home Again

Ahhh, it feels good to have the keys under my fingers again. Since the drive crash I’ve not dared even turn the computer on again lest some other problem befall me. Yesterday Glad took the computer to be fixed and yes, the guy was able to retrieve everything. I’m so happy! The first thing I did was back up on CD all my most valuable files. Why didn’t I do that before? Well, I feel better now, so relieved that I didn’t lose what I thought I did.

About our trip: we didn’t go home when I thought we would. In fact, we stayed 5 more days. We didn’t want to have to make another trip back for some small detail so we waited until everything having to do with my legal work was done. I didn’t mind being gone for a while as we got to visit people we hadn’t seen in a while and we also sort of got a break, meaning we didn’t keep our regular schedule. We did things like watch movies in the morning (before breakfast, mind you. We had to wait for the maid to arrive and cook.) But it was fun because it was different. The person we stayed with had a house that wasn’t by any means child-friendly so I had to be on my toes with Logan and the winding metal staircase, plus the steps to the sunken living room. He learned to crawl down to the living room feet-first but I kept him off the staircase. The gaps in the railing were too big. Didn’t want to take any chances.

So now we are home and I am catching up on the stuff that fell by the side while I was gone. There are always pieces to pick up when you get back from a trip somewhere. I have also caught the cold that Lila got while traveling. The weather there was mostly cold and rainy and she is used to hot weather so I think that is why she got sick. Then Logan got it and now I have it, quite possibly due to being too close to my sick babies. Ain’t that always the way it happens to mommies? Okay, now I’ll close with a few pics for you from our trip. Enjoy.

“I got my wheels and I’m ready to roll.”

Mr. Ice Cream Face

What do you think of this beautiful dress? I love it.

On the swing, his favorite part of the playground.

Looking cute.

“Sitting up is fun!”

Ready to start crawling. “Won’t be long until I can escape and be free.”

Fun with daddy at the playground.

On the bus, ready to go home.

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