Quick Notes

– We are in Bangalore working on my legal work and will be going home tonight.

– My computer is dying so I may not be able to get on line for a while. (I’m using someone elses comp right now.) I lost two drives so far, the ones that are full of my best stuff. I hope to find someone who can help me recover the most important files otherwise — I’m going to cry. I’ve been working on those forever and can’t lose that info.

– This is Lila’s first trip away from home.

– All 4 of us slept on a double bed in the sleeper bus. It was crowded but we managed.

– I’m enjoying being away from the HEAT. I’ve not sweated once on this trip.

– Logan has learned to use a regular toilet since we couldn’t bring the potty on the trip.

– I hope the trip home tonight is uneventful and that I can sleep.

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