Ahhh, Peace at Last

No, not because Logan is in bed, but because the firecrackers outside have finally stopped. Logan not only fell asleep with the noise but slept through the loudest firecrackers I have heard in a long time. Well, they haven’t stopped completely, but the ones outside our window have. The neighbors were having a Diwali party and firecrackers are a big part of it. They were setting them off right outside my window. For a time, I couldn’t hear myself think.

For you who don’t know, Diwali is a big event here in India. It is known as the festival of lights. You will see lights draped over buildings, wrapped around trees, and decorations everywhere. If I didn’t know better I would say that Christmas had arrived early.
There are lots of changes in the air for us. Next week we are going to visit Chennai again, actually, this will be our last visit because in December we are moving there. I’m actually excited about this. I’ve lived in Bangalore for 5 1/2 years now and am ready to go somewhere else. I’m accustomed to moving around, so staying put in the same place for so long has felt a little strange. I’ll try to get some pics of the place this time. (I know, I say that every time. But this time I promise to make more of an effort.)

I can’t believe that next month is Logan’s birthday. Next month? I mean in less than 2 weeks. My baby is going to be one year old! How time has flown. He is such a big boy now. He crawls all over the place and pulls himself up to a kneeling position. But being mobile has added a new thing to his life: accidents. Just in the past 2 or 3 days he has hit his face by falling forward when crawling. He fell on the coffee table at a friends house and hit his cheek and still has the bruise to show for it. The next day he somehow fell forward while on his tummy and hit his tooth so hard the gum was bleeding. And he has received numerous bonks on his head.

But then I have to remind myself that part of being a boy is getting hurt regularly. I remember my brothers always had some sort of bruises, cuts, or injuries when growing p. I don’t like to see him get hurt but he takes it well and doesn’t cry too much unless it was really bad. And even then he forgets it quickly. He hasn’t had any serious injuries to date; pray that none come his way. I’ll have to watch him like a hawk when he starts walking.

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