Outing to the Park

A few weeks ago we took Logan to a nearby park that has been built around a man-made lake. We walked around the lake while he lounged in his stroller.

Then we stopped to take pictures of him in the grass. My hope was to get some of him sitting peacefully on the ground, smiling, happy.

But he kept trying to eat the sheet!

No matter how much we spread it out and I tried to get his attention for a picture, all he wanted to do was eat the sheet.

He thought it was so much fun.

So daddy picked him up…

…and held him.

Then they went for a walk under the tree. That caught his interest. He immediately wanted to eat the leaves.

We had a lot of fun that day.

Hide-and-seek in the leaves.

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  1. Logan is a real sweetheart.n a very smart baby too. God bless himHug him tight and a big wet kiss for him from all of us here.Gladu …koso aasai putha.Love u all


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