Traveling…Yet Again Part 2

Okay, to pick up where I left off. We rested as much as we could that day because we knew it would be a late night with the party. Regretfully I didn’t take ANY pics there. Why? Well, I just didn’t have the presence of mind to go around and stick my camera in strangers faces. And besides, I had to be in the group pics that were taken. So those are my excuses. I’ll see if I can get pics from those who were there. I did get two of Logan. The only two pics I took the whole evening.

He went around at the end picking up pieces of confetti and sticking it into the tube it had been shot from. Everyone watching him was laughing.

Lila had a great time at the party, being passed around from one aunty to the next. Everyone wanted to hold her. She was also the only baby there so you can see why she had so much attention.

That night the kids were in bed by midnight and I took advantage of the time to have an undisturbed bath in the tub. That is something I haven’t done in ages as we don’t have a tub at our house.

The next day we relaxed and rested some more. Then we heard that we had to go to Bangalore to pick up my visa. We knew we had to do that, but hadn’t expected it so soon. So we made plans to leave that night.

In the afternoon we took the kids to a mall for some play. Logan got to ride on some rides but I think he most enjoyed watching the people who were bowling. He kept reaching out his hand for the ball.

This is the same horse he rode when 10 months old.

Okay, so he didn’t ride everything but he did sit in all of them, just to see what they were like.

Here are Logan and daddy waiting for the bus.

And my cuties all ready for the cooler Bangalore weather.

We stayed there longer than expected due to unforeseen delays. But the work got done. We also met with Amar while there. Wish the rest of you had been there too. Maybe some day we can work that out.

Well, there isn’t much more to say about the trip. We relaxed and took it easy, then headed home Diwali night. Yes, amid the fireworks we were boarding a bus. Well, it was good in a way as then we didn’t have to listen to the noise. But we didn’t escape it as it continued for the next two nights at home.

And I will end there. The trip itself was rather uneventful – my paperwork got done and we just chilled while waiting.

I do have lots of other pics that I will try to post over the next few days. See you soon.

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  1. Hey mercy…me being an active follower of your blog…why not..get to see updates of my the way u write.but i dont comment everytime..hope logan is well now and see that the little one does not catch the bug too…take care and lya


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