Backlog and Updates #2: Glad’s Birthday

August 12 came round again and it just happened to fall on a Sunday this year, meaning Glad got to be home for his birthday instead of working. Since I work Sundays (balloon sculpting at the Taj hotel, more on that another time), I planned our dinner and his cake ahead.
I served mini pizza slices, fried sausage pieces with cheese dip, carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus dip, and chips and salsa. Yes, I did make a lot, but we had some friends over so I wanted enough. We did end up with leftovers but who minds leftovers like these?
Obviously I didn’t actually “make” all of this. I put the pizzas together, made the hummus, chopped the veggies and fried the sausages. Everything else was just “open package, dump on plate”.
Hungry tummies couldn’t wait.
I went ahead and made the cake the day before. I wanted it to taste like a Snickers bar since that is his favorite chocolate bar, so I made a chocolate cake and filled it in the middle with chocolate frosting, melted butterscotch chips, and peanuts. Unfortunately the butterscotch hardened and was almost impossible to cut, …

Trying to cut through the butterscotch.
“I give up!”
but the taste of the cake made up for it and no one minded. Glad thought it was just a normal chocolate cake until he began eating. After about the third bite, he looked up and said “It’s Snickers!” Ahh, he got it and that made it all worthwhile.
A little “mouse” got into it in the fridge. She came and told me “the cake is so yummy”. Ha.
After dinner we just sat around, drinking and getting Glad to tell some stories about himself. It was a fun, relaxing evening. Scarlett, though, had extra cake after dinner and she was the last one to go to bed. I had to sit in her room until she slept as she was just playing and making so much noise I was afraid she’d wake the others.
No, they didn’t like it one bit.

The next day at work, Glad found his desk covered with cards and gifts, all from his staff. They all like him a lot and he gets lots of attention. Ahem. That is what happens when your staff is 90% female. (I think. It might be more.)

That’s it, until next year.

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  1. LOL at the female staff comment! ;o)The Snickers idea for a cake sounds awesome!! Even if the butterscotch hardened! I actually can't think of a way you could have prevented it from hardening, unless you baked it and at it right away. No one looks like they minded!


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