Scarlett at 6 1/2 Months

Scarlett is getting more active these days. She is trying her hardest to crawl and almost has it down. She will spend hours playing in the kids room, so long as one or both of them are there with her. She loves their toys more than her own.
She has also become extreemly vocal, screaming an ear-piercing scream just for fun when she is excited or even just happy, and of course when she is not happy too. She wants me all day long.
Naps have become haphazard. She is messing up her own nap schedule and won’t fall asleep when there are distractions around. She eats whatever she finds, so I am forced to clean the floors daily. She is super curious about everything and takes time to inspect things she finds. Today she discovered Lila’s potty and was pushing it on the floor, making a loud screaching sound. She loved it and got mad when I took the potty away.
She is also eating some solids now. Mostly she just tastes things when we are eating; she doesn’t have meals yet. She loves fruit. I give her cookies when in the highchair and I need her to be happy for a while. She has figured out how to eat them and loves it. Last night she had yoghurt. She made a face since it was a little sour but kept eating it. She has also tasted bread, pancakes, egg yolk, chocolate cake, and of course, daddy’s drinks.

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