Getting Ready for School

With school starting in only 9 days, I’m working on having Logan ready, both physically and mentally. I’ve been mentioning it regularly, reminding him that it is coming, and now he doesn’t fuss about it any more. Instead, he keeps saying, in a cheery voice, “All children go to school”. We talk about his interaction with his teacher and classmates, how he needs to obey, be nice and not hurt anyone. But what he talks about most is how he will be able to “play with the red door”, referring to the playhouse they have in the playground. He loves that playhouse and will stay in it the whole time we are there.
One thing I like about this school is that they have a limit of 10 students for each teacher. That makes it much easier for the teacher to focus on the children individually, unlike some of the public schools I’ve seen here where, even in the kindergarden groups, they have 40 to 50 students per teacher. That is way too many to be able to focus on properly. This school is actually an American-based school that was brought here by an Indian man who was returning. He has already set up 3 such schools in our city, plus is making franchises available.
Glad isn’t just working for this man as his employee; they are good friends and more like parters in the business. Glad started as a teacher in the after-school programs last year. Then for the summer, he ran the whole summer camp program, as well as teaching some classes. And now? He’s been promoted to HR manager for all the schools, so that is going to keep him plenty busy. HR is something he’s good at. Even without the title, people are constantly coming to him for advice, or to just talk about whatever is bothering them. It happens all the time. And now he can get paid for it. Ha. Of course, that won’t be the only part of his job description, but it is a large part. And I think this job makes better use of his talents than just teaching one group of students. He’s great as a teacher, so much so that parents request that he do one-on-one with their children, but he is capable of so much more, and I think he will grow in HR.
So today, Logan and I are heading out for some starting-school shopping. He doesn’t need much since it is only preschool for 3 hours in the morning – the backpack and uniform shirts are supplied from the school, so I just have to get him a waterbottle, snackbox, and some shoes, plus we have to find new pajamas for him and Lila. Fun, fun. He hates shopping so this should be an adventure.

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  1. All the best Logan!! And mummy plz dont cry on his first day at school 🙂

  2. Cry? I'll be jumping with joy because for 3 hours I won't have to listen to him bothering Lila and making her scream.


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