Our Big News

Remember how in this post I mentioned there was a decision we had made that was going to change things for all of us? Ok, well here it is. Most of our family are already aware of it but this update is for those who know nothing. Ready?

We are moving …
next year…
to Canada!


Yes, you read that right. We are leaving India and moving to Canada. This plan has been in the works for some time now but we only recently made a final decision on it. Now begins the hard work part – the legalities.

See, I wasn’t born in Canada so my kids are not automatically eligible for citizenship. We will have to apply for it in the same way Glad will, so to help out, we have retained the services of an atorney who specializes in cases like ours. He is in Canada and knows the ins and outs of what it will take to get citizenship for Glad and the kids.

That process is going to take a good 6 to 9 months but hopefully all will be ready by the time we are ready to go. Our aim is to make the actual move sometime in June of next year so that we can get a house and be settled before the school year starts.

There is plenty of prep to be done now, lots of which is still up in the air. But there is also fun stuff, like getting passport photos taken. Isn’t she cute? She was shy going in and didn’t want to be put down, but as soon as she saw the special chair and the lights, I think she was mesmerised by it all and she let me leave her so the guy could take her pic.

Scarlett’s first passport photo, 23 months old.

So now you will hear about the move regularly as I update you on our progress and all the details. It’s exciting, a huge change for us. While Glad and I have both lived in other countries before, our children only know India, so there will be some adjustment there. The first time we mentioned to Logan that we might want to move to Canada, he said he didn’t want to go because I had told him there weren’t any cows on the street there. Ha. He loves his cows.

Lazy Saturday

It’s been a while since we had a lazy day. I often spend saturday cleaning and the kids spend most of it watching t.v. or playing, but they had been asking to go to the large park next to Lila’s school so we went this morning.

Since it is so close to home (5 minutes by auto) we left at 10:30 and spent a good 2 hours playing there. Being October, the weather has cooled down considerably. During the hotter months you don’t want to be out after 11 a.m. but today the high was not too bad at 35 deg.C, so long as we stayed in the shade. (If that sounds terribly hot to you, remember that our summer this year was 43 deg.C. and extremely humid.)

Logan is getting bolder with climbing.
This one has always been a monkey. 🙂

This is the first time they’ve climbed this on themselves.

She stuck with her favorite – the swings.

“Mommy, come take my picture.”

 After we finished at the park, we headed across the street to a bookstore/giftshop and picked up a few discount books – some paint with water books, a book of poems, a Richard Scarry story (they love those), and a special Winnie the Pooh one that I am saving for Christmas. They’ve been asking for that one for a while and I grabbed it now because it was the last one there.

The whole time Logan was asking for strawberry ice cream and I was wracking my brain trying to think of a place in the immediate area that served ice cream. Then I remembered a place that was only a short distance away that we had seen numerous times but had never been in. It is a small shop that serves ice cream sundaes and special drinks, but the attraction is that it is called Ice Age and is full of the movie characters.

Mommy dino!

 Scarlett found the 3D wall art scary and refused to let me put her down so I had to hold her the entire time we were in the shop. She does love the Ice Age movies though. I guess these looked to big and real for her.

Enjoying their strawberry ice cream.

The opposite walls were all mirrored so it looked much larger than it was.

Best way to get a group pic.

Lila says goodbye to Mama dino.

And upon arriving home at almost 2 p.m., all kids went straight to bed and are still sleeping now. No cooking (yet) today. Yep, it was snack foods for breakfast and ice cream for lunch. Not bad, huh? I will make them a good dinner – homemade pizza.

Backlog and Updates #1

Wow, it has been so long since I had a chance to blog! It feels good to have the keyboard under my fingertips again. A lot has happened this month – the computer had problems and had to be reformatted, then trouble with our internet connection (these are why I have not been here); there have been a lot of holidays, including Independence Day; Glad’s birthday, outings and school activities; and a decision we have made that will affect all of us.

Because there is so much to talk about, I am going to divide it into several posts so that none of them are too long. I will also do one or two photo updates ‘cause I have a huge backlog of photos on my phone that I haven’t posted anywhere yet.

I never realize how much I need to be in touch with others until I am not. While my phone has a separate internet connection and I can check my mail and FB from it, it is not cheap. Just to visit FB for a few minutes costs me the same as several phone calls. Mail is cheaper but there is a word limit for e-mails so I can’t write much. And I don’t have my blogs set up for phone viewing (there was some problem with the browser which prevented it) so I can’t blog from my phone. All that to say, my communications were seriously limited.

First, something went wrong with the internet connection. Once I figured out it was an outside problem, we got someone over to fix it and that was that. But then we had to get the computer reformatted because it kept slowing down. I don’t know how to describe the problem really. The processing was fine, but the whole thing would just go slow. Like the programs would open but would work real slowly, or when you wanted to minimize a window it would slowly go down to the task bar. The only way to fix it was to reboot the computer each time it happened. The problem existed from when the computer was new (it is over 2 ½ years old now) but only in the past few months did it get to where it was happening several times a day.

It got serious a few weeks ago when it would slow down every time I went on line. While in the past it would continue to work while in that mode, now it was freezing up within minutes of connecting and I could not surf the net at all. Talk about frustrating.

Now that the computer has been reformatted, the problems we were having before are gone, but we still are waiting for the technician to come and reinstall our internet connection. My patience is being sorely tested. (Yes, I am writing this in advance. I still have the computer, right?) Tomorrow is yet another holiday, Onam, the harvest festival of Kerela. Glad asked the kids what they want to do and they planned a trip to the zoo, the small one that is in town. I think they were surprised that daddy said yes. Usually Glad likes to use holidays to rest up since he works such long hours 6 days a week, so for him to agree to an outing is exciting. I’d better empty my phone of the photos it has and make room to take lots.

  Ok, I wrote the above on tuesday. Wednesday we took the kids to the zoo (next post, I promise), and yesterday Glad took the day off and focused on the internet problem. Turns out all we needed to do to get the wireless up and running again was to connect with the network cable (which we never used and somehow had lost). So we got a new cable, got the key from our ISP site and the wireless is going again.   Now it is Friday morning and I am taking a little time to catch up before the kids get up. I have over 200 photos on my phone from this month and very few of them have been posted on FB so I will be updating my albums and will link them here. I’d take the morning to do this but Glad has been taking the laptop to work again because his computer there is down. He’d better get it going soon. I wanted to do this last night but since he was home, he claimed the computer to watch, what else, “The Avengers” for the thousandth time.   So now to whet your appetite, I will leave you with this cute pic that was taken wednesday evening up on our roof. See that diry face? And the curls peeking out? While there are still 2 months till her birthday, she is a complete 2 year old in every sense. I will have to do a post just on her.  

Memories Captured – July Edition

It is again time to link up some favorite photos via These Little Waves monthly photo meme, Memories Captured.
Sitting in a tree is such fun … especially the first time you do it.

I love hairstyles. Maybe one day she will have the patience to let me do french braids.

Blue day at school for Lila.

Daddy and his girls. They love him to bits!

On a recent rainy afternoon we made a tent in between the dining table and the couch.

Even daddy crawled in when he got in from work.

What special memories do you have this month?

My Baby – At 20 Months

UPDATE: I’ve added some videos to this post. Don’t miss them!
I’m becoming more aware of the fact that my baby, in this case, the youngest and permanent baby, Scarlett, is quickly growing up. It feels odd not having a small baby around, though many things are getting easier. For example, I took them all to the mall this morning and it wasn’t as hard to keep them coralled as it was before. I still have to hang on to Scarlett most of the time, but if Logan or Lila take off and I want them to come back, I just have to say, “Bye, I’m leaving without you.” And they shout no and come running. It works every time.
But I’m getting distracted. This post is supposed to be about Scarlett. Ok, first of all, she is such a toddler now. She looks like one, right?
She loves to hold the cone herself.

 She has reached toddler independence and wants to do everything herself. She figured out how to get into the book cabinet by watching Logan and Lila push on the glass doors. She wants to use a regular cup instead of a sippy cup (though she forgets to carry it straight and spills).

She is a total daddy’s girl. Daddy is her love. If he is home at bedtime, she forces a huge cry, hoping he will take her with him. When he isn’t here, she lies down without a fuss. Whenever he eats anything, she shows up and has to have some. He has started serving himself more to make sure he gets enough because she will eat all of what he has and then some. When he leaves for work, she has to have a “tis” (kiss) and hug, then follows him out the door, crying when I bring her in. When he gets home, she welcomes him the loudest with a huge “hi dada!”

Last Sunday at the park.

She is talking so much I can’t keep up with how many words she knows. She repeats whatever anyone says and uses 2 and 3-word sentences often. She doesn’t just say a word, but puts the or a in front of it – da dog, da cup, da anything. Ha. Da means both a and the to her.

As for sentences, she often calls out to me, “Dook, Mama, dook” (look) and points out something. Often it is “da ant, da datoo (gekko)” or anything else she sees and wants me to see. Her longest sentence to date is “I tee da dog”. Awww.

Picking flowers.

In this one she is chasing a butterfly and keeps saying “butterfly”, plus more words. Taken at the same time as the above pics.

She loves climbing so naturally she loves the playground. Swings and slides are her greatest delight. Of course, I have to hold her as she climbs as she often gets distracted by what is happening around and has a few times lost her footing, but falls don’t keep her down and she gets right back up and climbs up again.

I had to climb this one with her but she went down alone.

 She loves music and dancing, and sings often. It is usually some mumbo jumbo to the tune of “Old Macdonald”, then loud and clear comes ‘EIEIO’. Ha. She likes to walk on a bed (following Lila, of course) or stand on a chair and lift her legs and say, “I dancing, Mama, I dancing” with a great big smile on her face. She has great rhythm and can carry a tune well for someone so young. Sorry, the video is a little blury. Blame it on my cheapo phone.

There are still times when she comes and says “carry” with her arms stretched out and expects me to carry her around, and she doesn’t want me to put her down. She tries to do everything Logan and Lila do, and if either of them hurt her, she retaliates with slaps, pinching and hair pulling. Hmm…I wonder where she learned that? And she’ll shake her finger at them and say “No, no, no”. It’s so cute.

Remember seeing Lila in this one?
She has started fitting into the clothes Lila wore at this age. It is almost surreal seeing her fit into things that I remember Lila using so much. Sometimes, while folding laundry, I forget they are hers and I put them into Lila’s pile out of habit.
I’m working on her potty training and she is getting the idea, often coming to tell me when she needs to go. In the house I leave her diaper off so she can sit on the potty on her own easily. But strangely, she does better at staying dry when daddy is home with her. Maybe it is because she loves him more (I’m joking, and not), or maybe it is just because he focuses on the kids when home, whereas I have my mind in a hundred places and can’t always be thinking about the potty.
It won’t be long before my baby is no longer a baby. I’m trying not to think about it but it is staring me in the face every day. She is growing up too fast.

This Week

Ok, I know it’s been a while, but I have some good excuses. Number one is that I was just feeling a little lazy and didn’t feel like posting, and number two is that, when I did want to post, Glad had claimed the laptop to rewatch all his favorite scenes from The Avengers – yet again.
And while those excuses are true, the real one was that my glasses broke and I couldn’t see the screen unless I was 6 inches from it, so I hardly used the computer at all last week. I finally got them on Saturday.
What do you think of them?

My last excuse for not posting was that I got numerous reports from readers that this blog was showing a malware warning and I was rather lost as to how to fix it. I finally got some help from Blogger and it seems to be clear now. If you are one of the ones who saw the warning before, tell me if it is gone now.

So getting my glasses was the first highlight of last week. The second, and possibly greater, highlight was that the children moved back into their room for nights and Scarlett has joined them.

No, we haven’t painted yet, sadly.

 As I explained in last year’s post on the same topic, we moved the kids into our room at night during the summer because of the need for the AC and them not wanting to be alone in the dark. Our room is a little weird; it has a window at the ceiling level facing the living room, so any light on in the house shines through. Thus it is never completely dark.

Also, Glad’s mom spent two weeks with us and she used the kids’ room instead of the guest room because the guest room doesn’t have an AC. This summer was the hottest on record for the past 8 or so years. It sure felt like it. So while she slept there, the kids slept with us and my room looked like this every morning.

On Saturday I packed up the crib so that Scarlett would see that the other crib that Lila had been in was now hers. Here is how my room looks now – right now, as a matter of fact. I meant to get a pic during the day with the bed made but I forgot and today I didn’t make the bed or do much of anything because Scarlett has a cold and wanted to be carried most of the day.  But you can see how it looks without the crib. We also got this new bed recently and it has glass side tables. Yet another reason to move the kids out.

Do excuse the mess.

 So since Saturday night, all 3 have been back in their room since nights have been cool enough to sleep without the AC’s. I got Scarlett used to the new bed by putting her into it for naps the whole previous week.

I don’t understand how she is comfortable in these weird positions.

 Lila’s new bed is the trundle from Logan’s bed. We knew the day would come when the 3 of them would be in this room, so when the two beds were offered to us by some friends we took them. We didn’t need the extra one at the time, but since it tucks under the larger one, it was never in the way.

Yes, those are all hers. She loves cuddle toys.

 From the first night, Scarlett has slept well in her new bed. Since about two weeks ago, she has been sleeping through the night all night, every night. Last night was the first night she woke crying but I think it was the cold bothering her. Logan has been taking longer to go to sleep at night and coming into our room and sneaking in next to daddy. I move him when I find him, but he is the hardest to keep out since he slept with us the longest and loved it.

These were taken at nap time recently.

Unfortunately I have yet to sleep through the night. One or the other of them wakes me, and these past few nights since they moved I feel I’ve been waking up more. One night out of tiredness I forgot to put a diaper on Lila and had to change her and the bed at 4 in the morning. She is still wearing diapers at night as she wets a lot and isn’t quite ready for nighttime training yet.

So I’m happy to have space in my room again and fewer bodies in my bed. It has felt weird to wake up with just us there (most mornings; Logan has been there once or twice) but at the same time there is a feeling of freedom. I just hope I will soon be able to sleep through the night myself.

Recent Pics and Updates

I have to share some more recent pics with you, plus some stories about the kids. These are too cute to leave behind.
Ok, first, this month the kids all got new pj’s. Usually I get them new ones about once a year, when they have outgrown their previous ones. Scarlett was the exception this time as she last got new ones for her birthday and she had already outgrown them now 6 months later. Time flies in toddler-hood. More on her in a minute.
Logan was absolutely delighted to find some with farm prints. He had requested some with ducks but since I didn’t know what was available, I told him not to get his hopes up. Well, we all know of his love for all farm-related stuff, so these couldn’t have been more perfect. And they do have ducks in addition to the other animals.


Before bed snacktime.
Girly pj’s.

Ever since I can remember, Logan has always hated the noise of the washer. He is still afraid of front loaders, probably because the one we had when he was a toddler was super old and it danced around when it was spinning and made horrible noise. But now he has lost his fear for our current machine and instead has become fascinated with it. He wants to touch it when it is spinning, puts his toys on top so they can be “washed” at the same time, and he wants to learn how to push the buttons. I asked him why he enjoys the spinning so much and he said “it feels lovely”. Ha. The vibrations feel lovely. Now does he mean in his hands or other places??? I don’t want to know.

Actually, I was surprised to hear him use the word lovely to describe it as I never use it unless something really is lovely. I think it comes from him watching mainly BBC’s kids channel CBeebees. Those Brits use lovely to describe everything.

Feeling the vibrations.
 Something else about Logan – he likes to keep track of the days of the week. Every day he will ask me “what day today is it?” but that is usually just to confirm that he already knows the day. Daddy promised to spend all day Sunday with them this week and he is counting down the days.
Scarlett is the new Little Miss Independent (not that Lila ever lost the title). She wants to sit on the dining chairs and color like the older ones. She stands on them while eating or playing, though she can’t climb down yet. Yesterday I caught her kneeling on the table, with my pin cushion in hand, pulling the pins out one by one. I keep my sewing projects there or else I forget to work on them and she is just fascinated with the pins. Of course I’ve shown her how sharp they are and she is careful, but, sorry baby, until you stop putting stuff in your mouth, pins are off limits.
She loves to get into the kitchen cabinets and pulls out all the plastic containers all day long. And she is such a daddy’s girl. She hangs onto his legs when he is trying to leave the house and laughs when he tells her to let go. Every time he sits to eat anything, she is right there and has to eat what he is eating. She begs and he can’t say no. She uses that to her advantage too.
She is also into wearing my shoes all the time. And she says no. And she gets mad and makes this real fake mad face when things don’t go her way. And she screams like Logan does. Oooh, toddler independence is here with a bang. Oh yeah, those are more new pj’s, with ducks on them. That is why Logan wanted some with ducks.
Speaking of ducks, I was recently given some quilt slipcovers that came with huge pillow covers. We don’t use quilts but the covers work well as sheets (they were cute kiddy prints), but I was at a loss for how to use the over sized pillow covers. They came from Germany so I guess everyone there sleeps with huge pillows, but we don’t.
I got the idea to use these ones to make curtains and bed covers for the kid’s room to brighten it up. As you can see from the curtains, those pillow covers were quite large. I hand stitched all those loops, too. Took some time but the end result is adorable.
What do you think?
I still have to hem the one for Lila’s bed and then they will be set. Eventually I am going to cut all the slipcovers in half and get double the amount of sheets, but since I have to hem them by hand (don’t own a machine), I will do it slowly over time. There is no rush for those.
Now all we have left to do is get the house painted. The room will look so much better then. Yes, I know I said we were going to paint a year ago but it never happened. Maybe we can get it done before Glad’s mother comes in 10 days – I hope. The guy who does all repairs and upkeep of this property is super busy so we have to see when he can fit it in.

Summer Camps and More

For one week now, Logan and Lila have been going to a summer camp that Logan’s school has running. I was hesitant at first, but not for long as I saw the beauty of having them busy elsewhere for 3 hours, 5 mornings a week. While I haven’t been any freer (Scarlett has become my new appendage), I haven’t had to listen to fights and arguments and all those stressful things. It’s been nice.

Ready for their first day of summer camp.

The first day Lila only lasted about an hour, even after they came late, but every day since then she has been there the whole time. They are doing art projects, cooking, dancing, tai quan do, French, science activities, and more. Friday was a field trip to the railway museum. Now, Lila has never been with anyone she didn’t know before, so I wasn’t sure how she would handle it, but she has done well. Having Logan in the same group probably made it easier for her, and knowing daddy was in the building was comforting too.

They love the backpacks daddy brought them from his last visit to nana. Logan’s has a cow (what else) and Lila’s has a tiger.

Glad told me that he almost didn’t send her for the field trip as she was getting teary-eyed while getting on the bus, but the teachers were confident that she would be ok, and she came back all excited about having gone on a bus and train ride. She survived her first field trip, and I am confident that she will settle in comfortably once school starts mid-June.

While I thought I might be able to get more done with them being gone, I forgot that Scarlett would no longer have a playmate. She has been fussy and clingy, and cries to go out every time they go out the door. Poor baby, and poor me too. She won’t let me do anything. I am doing good to get the dishes done and lunch ready in the 3 hours that they are gone.

I thought it might help to get her a toy to cuddle, so she now has a new rabbit. As you can see, she loves it. She cuddles it and says “awww” over and over, but she still stays close to me and follows me where ever I go. Oh well. I tried.

The kids have one week of camp left, ending on Lila’s birthday. That’s right. Next friday, Lila will be 3!!! Well, actually she is 3 going on 13. The rascal has become a drama queen overnight. She ignores me to my face, then screams when things don’t go her way, and cries over nothing. I don’t want to imagine what she will actually be like as a teen.

So this week I have party prep to do. I never do anything big for their birthdays. Truth be told, I hate hosting parties, and the only reason she had a big party on her first birthday was because someone else did the main planning. We usually settle for something simple at home like on her last birthday. Logan is the only one who has had people over for his birthday and it was always because someone else planned most of it and I didn’t have to play hostess.

She has requested two things: a pink cake and pink dolly present, to put it in her own words. So this week I have to figure out a shape for the cake, where to find pink food coloring, and find a shop with a doll. So far all the dolls I’ve seen were just not “the one”. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Little Joys

Summer is upon us, suddenly, overnight it seems. It isn’t yet hot enough for air conditioners but the fans are in constant motion, we are guzzling water, juice and popsicles.

When I was out shopping with the girls a few mornings ago, I picked up a popsicle mold. I had thought about getting one long ago but I think it was the heat that morning that told me to go for it. Ha. I can blame it on the weather.
Well, I brought it home and made some popsicles with the Tang I had in the fridge, and the kids enjoyed them after their nap.

Orange Tang popsicles, right next to my cold coffee.

Her first “on my own” popsicle.

What is better than one popsicle? Two, of course!

I’ve made some every day since and the kids ask for them at odd times, but I figure, why not? It is juice, they get to cool off and get some liquid in, and I get some peace and quiet for as long as it takes them to eat one. The only rule I made is that they must eat it on the balcony so I don’t have to clean drips off the floor.
Aside from orange, I have made grape and banana ones. The banana I mixed with milk and a little cinnamon so they were a little more like ice cream. Yum!

                                                         The little joys of life!

New Stuff About the Kids

So I promised some new things about the children, to give you a break from having to listen to my rants about my weight. 🙂 There is so much to say, how do I condense it?

Her first ponytail.


Let’s see: Scarlett is almost 15 months now. She is acting less and less like a baby and more and more like a toddler. She tries so hard to talk, not just words but phrases and sentences. Sometimes I sware I just heard her say such-and-such, but she doesn’t repeat it so I’m not sure. She does like animals, so it is no wonder that she is saying animal names first – cow, gekko, birdie. She has said, very clearly, “Deo da boodie” (There’s the birdie) and “dat da datdo” (that’s the gekko). Sometimes she babbles on and on, then a clear phrase will errupt. And I thought Lila started talking early!
She loves to play with her dolls, cuddling and rocking them like I have done with her. She loves to sit at the kids play table and have a snack with Lila in the morning. And she cries when I don’t let her follow daddy out the door in the morning. Going outside is a favorite activity. She often walks around with an animal or two in hand and makes a noise that is supposed to be an animal sound. And to top it off, while she likes any animal she sees, her favorite is the cow, just like Logan. She will point them out in pictures, pick them to play with, and try to moo. It’s adorable.

She told me this was a Christmas tree.

One of her favorite places to climb.

They only look cute and innocent … but I know better. 🙂

Lila has yet to outgrow the getting-into-trouble phase. She still does things that make me go “arrg”, but now Scarlett has become her partner in crime, so I am facing double trouble. I can’t leave anything unattended or she will get into it. Just the other day, she dumped baby powder all over daddy’s desk and was drawing in it. I  have to lock the kitchen door or she will be in there getting into something. Oh, yes, she mixed the tea and sugar together, climbed on a stool to reach the top of the microwave (where I stick things to keep them out of her reach, hmm…), and once poured her own drink of juice, amazingly, without spilling. She loves to get jugs out of the fridge. And she dropped a bar of soap in the toilet! I didn’t bother to fish it out (it was small enough to flush). Hopefully it cleaned the pipes a little. 🙂
She still sometimes pees on the floor and balcony, but will then sit and play in it and Scarlett will join her. Yuck!
She is getting more into make-believe and will play tea party with her dolls or pretend to put them to sleep. She will carry her dolls and cuddle toys around, and the other day I heard her put one down and say, “You getting too heavy.” Exactly what I say to Scarlett when I need to put her down.
She fights with Logan a lot. I spend most of each day getting them off each others backs. It is rare when they play nicely together.
She has also gotten more stubborn and resistant to discipline. She tries to get me back whenever I correct her. Hmm…gonna need a new game plan for this one.

He knows how to lead – he sits, she pushes, pulls, etc.

Every month he has a color day at school. This was white day. I love their matching look.

Logan – what can I say? He seems to be wilder each day. He is naughtier and more rascally, and gets into trouble more than he used to. He seems to think going around spitting and fake burping is fun, and he can fart on purpose.
At school he acts up when he knows daddy isn’t there. I think it is good that he will be going to a different school this year, where he won’t be familiar with the teachers and hopefully he will settle down. He is also very demanding of what he wants to do, expecting to do things right away and hating to get a no. While I do explain any nos, it is hard cause he screams before hearing my explanation, and then goes on to ask again, just after I explained why I said no. It is tiring to say the least.
When he does sometimes get along with Lila and they are playing nicely, he takes charge and demands that she do this or that, and she is quite willing to do so. He will even insist that she wash his hands and face and she will do it. He is also getting good at deligating responsibility, ie. I ask him to do something and he says, “Lila will do it.” Stinker! But on the flip side, if I ask him to do something and she runs to do it, he will cry and get mad and hit her. It’s a wonder I still have my hair and my sanity.
This month he has sports day at school. Despite much practice, he isn’t very good at some of the activities. His teachers were telling me at the recent PTV that he doesn’t know how to wait his turn in a relay race, and that when they had him go first, the rest of the kids followed him. Ha. He doesn’t want to participate in sports day, so I have been trying to talk him into it. I was telling him it is important to listen to his teacher and do what she says, and that he needs to try to do whatever it is she wants him to do. Instead, he wants to do his own sport.
And the sport he requested to do? Skydiving. Yep, they do lots of that in preschool sports days.
That reminds me: he is obsessed with flying. He keeps telling me that he wants to fly in the sky, go on a plane, etc. Last night he told me that he and daddy were going on a helicopter, as if it was really about to happen. And he has seen skydiving on t.v. and it must look like fun to him, so that is what he wants to do. The reality though, is that he would probably freak out. If at 18 he still wants to skydive, I’ll tell him to go for it. At least then he will know what he is getting into … and he can sign his own waiver. 🙂

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