At the Park

There is a really nice park right next to the school Glad works at, literally next to it. It is a famous park here and was recently redone. It’s one of the most beautiful parks I’ve seen here.

One of the many fountains.

That is Logan hiding in the grass.

Playing with some seeds.

Searching for more seeds. I love how Lila’s dress is billowing out.

After the park closed (they all close for several hours in the middle of the day), we went to visit daddy at school again. The goal is that Logan will get used to school and like it before he actually has to attend.

Claiming daddy’s spot.

Trying to get one of Scarlett and myself. I rarely have pics of me since I am always behind the camera.

Logan’s latest thing is building trains with Lego. For a long time he never used it except to throw it around. Then all of a sudden he started coming to me to show me what he had made. Now he always asks me to take a picture of his latest creation.

You will have to excuse the sometimes clear/sometimes not pics. My camera has become tempermental and will sometimes refuse to take clear pics, no matter how still I hold it. Also, I discovered that the flash will work from time to time but when it works is beyond my control. So frustrating.

Grass, Trees and Fresh Air

One of my best childhood memories is outdoor play. I especially loved going to parks with lots of trees, rolling down grassy hills, picnics, tree-climbing, and just enjoying the great outdoors. I loved playgrounds with huge swings, where we would try to “swing up to the sky”. I also loved going on hikes through grassy areas, crossing streams and pretending to be adventurers. Just being surrounded by nature was enjoyable.
Sadly, that kind of wild nature that I enjoyed as a child in Canada and parts of Mexico aren’t to be found in the city here in India. (You can find beautiful rural areas though. I’ve visited a few and have seen wild elephants and such. Hopefully one day I can take the kids to these places.) I always try to find a park for the kids to play in, and thankfully we have one not too far away. To get to it we have to walk through a rather poor neighborhood, one with garbage on the ground and farm animals walking around (the kids love that part). But we don’t mind it and can get to this park in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how fast Logan walks, of course.
One thing I like about this park is that we can go on the grass. Many parks here don’t permit you to play on the grass and keep it fenced off, but this park is different. I want my children to experience the fun of grass play so I’m thankful for this place.

On our way out. Doesn’t she look so much like a toddler here?

I bought her her own ball so that she doesn’t have to grab Logan’s and cause tears and trauma.

Near this park is a sports complex that also has some grassy spots. we don’t go there too often, but I took them yesterday. Here are some pics.

I love how the light fell in this one.

Logan checking out the roller rink.

Update: After posting this I took the kids to the above park to play. We found a better patch of grass to play on, one that was greener and shorter. Some other children Logan’s age joined us and used the balls. Logan didn’t mind them using his…just so long as they didn’t use Lila’s because he wanted it. Ha. If only daddy knew he prefers to play with the pink Disney princesses ball instead of his red “Cars” ball. Sorry, no pics. I forgot the camera. Next time.

At the Park

One of the best things about digital cameras is you can take as many pics as you want without worrying that you are wasting film on bad pics. I took many more than I have posted here; I only like to post the best.

Something we like to do together is go to the park when we are able. Of course, I go with the kids more often than Glad is able to go with us, but when he does come, Logan has a great time. These were taken yesterday evening. Hope you like them.

This is outside our building before leaving. Our dog was outside so Logan decided to pet him as much as he could since I hardly ever let him touch a dog outside. He usually wants to pet the strays and they are so dirty and full of disease, so I can’t let him.

Lila waiting to go.

Getting them both to stand still was not easy.

Contemplating life together.

Watching the skaters.

She fell asleep as soon as we arrived.

Learning the handstand.

It’s chase-and-tackle-daddy time.

I think Logan is winning.

Logan is looking more and more like daddy all the time.

The chase is on again.

Soccer practice. He shoots…and scores.

Tired after the game.

Clapping for himself for having kicked the ball.

When we got home, Lila surprised us by rolling over several times. So now she knows how to roll. I can’t leave her on the bed any more.

Outing to the Park

A few weeks ago we took Logan to a nearby park that has been built around a man-made lake. We walked around the lake while he lounged in his stroller.

Then we stopped to take pictures of him in the grass. My hope was to get some of him sitting peacefully on the ground, smiling, happy.

But he kept trying to eat the sheet!

No matter how much we spread it out and I tried to get his attention for a picture, all he wanted to do was eat the sheet.

He thought it was so much fun.

So daddy picked him up…

…and held him.

Then they went for a walk under the tree. That caught his interest. He immediately wanted to eat the leaves.

We had a lot of fun that day.

Hide-and-seek in the leaves.

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