Pictures of the New House

I have to begin with my apologies for the quality of the pics. Since the flash on my camera died, anything taken indoors is dark, even with all the lights on. This is just so you can have a glimpse of our place, and perhaps give me some ideas for decorating.

We’ll start in the children’s bedroom. Here is one of them napping. They have both learned to sleep in their own beds at all times and will fall asleep without me needing to be in the room. Such a relief for me.

Our temporary curtains.

Our bedroom.

The first bathroom.

Yes, there is a sink inside the bathroom and one on the outside. This is standard here.

The archway leading to the bathroom and our bedrooms. Ours is on the left and the kids on the right.

The living room as it looks now. Still need to get the boxes out of the house. The front door is on the right.

I like these small windows. They let in a good amount of light.

Dining area. Bedrooms are to the left, and you can see into the kitchen with the little window. I like that too.

My big kitchen.

My new washer.

Hallway. Kitchen door is on the right,the guest bedroom door is left and there is a second bathroom at the end.

I use the sink outside the guest bathroom for laundry.

Guest bathroom.

Guest bedroom/office/storage.

Heading outside to the porch/balcony. We live on the first floor (2nd for you westerners) so I am not sure which to call it.

The area that has to be covered with the mesh.

The spaces are wide enough that Lila fits through them.

Miss adorable.

It’s a small house but just perfect for us. With the new baby coming, the less space I have to clean, the better. Once I get a new camera you’ll get some better photos.

Our New House

It’s been so long since I blogged that I don’t know where to start.
We moved into our new house at the beginning of the month and it’s slowly coming together. We still need some furniture, curtains (I’ve forgotten about those), things for the walls, etc. Some friends bought us a dining table so we don’t have to stand to eat. We spent the first two weeks standing at the kitchen counter for meals. Poor Logan would have his plate just under his nose; I sat on the counter and Glad put his plate on top of the fridge (it’s a small one). Lila was the only one with a chair (her highchair).
We’ve been exploring our new neighborhood. I love doing that. That way, I know what is where and I find things faster. I take the kids for long walks around. Logan always wants to look for cows and Lila gets estatic over dogs, even the ugly strays. I search for shops and parks. We have a small park with a tiny playground just at the end of our street, which is great, but I get bored easily in the same place daily, so we looked around and I found a bigger park not too far away.
What are we missing now? Mainly living room furniture. The same friends who bought us the table have given us their extra t.v. and DVD player. That is the extent of our living room setup. The bedrooms still need a little work, mostly curtains, a cupboard in our bedroom, a toy shelf in the kids room, and a bed in the guest room. The guest room will double as an office, so we have a desk in there with the internet connection, phone, etc. It also has the door to the balcony (Logan calls it the “bluckolin”) which is more like a large porch. I put the laundry out there, and will soon buy the kids a pool, since it has the space for it. We hope to eventually get some chairs out there too so we can sit out there in the evenings.
I know you’re expecting photos but I’m so behind in everything that I haven’t taken any. Hold on, I’ll get around to it.

We got it…

our new house. Yes, we found it yesterday. Houses here can be rented very quickly, sometimes within hours of an ad being placed. Glad spent weeks scouring the online ads, calling people, seeing places, etc. It isn’t easy when you want something within a certain budget, in a certain area, and nice. Most of the places in our budget were old or in disrepair or just plain ugly or too small. You name it, we saw it, or Glad did anyway. I didn’t go to all of them because the kids can only handle so much time in the car and then they get restless.
So yesterday morning when Glad went on the site to continue the search, he saw a new place that had only gone up the night before. He was off to see it immediately, and then he called me to tell me he thought it was THE place. The man agreed to hold it for us until I was able to see it too, so we all went in the afternoon. It’s perfect, not too big but not too small either. As is common here, it is like an apartment built on top of a house. Downstairs lives the owner, who is a pediatrician and has his practice there. Then you go upstairs (on the outside) and there are two separate apartments. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living/dining room, nice kitchen with a window to the dining room, and off one of the bedrooms is a nice balcony, but it is big. I will use it for hanging laundry and there is enough space to also have a sitout with chairs. We also have access to the roof. The kids spent some time running up there. They loved it. There is also a nice park literally just around the corner from the house. That makes it easy for me to take the kids out to play without having to walk on the busy streets. I’m happy for that.
Once we move it I’ll take pictures of the place, but you may have to wait a while for them as I don’t know how long it will be before we have internet there. Hopefully not too long.
So now I am planning how to decorate my new place. It may be awhile before it is fully furnished as we can’t afford all the furniture we need at the moment. The only furniture we actually own now are the children’s beds. We need everything else. The priorities are a bed for us, stove, fridge, washer, and dining table. It is possible to manage without living room furniture for a short time but hard to feed the kids without a table and chairs.
This is exciting. I’m ready for it. Only a few days to go and we will be there.

What Should I Write About?

Ok, what have I been doing since my last post?? What did I post about last time anyway? Oh yes, my trip to Chennai and here I am sitting in Chennai.

We moved here last week on Tuesday morning. Took the train from Bangalore to Chennai and arrived at 4:30 in the morning. I was just finally falling into a deep sleep when we pulled into the station. Oh well, I caught up the next day, but it took Logan a few days to get back on schedule. Then he got sick. He had a fever off and on for three days but is feeling better now. I hope it was just teething. Before leaving Bangalore there was the usual packing and finalizing of all those last minute to-do’s that you always tend to leave to the last minute – like picking up Logan’s birth certificate. We have been trying to do it for the last year and only did it now because we were leaving.

We also celebrated Logan’s birthday. It is hard to believe that my baby is one year old! He is such a big boy and so active. He tries so hard to communicate. There is a dog here, a 4 year old golden retriever named Sinbad and Logan absolutely loves him. He talks to the dog and crawls up to him as close as he dares, but should the dog do so much as yawn, Logan will burst into tears and call me. This dog is really harmless and wouldn’t do anything to Logan but I still watch him closely just in case.

Oh yes, I just remembered something funny that happened a few days ago. We were eating lunch and someone gave Logan a whole tomato. He likes tomatoes so started eating it but after a few bites he threw it on the floor. So then they gave him a whole raw onion, just to see what he would do with it. Well, he bit into it, and after a few bites he cried and cried. I took the onion out of his mouth but as soon as I did, he bit it again. He kept biting the onion even though it was stinging his mouth and making him cry. Ha.

Well, it is different here in Chennai. The weather was quite hot when we came but is a bit cooler now as the monsoon has started and it rains 2 to 3 times a day. I am getting to know the neighborhood by walking around with Logan in the stroller. Today we found a grocery store nearby that is decent. This part of town is rather old so the way it is built and the way the roads are are different from what I am used to, but it is so nice to be somewhere new.

I really have to put all those pictures on the computer. I must remember to do that. And I never noted why I haven’t posted in so long. The place we were moving from had problems with the internet and the wireless was down. Since moving Logan has been sick and I spent a few days unpacking as I could only work when he was sleeping or with daddy as he wanted to be carried all the time. I have to find a way to get him off of this.

We put up the Christmas tree today. It’s finally starting to look like Christmas, at least in the house. Only big shops that cater to foreigners will put up decorations for Christmas and there really aren’t any of those around here. The only thing I miss about Christmas in Canada is the snow (only for the Christmas season) and candy canes. You can’t get them here. Every year I look for candy canes but can never find them and have to make do with the local chocolate, unless I can find some of the good stuff, but it is expensive. I hope Logan will enjoy Christmas this year. Last year he was too young to know what was going on.

Oh look at the time. It is past midnight and I need to get to bed. Logan will be up early. He doesn’t care if I want to sleep in after being up late. He just gets up and wants to eat, right away. So maybe I should go to bed now.

Our Chennai Trip

We landed in Chennai and had one day to rest and get some extra sleep. I never sleep well on a bus and to top it off, Logan was up from the time the bus arrived around 5:30 in the morning. So when he went to bed, I did too and we both slept for hours, me out of tiredness and he due to being sick. He had a fever the night before but was much better now.
Here Logan is dressed up for Halloween. Not that it is celebrated here but a hotel here had decided to celebrate and we were asked to make balloon sculptures and paint faces.

But as you can see, his makeup didn’t last. Here Logan is having lunch at the hotel restaurant.

This is the apartment we will be moving into in Chennai. The family we are moving in with had this fish tank and Logan loves crawling up to it and trying to catch the fish.

He also had fun in the rocking chair.

Well, I didn’t get any pictures of the city itself but that will come in time. We plan to move there soon, sometime in the next two weeks after we wrap things up here in Bangalore. So moving time is coming up. I’m excited about being in a new place.
Some other news is that Logan is going to be one in three days. Already he is almost weaned, not that I wanted to wean him so soon, but because I couldn’t keep up with nursing him while being pregnant. Now he takes bottles before his naps and during the night and eats solids well at meals and snacks. The only time he still nurses is before bed. He knows that is the time he can and doesn’t like to take a bottle then, though I try to get him to take at least a little bottle so his tummy is full and he can sleep better.
Another new thing is that I started him on the potty. This picture is the first time he went doodoo in the potty. I was excited because every doodoo in the potty is one less I have to wash out of his diaper. And as you can see, he already knows how to clap for himself.
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