You are Too Young for a Girlfriend, Mister!

Sometimes while life is passing you by, you don’t notice how much your kids are growing until something happens to remind you of it.

The other day at lunch, Logan and I had the following conversation.

Logan: I want to have a girlfriend.

Me: Oh, really? What is a girlfriend?

Logan: A wife.

Me: (Ah huh, that’s news to me. Where did he get that idea?) So why do you want a girlfriend?

Logan: So I can put my babies in her tummy. That is where babies grow, you know.

Me, trying my best not to laugh: Where did you hear about girlfriends? (And please don’t ask how the babies get out! Or how you put them in!! Dear God, he’s only six!)

Logan: “Lady and the Tramp“. Lady was his girlfriend and wife and then they had puppies.

Me: I see. (Damn you, Disney. I’m not ready for this.)

Logan: I really want a girlfriend.

Me: Oh, well maybe when you’re older you’ll get a girlfriend, okay? Now finish your lunch. (Whew, no more questions. Maybe he should stick to cartoons that don’t show marriage, relationships, dating…gee, that’s pretty much all of them. )


Sheesh, sometimes I wish it was as easy for humans as it is for dogs. I’ve got my hands full with preparing him to be a good boyfriend and teaching him how to treat girls right, plus ensuring no babies are put into girlfriends tummies until he is old enough to handle the responsibility. And the girlfriend is in agreement. And he has his own place. And a job. Is 40 too old?

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  1. If only real relationships were as easy as puppy love!

  2. Yep … my kiddo and I have already had the girlfriends and marriage talk and the where babies come from talk … and AFTER I discovered he’d found his way around the Internet to discover hardcore porn, we had THAT talk too. I’m probably the only mom who’s talked about anal sex with her 7 year old. Yay, me!

    • Oh my, I can’t imagine having to discuss that with my kids yet! Poor you. At least your son is at the age where he will ask you questions and you can prevent him from finding out more, instead of being old enough to hide where his web searches are taking him.

  3. gloria

     /  February 25, 2014

    Wow! very interesting, Logan is maturing! KIds grow up fast. You did! Mom

    • He’s also driving me crazy with his thirst for knowledge. He has books and can read them but prefers to just thumb through them and ask for info instead.


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