Time to Recommit

I’ve been in such a writing funk lately. This seems to happen to me every so often – I just don’t feel like writing so I don’t. And then stories and ideas pile up, and before I know it, I’ve got backlogs of stuff that I wanted to share and never did, and then I don’t because more time keeps passing and the stories become dated.

I’ve got to stop doing this! Deep down, I really want to write, but I allow my busyness to get in the way and stop me. Just like I’ve committed to exercise and eating gluten-free (more on that another time), I need to commit to writing on this blog.

So this is my commitment. At least 2 posts a week, unless there is good reason not to.

I haven’t told many people about this, but I want to become a freelance writer. What’s been holding me back? Lots of things. For example, what do I want to write about? Who do I want to send pieces to? Where do I even begin? I’ve been reading up on it from some specific writers blogs, and I have learned a lot. I just need to get over whatever is really holding me back, and get started.

I figure keeping up with my blog is the first step. Then maybe I should try guest posting on some blogs that I read regularly who accept guest posts, just to get in the practice. I’ve just got to do it! Who knows where it could go from there? Obviously I’ll never get paid to write if I don’t ever write.

Now to get started…

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  1. HI, I didn’t start this whole writing thing until I had to retire. I wish I’d started earlier, but then I was busy saving the world as a nurse, or at least comforting them. I love writing, too. I never run out of things to say. I’m currently finishing my book. I hope by Christmas, it’ll be published.

    I want to encourage you to write and don’t quite. Try to write something every day even if it is only two or three hundred words. By posting twice a week, you will get followers and this comes in handy when you want to guess blog, or you are a free lance writer. You’re value as a writer, from what I understand, is the number of followers you have.

    Take care. 🙂

    • Thanks for this comment. I do need a push to just sit and get it done. With 3 kids, finding free moments is not that easy but I’m gonna do it.

  2. Hi Mercy!
    What a beautiful name. I had three children as well. Now, they’re grown and they gave me four, wonderful grand children. Please, don’t let any one persuade you not to write. Just like everything else we do in life, there are a few hitches and bumps that can deter us. Don’t let them. I’ll try to encourage you as much as possible. I’m glad you posted today. Maybe, you should designate certain days of the week that you are going to blog.

    I’m trying to do this, but I haven’t gotten into the swing of things, yet.

    Take care. 🙂

    • Thanks so much. Just these comments have been a help. You’re right about not letting anything get in the way. I think my biggest hindrance is my own mind.

      I’m gonna check out your blog now.

  3. I read somewhere to just sit down and write even if you don’t think you have anything to write about. And how most of the time, you will find a direction or an idea from the mess of words that turns into something great.

    • I’ve had that happen before. It always amazes me how I will begin on one topic and veer to something else, and it’s that second idea that makes a great post.

      Tks. for visiting.


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