Weight Loss, part 2: How I am Getting Rid of the Weight

In case you missed part one, you can find it here.

After seeing that photo (see previous post) and how much weight I had gained, I had the motivation I needed to begin losing weight. It started with the exciting high that comes with a new plan and I went all out. I exercised every day, for an hour or more first thing in the morning. I pushed myself hard, but at the end of January 2012, all I had to show for my hard work were some inches down. The scale hadn’t moved at all.

I'm always the one behind the camera so I don't have many of myself. This one is from Feb. 2012.

I’m always the one behind the camera so I don’t have many of myself. This one is from Feb. 2012.

Despite that I pushed on, each month striving to actually make the scale move, but it never moved more than a kilo, and that was either one up or down. While I did trim down a bit according to the measuring tape, the fat weight was still there. I fluctuated between 78 and 79 kgs. for the rest of the year.

By April discouragement set in and I began to wonder if I could ever lose the weight. One thing Glad kept telling me was that I was eating too much and needed to cut down, but I couldn’t see how. I was sure I’d be hungry all the time if I did that. Also, Scarlett was still nursing so I used that as an excuse to eat so much, even though I now see it wasn’t needed. (She was 17 months at the time.)

At Lila's third birthday - April 2012

At Lila’s third birthday – April 2012

I spent the rest of the year going up and down. Sometimes I’d work out, other times I’d skip it for a long time ’cause I was so tired in the mornings. The children’s sleep schedule was all over the place, so that made it hard for me to get enough sleep. At one point I got very sick and lost several kilos in a matter of days, but as soon as I was well again, I gained it all back.

I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but sometime around the end of October I saw a post on Facebook from the page Fit Moms for Life. I visited their page and the more I read, the more inspired I got. Everything they post is about how you CAN do it, the “it” being lose weight and get into shape.

I began looking forward to their daily photos and quotes, and those are what inspired me to get back into daily exercise. Those quotes gave me the motivation to just get out there and do what I could. So beginning on the 1st of November 2012, I recommitted to daily exercise. I didn’t yet have a plan of how to lose the weight; I just got out there and got back into the habit of getting the exercise.

I began with brisk walking and slowly got into jogging. I built it up slowly, literally by adding on 15 – 20 more seconds with each lap when I felt I could do more. It was a slow start, but it got me going, and I kept this up throughout November and December.  I usually gain extra weight in December due to all the yummy treats, but this time I didn’t because I was exercising. I also spent this time reading the Fit Mom’s for Life website, and I learned more about interval training and strength training.

Christmas Eve outing - 2012. How I looked after 2 months of consistent exercise but no diet change.

Christmas Eve outing – 2012.
How I looked after 2 months of consistent exercise but no diet change. (I know, bad sweater choice. I shouldn’t wear stripes – but they look great on Lila.)

January 1, 2013 - zoo outing in Mangalore with Glad's mom.

January 1, 2013 – zoo outing in Mangalore with Glad’s mom.

By January I began running instead of jogging, doing interval training 3 days a week and toning exercises on the other 3 days, with one day for rest. To make sure I was getting enough sleep (also important for weight loss) I took a daily nap when the kids did, since I was often only getting 6 hours of sleep at night, and that not solid. I recently made some changes to my and the kids’ schedules, and I am now getting closer to 7 hours of sleep at night and I only take a short (10 – 15 minute) nap on most days.

In February I changed my diet. I realized that I needed to make a solid change in my eating habits in order to really lose weight. So, hard as it was, I began reducing my plate size. I learned to tell when I felt full rather than eating until stuffed. I made my lunches salad and protein meals, and I cut out the excess starch I had been eating. I stopped buying “healthy” carbohydrate-loaded snacks (that only I ate) and replaced them with fruit. Over the past month I’ve been quite strict on myself with the amount of food I allow myself to have, and the results are showing.

I now can only eat smaller amounts at a time. If I overeat, I feel it. I’m uncomfortable once I pass the full stage, so now I don’t go there. I’ve also lost the intense desire for sweets that I used to have. I permit myself a weekly treat and find my body is satisfied with that instead of demanding it daily. I’ve also balanced out my meals/snacks and I make sure to not skip a snack if I feel the need for one. I used to skip snacks, thinking I’d lose more weight if I didn’t eat, but I’ve found out that the opposite is true – eating  small amounts regularly is better for your metabolism and will help you lose weight in the long run, so long as the food is healthy and not junk.

The payoff came when I went for my monthly weigh-in. At the beginning of Feb. I weighed 79.3 kgs. Now at the beginning of March I weigh 77.3 kgs. ! I did a happy dance inside when I saw that. Two whole kilos off in one month of changing my diet! That was the key for  me.

So now I am excited and I want to keep this up. I need support, so along with this post, I am posting a new page called My Fitness Journey where I will track my exercise and weight loss for as long as I need to. I’d love it if you could back me up, so encouraging comments are welcome! 🙂 I’ll also post photos ’cause I want to actually “see” the change as it happens. I don’t have any recent ones of myself so there isn’t anything current to show you, but I’ll get some just as soon as I can.

I just want to add a note here to Dustin and his team from Fit Moms for Life: If any of you are reading this, thank you. Your website and Facebook quotes are helping me in this weight loss journey. Having that kind of support has made all the difference for me. You guys are doing a great job! Readers, if you haven’t yet visited the Fit Moms for Life website, please go now. And don’t think that it isn’t for you just because you aren’t a mom. While Dustin’s focus is mothers, he is helping many others to get fit as well. So check it out if you need some inspiration, motivation, and support.

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  1. Mercy, that’s wonderful progress! Glad to have met you in SEED where our boys are schoolmates. As I read your blog I realised we have many things in common, basically being a mom of three kids. I want to wish you all the best in your fitness journey!


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