It’s Almost Here!!

Wow, Christmas Day is almost upon us and I have yet to write anything about how we have been enjoying the Christmas season so far.

I like to decorate from the beginning of December, so around the first I pulled out our new tree. For the past 2 years we had a tiny tabletop tree, but I was ok with it as it was easy to keep the kids away from it and I didn’t have to worry about it being pulled down. This year someone gave us a bigger tree, about twice the size of the old one, that rotates and has fiber optic lights on the ends of each branch.

I set it up one morning while Logan and Lila were at school. Setting up the tree is my job and the only way to get it done undisturbed is when they are out or sleeping. First I had to figure out where to put it, since there is only one electrical outlet in the living room and the t.v. was planted squarely in front of it. Then I had to rearrange some furniture since I planned to put this cute electric train around the bottom, if I could find a spike buster that could handle different types of plugs together so that the tree, train, t.v. and set-top box could all be connected to the same outlet.

This train was given to us 2 years ago but I never used it because we only had the small tree and I also didn’t have a proper spike buster for it. It is not Indian-made so the plug doesn’t fit into the outlets here. I knew the kids would love it though, so once I was sure I could plug it in, I set it up around the kids’ plastic table. Then I added a white bed spread to resemble snowy mountains and put the tree on top of it.

                                                         The finished results.


When they got in from school that morning their faces just lit up; they were so happy. They have named it the Polar Express, after the movie, of course. Lila especially was so happy to see it, as when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she requested a train. She saw some in some of the Christmas cartoons they have been watching and it was all she wanted. So she thinks it is hers. Ha. At least I don’t have to buy an expensive train set that they would break in a week. They aren’t really ready to care for a toy like that, so I’m happy this fulfilled her request.  

I hung out our stockings in the same place as last year. To keep them clean all year I wrapped each one separately in a plastic bag, and they looked great when I pulled them out.


Something new I did was make a wreath for the front door out of old cards. I simply cut a cardstock ring, arranged the cards around it, then taped them in place. In the middle is a paper wreath Logan made at school last year that I had saved in the decoration box. The card on the bottom lights up when you push the button, so Logan spends lots of time pushing it.


The kids have been enjoying some of their favorite Christmas movies again this year, eating my fruitcake, and going for outings to our local malls to see the decorations. Since only a small percentage of the population in India actually celebrate Christmas, the challenge is to find places that look Christmasy. Malls and 5 star hotels are the best places to go. Next week we will again go to the large modern mall that had a huge Christmas display. I’ve seen what they are setting up for this year and I think the kids will love it.

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  1. OH THIS BRINGS BACK MEMORIES- Thanks for Posting


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