Back to School – Finally!!

After 2 weeks of holidays, it is Monday morning and back to school. As usually happens during a holiday, we were all on a rather late schedule, with the kids going to bed as late as 10 or 11 p.m. and not getting up before 9 a.m., so moving up to our school schedule does take some adjusting. I did have them in bed by 9 but they didn’t sleep ’till almost midnight (Logan and Lila, that is. Scarlett slept on time.) So getting them up at 7:30 was not so easy.

I managed to make it up by 6:30 and get in a half hour walk. I’ve gotta get more exercise, but I’ve come to realise that a little is better than none, and I feel better. It wakes me up, too, and I’d rather be awake before the kids get up than have them wake me (like was happening these past 2 weeks) and be groggy and not able to focus while they beg for food, milk and t.v.

Our t.v. is super old. We got it from some friends who had it for I don’t know how many years, and I think it may have been used when they got it. Just around the time we decided to move, it started acting up. Turning it on most days requires banging it and turning it on and off until it connects with the set top box. The remote is fiesty too. So imagine being woken and the first request is “Mommy, can you put the t.v. on?” Oh, and even if daddy was up and sitting in the living room reading the newspaper, Logan still wanted me to do it. I tried sending him to daddy but he says, “No, only you do it.”

So now my mornings are slightly more peaceful, except for the crying of a certain someone who wants to be carried as soon as the others leave. She follows me around begging me to pick her up while I try to get the house clean. What ever happened to the days when she would play quietly on her own?

Now to plan my next big project: Logan and Scarlett’s birthdays. Scarlett is easy – she wants a butterfly cake and doesn’t care about gifts yet. I think I’ll get her a doll, if I can find a good one. The one I got Lila is already falling apart from so much love. It wasn’t as sturdy as I thought. Good thing Lila isn’t attached to it ’cause it won’t be coming to Canada with us. (They already know no broken toys are coming and they have each picked out their one or two favorite cuddle toys to keep.)

Logan had to go and make it hard for me by not being able to make up his mind about his cake. As you know, he is into animals of all kinds, so first he wanted another farm cake, then a bear, butterfly, Noah’s Ark, back to farm, and we left off on a water animals cake. I’m still stuck as to what to make. I offered to make a cow, as in an actual cow cake and not one with the cow drawn like last year, but he doesn’t want that. And of course the only gift he wants is more plastic animals. Now to make up my own mind about what to make.

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  1. A dolphin cake….

  2. I looked some up, then octopus cakes, then starfish and seahorses, and then my brain overloaded and I went to bed. Gotta keep looking. 🙂


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