Memories Captured – October Linkup

“I did it, Mommy.” I’m starting to hear these words a lot more from my kids, especially Logan. For so long he didn’t want to do things himself; he never went through that “me do it” toddler phase. It was always “mommy do it” instead. Logan has recently learned to button buttons after much hard work and many tears. I actually didn’t realise that ο»Ώhe could’t do it, because he never wore shirts with buttons and when I got him some button pj’s, I did them for him until daddy began asking why Logan didn’t do it himself.
Scarlett is at that stage now. Every day I hear “I do it self.”  Anything and everything she wants to do on her own. Here they are doing some paint with water books last Saturday after our big outing.

Another place I hear it a lot is during homework. Lila doesn’t want any help at all, unless she just can’t manage. ο»Ώ

Logan will still ask for help but has learned to do it himself.

Of course, the playground is a great place to do things yourself. Scarlett learned to swing on the jungle gym.

And Lila climbs to the very top.

Scarlett’s latest trick.
This kind of independence is a beautiful thing.

This linkup is brought to you courtesy of These Little Waves.

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  1. Oh so very true. That budding independence. Love this.

  2. I keep thinking"SO big!" looking at these photos, reading your words, hearing their independence grow!(So big, so fast, right? Le sigh. :))

  3. Yes, they grow way too fast!

  4. The growing independence – wonderful!

  5. What beautiful pictures! Watching kids grow and develop their independence makes my heart swell. It makes me want to hold tight but then I see how proud my kids are when they accomplish something on their own.

  6. Love the pictures! Independent kids will one day be independent adults…and what a proud moment today and then!

  7. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful children. It's just so heartwarming to see their proud smiles isn't after they did something by themselves for the very first time. πŸ™‚

  8. You know, all of these little things about their personalities now, like their desire to do it themselves, will probably mean something in the future. Growing up, I was like Lila and my sister was like Logan. We were complete opposites then and still are! But I do try to accept help from time to time and my sister definitely doesn't mind buttoning her own buttons. ;o)

  9. Haha, good to know they can change. πŸ™‚

  10. Siblings can be so different. My boy is a somewhere in between – he wants to try to do everything but once he mastered it, he would become lazy and ask for help 😦 I definitely like to hear "I did it, mommy!" and "I do it self" πŸ™‚ It's so heartwarming to see our children learn a new skill and feel the sense of pride for them!


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