Botanical Gardens Outing

I forgot about our outing to the botanical gardens a few weeks ago. I did put the pics on facebook but forgot about writing about it here. Anyway, better late than never. It was a holiday – no school, no work – and I had been wanting to go for a while so we did.

They charge a minimal fee for adults (only rs.5) and kids are free. It was such a beautiful place. I can’t believe that we have been in Chennai for 4 years (in December) and this was our first time there. We have gone past it many times because my gynocologist is just down the road from there. Anyway, here are some photos of this pretty place.

The entrance.

This tree had flat branches and leaves.

I love how this one came out.

Everyone had to take a turn hanging:

We discovered a pond with ducks, something you don’t normally see here.

The bonsai garden was cute.

Cool trees.

This plant had leaves that were green on top and bright red underneath.

 And they had the nicest playground I have ever seen in India.

It was such a nice place that no one wanted to leave. Time to plan our next visit. I’d go every day if it was close enough.

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