Sickness and Lila’s Annual Day

Oh, what a week. Sickness is no fun, especially when it hits everyone. Sometime last week Glad caught something and it slowly spread, including to a guest who was here over the weekend. It must have been some sort of flu virus as it brought fevers, coughs and congestion. I was out for 2 days, could hardly get up, and I am still not over it. The kids still have runny noses and coughs and Logan is still getting fevers off and on. I think this is because he just doesn’t like to rest when he starts to feel a little better. I don’t know if he will be able to make it to school tomorrow.

This weird thing has reduced our appetities to next to nothing. I eat a tiny amount and can’t eat more for almost the entire day. I can’t finish my morning coffee any more and don’t look for one later as usual. Maybe with all the rest I’ve been getting I just don’t need it. Last night was the first night I cooked since I got sick on Tuesday. I just made hamburgers with veggie sticks and guess what the kids ate? The veggie sticks and the buns! They all left the meat. Even Glad’s appetite isn’t back to normal yet and he had it last weekend.

The only plus I see in the appetite loss, well just for me, is weight loss. I’ve spent almost this entire year trying to lose weight, going up and down, trimming down but keeping my weight steady. Maybe being sick is the way to do it. 🙂 Ha. I’m sure I must have lost something by now. I should stop by the pharmacy on my way out today and see.

Ok, mom, don’t freak out. I’m not going to starve myself to lose weight. I could never give up food. But maybe I will be able to continue to eat smaller amounts instead of the large portions I normally have. And I’m sure all appetites will be back to normal soon enough.

Friday was Lila’s Annual Day show with her school and her first ever public dance performance. Lila actually got the least sick (if that is possible) and she felt well enough to go. I wasn’t sure about Logan and myself but Logan was so desperate to go and of course, I didn’t want to miss seeing Lila dance, so we all went, even though we weren’t up to snuff healthwise.

I wish you could have seen her dance. (It was filmed so we will eventually get the video.) Even though she missed the last few days of practice, she had no trouble recalling the steps and she really got into it. She was as bold as Logan was shy last year when he was the one on stage. And her hip moves! My God, we don’t know where she learned those. 🙂

These photos aren’t the best, but they are the best I could do with my 1.3mp phone camera. It can’t handle motion at all. First a few outside before the show.

She picked the dress and made sure I fixed her hair when I did Lila’s. She even wanted to wear the same pink ribbons as Lila.

This was her outfit for the show.

Lila is the one in front. The song was something about colors.

The whole class.

 You can see her energy in the photos. She was so into it. Hopefully the professional photographer who was there was able to get some good ones for us.

Update: Here are some of the photos from the photographer.

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  1. Sorry to hear you guys were sick. I was sick a few weeks ago, & I lost some weight from not eatting, so, as a weight lost treatment, it works. I hope you can get some nice photo's from the professional photographer, they would be nice. You little phone camera takes some nice shots anyway. I will have to take some recent pictures of us & where we are, ect. & send them to you. Sandy is going to school now to learn massage therapey, & she is having a blast. I stay home and run the business. Give the kids our love. Love you guys. Dad

  2. Hi My name is JennaYour kids are beautiful princesses, handsome prince, cute blessings, special earthly angels, and precious gifts and miracles. I am hopping that your family and the kids get to feeling good soon. Lila Looks so beautiful, I bet she did a wonderful time.I was born with a rare life threatening disease, developmental delays, and 14 other medical conditions.Here is a new poem I wrote, it’s called it takes courage:It Takes courage to loveLike a doveIt takes courage to fight,It takes courage to do what’s rightIt takes courage to stay strong,When things go wrongIt takes courage to write a songIt takes courage to liveIt takes courage to giveIt takes courage to fight this beastIt takes courage to be braveIt takes courage to smile and waveIt takes courage to keep positiveKeep on fighting!It takes courage to win!


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