Little Things That Drive Me Crazy (And How I Avoid Losing It To Them)

Ok, we all know that being a mother can have its trying times. You can only put up with your child’s antics for so long before you feel you are going to lose it. My 3 year old does most of those things. I don’t know where she comes up with the strange things she does.

For example, tonight after dinner, Logan hadn’t finished his noodles and I hadn’t yet cleared the table, so the plate was sitting there. I was deep into a blog I like to read that helps me relax and have a few laughs, so I wasn’t paying attention to the kids playing around me. Somehow Lila managed to grab a handful of noodles without my noticing and she began systematically spreading them around on the floor next to me. I only noticed it after she had smeared a whole lot of them. Grrr. I made her pick them up, and I scrubbed the area so it wouldn’t crust.

She has more ideas for trouble than most kids (as least it seems like it to me). She will take cups of water into her room, only to spill them around somewhere. She loves to spread water on anything. She has flooded the house by dumping buckets of water out the door while playing in the bathroom, dumped bottles of cleaning supplies, will dump a bottle of water if she is done drinking, even though I want it back with the water still in it. At the park she plays with sticks and rocks, balls and leaves. She climbs the slide with those items in hand so she can let them go down first. Daring is her middle name.

She loves smearing food anywhere and on anything – edges of the table, backs of the chairs, under the table, etc. She climbs anything, no matter how high it is. She can kangaroo hop for long distances without getting tired. And she was the one who recently walked up to an old lady and patted her large tummy, asking if there was a baby inside. I wanted to disappear.

So how do I control my frustration at her antics? I’ll admit, there are times when I scream or punish her for them. Many times she does know she shouldn’t be doing them (she hides so I can’t see what she is up to) but when it comes down to it, she is just experimenting with life. That doesn’t mean I should let her go ahead and do whatever she wants, but I need to control myself and see what she does through her eyes. I need to remember that the way children learn is by experimenting and doing things that will annoy me and keep me working all day long. They aren’t being naughty (most of the time) but they are learning in their unique way.

To keep from losing it, I make sure to take some time for myself every day. I get up early for exercise. I take a nap when the kids do. I squeeze in time for my blogs in the evenings and on weekends. Sometimes, once the kids are gone to school, I take the morning off instead of cleaning. I rest or watch t.v. or read or just sit and draw with my toddler.

I think that, no matter how busy we are, we mommies need to find ways to make time for us, if for no other reason than to maintain our sanity. Get up a little earlier, or put the kids down a little earlier, or use their nap time to do something for yourself. Whether it be exercise, blogging, reading, writing, or just drinking your coffee and staring out the window at nothing in particular; pick something that you find helps you relieve stress and do it. Your day will go better when you can fit in time for yourself.

Yes, this stinker has more ideas for trouble than a dog has fleas. 🙂

Mommies, tell us how you fit in time for yourself.

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