Down (the Street) On the Farm

Just down the street and around the corner from our house, tucked behind some houses, is a poor man’s farm. This is the property of a rather poor family who live in two tumble down shacks with a wreck of a yard in between.
The attraction of course is the animals they own. They have a cow, calf, goat, and some chickens and turkeys. My kids are crazy about animals and love to visit. Of course the people don’t mind having these white kids in their yard. Ever since we first moved here, my kids have been there countless times. Daddy often visits with the kids on the way back from school. I’ve heard countless stories about how many animals there were and what they were doing.
Some time last year, Glad and Logan decided to name all the animals, so over lunch they came up with names for each of them. For a long time, Logan used the names and then somehow they got forgotten … until recently. We were not surprised to see Logan recalled each of the names (he has a great memory) and has been using them again. So come and meet some of them.
Here is Scarlett petting Charlie the goat.

And this is Martha, the cow.

The turkeys – Witwicky (the white one, yes, daddy came up with that one), Marvin, and Marvin-Marvin (the black ones). Ha.So original. And they didn’t care that the black ones are female.

Some of the new chicks. They have colored feathers on their heads and necks. I’m still trying to figure out how they got them like that, ’cause the rest of their feathers are still white. Logan has named all 3 of them Chickie the chick. 🙂

More visiting with Charlie.

In the back there you can see the black calf, Winston, and some of the chickens – Mary the white hen, Wendy the black one, and Chip the Rooster.

Logan and Charlie.

There was a puppy there for a while who they named Candy, but he was so hyper and always tied up, poor guy. He isn’t there any more so I’m guessing they got rid of him.

The kids have gotten into naming all the animals they see lately. All crows are Caca (and there are thousands of them), gekkos are Gekkie, and cats are Don kay. The local stray dogs have been named too – Skinny, Spotty, Brownie, and Stinky.

Ahh, life is never boring around here.

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  1. Marvin-Marvin the female turkey. You gotta love the creativity of children! :o) We firmly believe every animal deserves a name, so I'm glad your kids have blessed the farm animals with a name! I want a pet cow so badly. Although, tying one to a pole in the street would never fly in America. I'd have to build fencing and that sounds like too much work. ;o)

  2. Honey, Please make these corrections ASAP!It is 'Kaka the crow' and 'Don-K the cat'.You know how sensitive these things can be around the D'souza household. You also forgot 'Neo' and 'Nemo', the horses

  3. Now how am I supposed to know those spellings? And they only saw those horses once, so of course I forgot them. 🙂 Heheh. I didn't think you read our blog any more. xxx Love you.

  4. Ha Ha! Loved the article and more the fun exchange here in the comments, this is always a good place to visit Mercy!


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