Backlog and Updates #1

Wow, it has been so long since I had a chance to blog! It feels good to have the keyboard under my fingertips again. A lot has happened this month – the computer had problems and had to be reformatted, then trouble with our internet connection (these are why I have not been here); there have been a lot of holidays, including Independence Day; Glad’s birthday, outings and school activities; and a decision we have made that will affect all of us.

Because there is so much to talk about, I am going to divide it into several posts so that none of them are too long. I will also do one or two photo updates ‘cause I have a huge backlog of photos on my phone that I haven’t posted anywhere yet.

I never realize how much I need to be in touch with others until I am not. While my phone has a separate internet connection and I can check my mail and FB from it, it is not cheap. Just to visit FB for a few minutes costs me the same as several phone calls. Mail is cheaper but there is a word limit for e-mails so I can’t write much. And I don’t have my blogs set up for phone viewing (there was some problem with the browser which prevented it) so I can’t blog from my phone. All that to say, my communications were seriously limited.

First, something went wrong with the internet connection. Once I figured out it was an outside problem, we got someone over to fix it and that was that. But then we had to get the computer reformatted because it kept slowing down. I don’t know how to describe the problem really. The processing was fine, but the whole thing would just go slow. Like the programs would open but would work real slowly, or when you wanted to minimize a window it would slowly go down to the task bar. The only way to fix it was to reboot the computer each time it happened. The problem existed from when the computer was new (it is over 2 ½ years old now) but only in the past few months did it get to where it was happening several times a day.

It got serious a few weeks ago when it would slow down every time I went on line. While in the past it would continue to work while in that mode, now it was freezing up within minutes of connecting and I could not surf the net at all. Talk about frustrating.

Now that the computer has been reformatted, the problems we were having before are gone, but we still are waiting for the technician to come and reinstall our internet connection. My patience is being sorely tested. (Yes, I am writing this in advance. I still have the computer, right?) Tomorrow is yet another holiday, Onam, the harvest festival of Kerela. Glad asked the kids what they want to do and they planned a trip to the zoo, the small one that is in town. I think they were surprised that daddy said yes. Usually Glad likes to use holidays to rest up since he works such long hours 6 days a week, so for him to agree to an outing is exciting. I’d better empty my phone of the photos it has and make room to take lots.

  Ok, I wrote the above on tuesday. Wednesday we took the kids to the zoo (next post, I promise), and yesterday Glad took the day off and focused on the internet problem. Turns out all we needed to do to get the wireless up and running again was to connect with the network cable (which we never used and somehow had lost). So we got a new cable, got the key from our ISP site and the wireless is going again.   Now it is Friday morning and I am taking a little time to catch up before the kids get up. I have over 200 photos on my phone from this month and very few of them have been posted on FB so I will be updating my albums and will link them here. I’d take the morning to do this but Glad has been taking the laptop to work again because his computer there is down. He’d better get it going soon. I wanted to do this last night but since he was home, he claimed the computer to watch, what else, “The Avengers” for the thousandth time.   So now to whet your appetite, I will leave you with this cute pic that was taken wednesday evening up on our roof. See that diry face? And the curls peeking out? While there are still 2 months till her birthday, she is a complete 2 year old in every sense. I will have to do a post just on her.  

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  1. I had wondered if you'd given up blogging! I'm so sorry you've had internet and computer troubles. That is so frustrating. I definitely rely on my computer too much. If it were gone, my entire life might fall apart. ;o)I'm excited to catch up and see what your big announcement is that will change your lives! I'm so nosy!! :o)

  2. Internet problems are so frustrating! I'm so glad everything got fixed. I missed you on here!

  3. It's grand. Wait for it. 🙂

  4. It's good to be back.


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