My Baby – At 20 Months

UPDATE: I’ve added some videos to this post. Don’t miss them!
I’m becoming more aware of the fact that my baby, in this case, the youngest and permanent baby, Scarlett, is quickly growing up. It feels odd not having a small baby around, though many things are getting easier. For example, I took them all to the mall this morning and it wasn’t as hard to keep them coralled as it was before. I still have to hang on to Scarlett most of the time, but if Logan or Lila take off and I want them to come back, I just have to say, “Bye, I’m leaving without you.” And they shout no and come running. It works every time.
But I’m getting distracted. This post is supposed to be about Scarlett. Ok, first of all, she is such a toddler now. She looks like one, right?
She loves to hold the cone herself.

 She has reached toddler independence and wants to do everything herself. She figured out how to get into the book cabinet by watching Logan and Lila push on the glass doors. She wants to use a regular cup instead of a sippy cup (though she forgets to carry it straight and spills).

She is a total daddy’s girl. Daddy is her love. If he is home at bedtime, she forces a huge cry, hoping he will take her with him. When he isn’t here, she lies down without a fuss. Whenever he eats anything, she shows up and has to have some. He has started serving himself more to make sure he gets enough because she will eat all of what he has and then some. When he leaves for work, she has to have a “tis” (kiss) and hug, then follows him out the door, crying when I bring her in. When he gets home, she welcomes him the loudest with a huge “hi dada!”

Last Sunday at the park.

She is talking so much I can’t keep up with how many words she knows. She repeats whatever anyone says and uses 2 and 3-word sentences often. She doesn’t just say a word, but puts the or a in front of it – da dog, da cup, da anything. Ha. Da means both a and the to her.

As for sentences, she often calls out to me, “Dook, Mama, dook” (look) and points out something. Often it is “da ant, da datoo (gekko)” or anything else she sees and wants me to see. Her longest sentence to date is “I tee da dog”. Awww.

Picking flowers.

In this one she is chasing a butterfly and keeps saying “butterfly”, plus more words. Taken at the same time as the above pics.

She loves climbing so naturally she loves the playground. Swings and slides are her greatest delight. Of course, I have to hold her as she climbs as she often gets distracted by what is happening around and has a few times lost her footing, but falls don’t keep her down and she gets right back up and climbs up again.

I had to climb this one with her but she went down alone.

 She loves music and dancing, and sings often. It is usually some mumbo jumbo to the tune of “Old Macdonald”, then loud and clear comes ‘EIEIO’. Ha. She likes to walk on a bed (following Lila, of course) or stand on a chair and lift her legs and say, “I dancing, Mama, I dancing” with a great big smile on her face. She has great rhythm and can carry a tune well for someone so young. Sorry, the video is a little blury. Blame it on my cheapo phone.

There are still times when she comes and says “carry” with her arms stretched out and expects me to carry her around, and she doesn’t want me to put her down. She tries to do everything Logan and Lila do, and if either of them hurt her, she retaliates with slaps, pinching and hair pulling. Hmm…I wonder where she learned that? And she’ll shake her finger at them and say “No, no, no”. It’s so cute.

Remember seeing Lila in this one?
She has started fitting into the clothes Lila wore at this age. It is almost surreal seeing her fit into things that I remember Lila using so much. Sometimes, while folding laundry, I forget they are hers and I put them into Lila’s pile out of habit.
I’m working on her potty training and she is getting the idea, often coming to tell me when she needs to go. In the house I leave her diaper off so she can sit on the potty on her own easily. But strangely, she does better at staying dry when daddy is home with her. Maybe it is because she loves him more (I’m joking, and not), or maybe it is just because he focuses on the kids when home, whereas I have my mind in a hundred places and can’t always be thinking about the potty.
It won’t be long before my baby is no longer a baby. I’m trying not to think about it but it is staring me in the face every day. She is growing up too fast.
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  1. That was a beautiful post of your littlest Muffet Mercy! I can't help but think she looked a lot like Lila and has lost all her baby chub :*( I still baby Reanne who is turning 7 soon to hold on to the baby in the house!

  2. Anyway, you will be entering another stage with them soon, pre-teen years, Ha! At least with the two oldest. It is good you have kept a record of their life's, I think when they get older they will love to see what they were like when they were younger.


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